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Qr Coding
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Qr Coding


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What is qr coding? Any good for advertising purposes?

What is qr coding? Any good for advertising purposes?

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. QR CODING Might very well be the next big thing in mobile marketing.
  • 2. QR coding for dummies and advertisers
    • A QR code is kind of a bar code, which can store URLs, images, downloads etc. Think of it as a physical hyperlink.
    • You see a code, point your mobile phone towards it and immediately see the “hidden” content on your phone.
    • In most cases you’re directed to a web site. You could also for example download music or pictures.
    • Sounds techy but it’s not. All needed is a camera phone and easily attainable free software to read the code.
    • QR codes can be put virtually anywhere: print, video, t-shirts, skin etc.
  • 3. Why should you care?
    • QR codes could finally do what no other method has fluently done so far: blend online and offline seamlessly together.
    • QR coding makes people interact with their environment, and if executed smartly, could be really beneficial and entertaining. The options are limitless.
    • Mobile phones are a personal territory, and QR codes give user the feeling that they are in control of the content they receive, pull instead of push (compare to intrusive text message ads).
    • They are ideal for instant reactions and dynamic content.
    • Mobile marketing has been struggling with the final breakthrough for ages; this might be the final push. Same goes with mobile web. Maybe it will even revive the print media. Not hugely advanced, but WAP, Bluetooth, RFID etc sound difficult and geeky to most of us. QR coding method is the first one with real mainstream potential.
  • 4. A few examples
    • 28 Weeks Later, movie DVD
    • QR codes, which directed to the movie
    • website were placed around London (pic on
    • Shoreditch High Street, 2007). Check out
    • a short intro here .
    • Ralph Lauren (US)
    • Recently placed QR codes in print ads,
    • billboards and shop windows. The viewer
    • was taken to their on-line store. Talk about
    • window shopping.
  • 5.
    • 3. Harrods
    • Placed QRs on print ads in the Knightsbridge
    • mansion to promote a design exhibition last
    • spring. The user accessed e.g. downloads.
    • 4. BBC
    • Started silently adding codes to all its
    • programmes early this year. Next to come
    • are downloads from top shows such as
    • Top Gear and Fawlty Towers.
  • 6.
    • 5. Integral by U2
    • One of the most creative uses of QR codes so far is a music video by U2. The video, protesting against database society and big brother mentality, contains over 100 hidden QR codes. They can be found with specific time codes. Otherwise the video just looks arty. A full explanation of the project (and the video) can be found here . The production company, Rumpus Room, is well worth checking out, too. Avant garde digital.
  • 7. It’s the final countdown…
    • QR coding is hugely popular in Japan and Korea, for instance 90% of teens use them regularly. It was introduced to the UK and Europe a few years ago, but hasn’t yet properly taken off. Firstly, it was a bad timing considering the darkened economic forecasts. Secondly, the necessary co-operation of phone manufacturers, web companies, software providers, operators etc. is now in progress. However, for example Nokia has embedded the coding software to all of its N series phones, and Google is on board with its new code creating ability. Still, lot’s need to be done.
    • Of course, it all comes down to companies and consumers. Why and how would they use it?
  • 8. The possibilities are limitless With a small mind game you could come up with practically anything.Think of QR codes as physical links. You are kind of in the web but none of that Second Life stuff. Just “clickable” real environment. - Product packaging (where is this food from), screening times on a movie poster, digital flyers. -Alternate reality games and narratives, mysteries and riddles. -Download music, videos and photos anywhere. (check -Get playful, arty or fun. Something that WAP keywords don’t really encourage.
  • 9. Yes, The Sun did it a year ago THANKS. By: Maria