ANZTLA 'Trax4transition' Conference 2012


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CALYX information essentials' 10 minutes presentation.

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ANZTLA 'Trax4transition' Conference 2012

  1. 1. TRAX4TRANSITION27th Annual ANZTLA Conference14 July, 2012Sancta Sophia College Free Open Source SoftwareUniversity of Sydney Library Management System... We can do better as a community ...
  2. 2. Transitioning away from... offline, slow, fragmented, unattractive, expensive, pre-Web 2.0, .... to dynamic standards based open technology
  3. 3. Who uses Koha? Academic, Public, School and Special libraries around the world and search for Koha In Australia:several Theological Libraries have already adopted Koha
  4. 4. ... About Koha ...
  5. 5. What can do Anywhere ~ Anytime ~ 100% web based Supports you in your goals Links you with your communities Is student and staff friendly and easy to use Has a flexible set up to suit your needs now and when they change Links with aggregators and most library suppliers services Catalogues and tracks your resources Describes all material types including e-books and web resources, multi-media, class sets, realia and more Is a superb administration tool Great reporting allows for more control over your collections Manages your acquisitions, your serials, your patron communicationsDescribes shelf location or cloud access: from your college or elsewhere Self service capable Koha is packed with features Click on link below ... Current Koha version Features List maintained by CALYX
  6. 6. With Koha you can use mobile devices
  7. 7. In build Z39.50 functionality for Is UTF8 compatible and easy copy cataloguing Easily customisable MARC21 many characters can be frameworks for all item types displayed ...CJK, Arabic... andWrite reviews and summaries Borrowers can access fromabout books, websites, e-resources Library resources anywhere, anytime current and past can be booked and loans information renewedCreate, save or email Lists tothemselves or others (teachers Koha translations areto their students for example), available in over 40 OPAC design is flexible and cansave search results to Zotero or languages be customised to your brand andEndNote sometimes makes the corporate Refine your search with various filters website look tired and search results display options Koha is packed with features Just a quick reminder... Because Koha is free and open source you will never pay restrictive licensing fees. Libraries can contribute to future Koha improvements and benefit from the contributions made by others from around the world.
  8. 8. OPAC demo Koha version 3.6. Try it here .... Koha v. 3.6. demo Koha v. 3.6. OPAC demo try it here ...
  9. 9. Koha v. 3.6.Koha v. 3.6. Staff client demo Try it here ....
  10. 10. AOPAC and Staff interface more demo sites Koha v. 3.8.
  11. 11. What CALYX can do ● Advise on the suitability of Koha or other "traxs" ● Define requirements and priorities "We assist communities ● Consult on transition processes and project management to provide access to their ● Help you migrate from your current LMS collections and manage ● Host and maintain your Koha securely these with todays digital ● Assist you to manage and maintain your Koha in-house tools" ● Provide training in all facets of Koha for all levels of users The CALYX Team ● Be your Koha Help Desk when you need support ● Keep your hosted Koha healthy, up to date and shiny ● Help you keep your hosted in-house Koha healthy, up to date ● Link you to the international Koha community, to which Calyx is an ongoing contributor ● Help you get the most out of your Koha with optimal configuration: to meet your targets now and in the future. ● Neither lock your data or your library into long term expensive agreements ● Consult on consortial arrangements with partner libraries or new library branches ● Partner with you to create an engaging online and mobile library environmentWe are specialists in data migration, managed hosting and Koha training.
  12. 12. Kohas values of community, openness andtransparency are not dissimilar to the values of theological colleges. CALYX offers genuine partnership to help you toparticipate in this great community, embrace FOSS and maximise access to your collections at affordable prices. CAYX is based in Sydney. Clients are in Australia, NZ, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands Celebrating 10 years in business in March 2013
  13. 13. Any questions or reflections? Thank you and enjoy lunch