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  1. 1. Selling Chain /1 The process from initial customer contact to the post sales support is aSelling Chain Management seamlessly integrated, responsive and customerWhere businesses can effectively oriented one. Beingmanage the relationship with their customer oriented andcustomers in a changing business inclusive at every stepenvironment the role of the sales force, allow the final product andsales efficiency and management post sales support to fulfillbecomes a key competitive the customer needs anddifferentiator. This is especially true reduce returns and reworkwhen your competitors are only a mouse to close to away. In this section suggestionsare provided, from DHL experience, as tohow sales chain management can be • Increased value to the customerefficiently and effectively developed insupport of your e-business strategy. This is the implementation of a collaborative effort forThe creation of a flexible, integrated and needs fulfillment, mediatesresponsive sales process is critical to the through CRM and salesemerging E-Businesses. Stream lining force automation tools toand accelerating the information flow arrive at an agreedfrom customer to production and back is product that satisfies thea critical skill that modern businesses customer need. Thishave to develop. fulfillment has to include access through theSales forces and strategies are under appropriate channels,increasing pressure. The availability of tailoring of products andnew sales channels, increased choice support and an agreedavailable to consumers, product and flexible, cost effective postproduction flexibility, rapid changes in sales process.organizational strategies internally andexternally and the increasing demands of • Ease of ordering and tailoringcustomers are all increasing thecomplexity of the selling process. The ability to provide flexible products allows theMajor trends in Sales customer to define a product focused to theirManagement needs. This permits flexible production andIncreasing complexity and the drive for reduced stock on hand forincreased effectiveness and efficiency the business. The supplyare driving a change from functional to flow back of this capabilityprocess oriented sales management. increases flexibility andSales processes are gradually being cost effectiveness for allintegrated to the total customer suppliers and supportfulfillment process from acquisition to groups integrated to theproduction and customer relationship sales and productionmanagement. Success in this integration process.process is a key success criterion forfuture businesses. • Rising sales effectiveness andThe purpose of this integration process customer satisfactionis: The easier it is to acquire, • Increased ease of customer manage and process trading customer orders through WWW.DHLMASTERCLASS.COM
  2. 2. Selling Chain /2 the entire fulfillment automation and integration of sales process the more revenue management must be taken in relation that is generated and to the overall internal and external customer satisfaction environments. The external technical levels increase. This will environment and its evolution is only be so where the essential to understanding how the customer can choose to be customer will operate with a business, involved or informed of all the internal technical architecture and steps in the fulfillment strategy and the business time to market process. expectation are necessary to ensure the delivery has a maximum impact on • Consistency across all channels business returns. The increasing number of Understanding and integrating the channels for selling places processes before and after a sales strains on the process is necessary to ensure the management of overall efficiency and success of the information, process and program. To do this the technology used experience consistency for is a key facilitator. If incorrectly sourced a business. All selling and implemented the expected benefits channels must be will not be realised. integrated and use the same up to date Today integration is not a leading information, promotions, criterion for application choice. Equally production information, many of the current products on offer fail tailoring, metrics and to offer the ease of integration and commissioning structures process integration capabilities necessary in order to offer similar to success. In most cases the and equivalent service to functionality is focused on sales and not multi channel customers. the overall lifecycle support of customers. The most serious problem encountered is the low usage of the • Increased efficiency of deployed applications because they are Relationship management functionally incapable, do not reflect sales force needs and are not aligned toThe creation of a CRM capability has to the business purposed defined.include the integration of the salesprocess and information into its core The initial sales force applications weredata and information capabilities. This generally stand alone, task not processwill ensure that the customer oriented tools. These provided forrelationship includes a full view of coordination and to assist incontact, proposals, specifications and management not integration of salescontact support in relation to their force activities to the entire Customerbusiness. relationship management process.Technology and Sales These applications evolved or weremanagement replaced by existing applications that focus on administrative efficiency andThe business objectives of increased telesales integration.sales process effectiveness andintegration are increasingly clear. The Returns to business from bothtechnology issues and solutions remain a generations of applications has beensource of confusion and disappointing overall.underachievement. To counter this thetechnical decisions in relation to the WWW.DHLMASTERCLASS.COM
  3. 3. Selling Chain /3Any product sourced to integrate the No two businesses operatesales process to the overall customer to a single standard way inrelationship management environment relation to sales or theirmust have the following characteristics processes. Any application sourced should provide key baseline capabilities • Open architecture, messaging and data capabilities and allow these to be This allows the solution to easily configured , with more easily integrate or application recoding, in interface with existing support of the businesses` legacy applications, CRM operating requirements. packages, production applications and external • Must integrate to the CRM customer resources. strategy and application • They must be process not task The integration to the CRM strategy and oriented application is critical to the ongoing success of the business. Where this is This allows the user to not so the key purpose and results of a access information related businesses efforts in fulfilling a customer to all linked processes in needs will be invisible or less easy to support of the customer access for support personnel. CRM request without having to integration should be a key criterion for log on and use different success in relation to any application applications for each stage sourced for Sales automation and of the fulfilment. The management application mediates the information and workflow Conclusion necessary to arrive at a managed, mutually Sales management therefore operates in beneficial sales outcome. a complex and rapidly evolving internal and external environment. • Must integrate to front and back office processes Internally its automation has to be implemented with a view to integrating it The necessity to speed up to the overall process of customer the sales process and to management. This can provide and gain ensure that it is complete cross justification where it is focused on in product and support increasing sales efficiency and increasing capabilities required by the customer relationship management customer is only possible effectiveness. It must also focus on the where the customer or ensuring flexibility on integrating new sales personnel have customer channels of business access access to all information and providing a single consistent that may Impact their business and support experience to the decision and ultimate user. satisfaction. Externally the customer will gain • Must provide standard core confidence and increasing levels of capabilities flexible to a satisfaction. businesses unique needs WWW.DHLMASTERCLASS.COM
  4. 4. Selling Chain /4Correctly implemented internal andexternal benefits will be enjoyed ascustomers, sales and support staff buildand enjoy increased effectiveness, valuefor money and ease of businessinteraction. WWW.DHLMASTERCLASS.COM