Butter battle & cold war


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Butter battle & cold war

  1. 1. Learning Targets: 1. To compare the Cold War to the Dr. Seuss book “The Butter Battle” 2. To complete a flow chart on the story. 3. To explain the different parts of the story in comparison to the Cold War. In class, we will watch the film “The Butter Battle”. This film corresponds with several events of the Cold War. The book and film are an allegory for the Cold war. An allegory is an extended metaphor with an underlying meaning that has social, religious, moral or political significance. As we watch the film, your job is to fill in the flow chart & take notes on the sequence of events. After we have watched the film, we will discuss it within a small group. Each group will be responsible for re-creating a finalized flow chart. Your group will also, write the last two pages of “The Butter Battle” book.Essential Questions –Answer these questions for homework, after we have watched the film.1. Who are the two groups fighting?2. Why are these two groups fighting?3. Why do you think they kept building bigger and bigger weapons?4. What was the author’s purpose?5. How was the story like real life? Use your notes & book to support your answer.
  2. 2. WHILE YOU WATCH “the butter battle”On the flow chart below, write down the major steps taken by each side to escalate theconflict in the story.AFTER THE “WALL WAS BUILT” what happened next…
  3. 3. Based on what you have viewed and read about “The Butter Battle” and the Cold War. Your job todayis to pretend you are Dr. Seuss and write the last two pages of the story.In your group, create a team flow chart that everyone agrees upon. Then using your flow chart, thestory and any notes write the last two pages of the story on poster paper.Your story should be… • Clever & Creative • Colorful • Pretty Pictures • Neatly DoneHow will we be graded?Completion of Essential Questions /5Your Flow Chart /5Video Questions /5Group Flow Chart /10Last 2 pages of Story /15 -Colorful & Creative -Neatly Done -Flow & OrganizationTOTAL /40COMMENTS:
  4. 4. Name______________________________ Cole/KilgallonThe Butter Battle Video Questions U.S. HistoryLearning Target:To compare the Cold War to “The Butter Battle”DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions while watching the video:1. How do the Yooks respond to the Zooks aggression?2. How do the Zooks respond to the Yooks new weapons?3. How does the Chief Yookeroo feel the battle is going?4. Who is always there to cheer the Yooks up?5. Where does everyone go when the Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo is going to be used?6. Who wins the Butter Battle?