Try to diy cisco console cable


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Try to diy cisco console cable

  1. 1. Try to DIY Cisco Console CableCisco Console Cable, Original Cisco Console Cable, needed to connectCisco routers, Cisco switches or Cisco firewalls to your PC. What is itsprice commonly? Does DIY Cisco Console Cable cheaper and moreconvenient and interesting?Usually Cisco console cable only comes with each Cisco product youbought. Should be those user who bought a lot Cisco switches and router,and they only use few to configure their Cisco device.To DIY your own Cisco Console Cable is cool and can help you savemoney, more important, it can improve your ability to make somesmallkits and accessories by yourself. That’s cool!
  2. 2. Beforegetting start to DIY Cisco Console Cable, we should know thearrangement of the cable.Arrangement on the RJ45 pin and another endat DB9 port.Let’s have a look at the serial port numbering location 1st(DB9), and RJ45 numbering location 1st. The following is the portnumber for DB9 connector and RJ45 port number:DB 9 Port Pin NumberRJ45 Pin NumberThe color code for Cisco Console Cable as below:rj45-1 to db9-8rj45-2 to db9-6rj45-3 to db9-2rj45-4 to db9-5rj45-5 to db9-5rj45-6 to db9-3
  3. 3. rj45-7 to db9-4rj45-8 to db9-7To confirm the above Cisco Console Cable color code correct, we shoulddo some verification. Multimeter, mostly people prefer tone mode,which mean the positive (Red) and negative (Black) touch together, willhv beep sound from the multimeter.Mini gender changer, male to male type:
  4. 4. We can connectthis mini gender changer to the Cisco Console Cable’sSerial Port end as shown the picture below:We need to use either 1 end of the multimeter to point to the RJ45′ s Pin1, and another end touching each pin on the DB9 serial connector untilthe beep tone occur. Record down which pin is come from RJ45′ s Pin 1
  5. 5. (as above stated, RJ45′ s Pin 1 connected to Db9′ s PinRepeat the same step for RJ45′ s Pin 2 until Pin 8, the result will be asabove Cisco console cable color code.After get known all the color code, now we need to get a soldering iron,and also a female db9 connector.
  6. 6. Solder the RJ45 cable to the DB9 Connector according to the ciscoconsole cable color code above
  7. 7. We can get variety of db9 connector which comes with cover, just like asbelow. We donot know what this kind of connector call, but it is veryconvenient just to have 1 pcs of this DB9 to RJ45 connector.
  8. 8. Is it interesting and challenging? Ifinterested, have a try.