Top five cisco certification books


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Top five cisco certification books

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Top five cisco certification books

  1. 1. Top Five Cisco Certification BooksWhat books will help you with your Cisco certification? Hereare some top picks for CCNP, CCIE, and CCNA study guides.1) CCIE Practical Studies, Vol. 1KarlSolieWith a focus on the lab portion of the exam, this book provides in-depth study andexercises for the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam. It includes 37 lab scenariosand 5 practice labs, to test your knowledge and ability to perform in a timedenvironment.CustomerReviews fromBy emmanueloppong (Silicon Valley) Excellent CCIE Lab PrepI have used several ccie lab preps and books but have never come across anything asgood as this one. I just wish it had come out a few months earlier, so I would havemore time to pratice the labs. The book is jam packed with numerious exercises andseveral ccie day-one-type labs at the end of the book for practicing the real lab.There are diagrams for every exercise and scenario. This book certainlymaksesCaslowsobsolite and threatens the the businesses that have sprang up sellingccie labs. The down side of the book is, this is vol 1 and doesnt have IPX, BGP, IS-IS,IPSec, and Multicast which the author says will be in vol 2. Also the solutions for thelabs at the end of the book can be downloaded from a Cisco site. I think this shouldhave been on a CD and included with the book. I cant even find the solutions onCisco site; it is probably not postered yet. The price is steep, but compared to what isout there, it is worth every penny.By Jean Maurice MEREL To focus on exam - CCIE # 9285It was my main book to prepare the exam. It is well focused on exam. It includessome fast and good therorical parts. During the exam you need to be fast. You getspeed with confidence in your knwoledge and practice. The book help you very muchin that sense because it gives you a method with the main steps, the traps youll faceand the main show and debug command.It offers nice and sophisticated exercisesand labs. A very good way to check your level and practice "translation" of aninstruction into a configuration.Does not include QOS, IPX, BGP but on those we already have the CD and good books.For those not familiar with Cisco Voice and ATM, it gives exactly what we need forthe exam. With or without it, it requires work and practice. With some luck, I passed
  2. 2. on the first time.Guide Rating2) Cisco CCNP Certification LibraryCisco Press"You get four comprehensive review and practice books, plenty of review questionsand real-world scenarios, plus four CD-ROMs containing realistic sample exams -- allwritten by CCIEs and reviewed thoroughly by Ciscos own experts. The books cover allfour CCNP exams: routing, switching, remote access, and support. From managinggrowth to troubleshooting campus networks, configuring PPP to deploying multicast,its here -- authoritative and complete." -Barnes&Noble EditorsBy Rus Healy (Canadice, New York)ExcellentOnce you have achieved the CCNA certification, your natural path points toward theCisco Certified Network Professional certification. This title from Cisco Press is a setconsisting of one book for each of the four exams specific to the CCNP certification.This set includes the following books:--CCNP BSCI Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition, by Claire Gough--CCNP BCMSN Exam Certification Guide, by David Hucaby--CCNP BCRAN Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition, by Brian Morgan and CraigDennis--CCNP CIT Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition, by Amir S. RanjbarThis set, covering diverse topics in significant detail, is an excellent CCNP preparationtool. The material in the books focuses on Ciscos published objectives for the CCNPexams, and covers them well. The longest and most unique book in this collection isthe volume on routing (BSCI). Its structured to cover the objectives for the 642-801exam using several tools common to all the books in the set-namely detailed buthighly readable text, graphical, tabular, and router configuration examples, Q&A and"Do I Know This Already?" quizzes, and the bundled CDROM. The graphics arefirst-rate and illustrate key concepts clearly.
  3. 3. What sets the BSCI book apart from the others in the set, and other Cisco Pressbooks Ive read, is the series of lab exercises at the end of each chapter. The BSCI labsprovide comprehensive scenarios that take in all the concepts taught in each chapter,in step-by-step form. Answers are provided following each example so that you cancheck your work. This book is particularly well-suited to self-study. This level of detailand the inclusion of labs is key, since in my opinion, the CCNP routing exam (642-801)is the most difficult one in all of Ciscos Professional-level certifications. Itsappropriate that the routing book, at 950 pages, contains about a third of the pagesof the entire set!The labs in the routing book cover concepts that Cisco hits hard on the examquestions and simulations, including OSPF, BGP and IS-IS. Youll need a fair amount ofCisco equipment to do the lab work, but its obtainable on-line and is worth theinvestment if you want to do well on the exams and really understand the topics. Fora book of this size, the routing text is remarkably consistent and error-free. AlthoughI found a few minor errors here and there, the book is well-suited to self-study-inpart because it is so accurate. The overall structure and content of this book make itthe strongest learning tool Ive seen for the BSCI exam.Although the other three books in the set dont include this comprehensive level ofconfiguration exercises, they do provide some scenario-based material to reinforceconcepts.All the texts are good for instructor-led training, or as a text for web-based training.Although the other three books are all significantly shorter than the routing text,they share many of the excellent traits that makes this set such a strong preparationtool for the CCNP certification exams. I tried to use Exam Cram 2 texts in addition tothis Cisco Press set while preparing for the BSCI and BCMSN exams, and quicklyfound that the Cisco Press set offers by far the clearest, most easily digested,error-free and relevant information.Each book in this set comes with a CD that contains a high-quality practice examengine (sourced by Boson), as well as the PDF text of the book and some samplematerial from other Cisco Press titles. I found the CDs very useful-especially the testengines, since a key part of studying for certification exams that are as difficult asCiscos CCNP exams is assessing what youve learned and how well you can apply it.The self-tests include questions of each type that appear on the exams, includingbasic simulation-type questions that are probably best called scenarios; they donthave the look and feel of an actual router or switch interface during configuration, asthe exams do. They do, however, show you clearly whether you understand thecommand syntax and topics being covered. The practice test questions are harderand less forgiving, overall, than whats on the exams. I found that if I could make 75%or better on the sample tests, my scores were significantly better on the CCNP
  4. 4. exams.The weakest book in this set is the CIT text, which sticks strictly to Ciscos publishedobjectives for the exam. As such, its a bit simplistic and doesnt exercise your mindmuch when it comes to troubleshooting for results-its oriented toward procedurerather than outcome. The author lets you know to expect this going in, and Iappreciated his honesty. The three scenarios offered at the end of the book arerather weak; I was hoping for substantial troubleshooting exercises. But all of thetopics on the CIT exam are fully covered in this book.The BCMSN and BCRAN books are both excellent long-term references, along withthe BSCI text, and cover not only the core topics of the exams but also a lot ofinformation useful to networking people after the exams are distant memories. Thistrait is the core strength of this set. The layout, graphics, quality writing and editing,and extra learning tools make for an outstanding value. Overall, I cant recommendthis set highly enough. The highly motivated learner will find everything in this setthats needed to pass the CCNP exams. That said, however, it is important to haveeither professional experience, a set of readily available routers and switches, orboth, to make it over the CCNP hurdles.These books have a prominent place on my bookshelf at work and at home. I havetwo sets because I think the books are that good. Anyone interested in networking atthe geek level of detail will be well-served by this set.Guide Rating3) CCNA Practical StudiesGary Heap & Lynn MaynesWith over 500 pages of lessons and information, this is a useful study guide for the
  5. 5. new 640-607 exam. It offers hands-on networking lab scenarios to give you the bestlearning tool with which to gain the knowledge you need to pass the CCNA exam. Apractice exam on CD would have won this a five star rating.By Michael J Woznicki "Michael J Woznicki" (Holland, MA USA)Make a few updatesand this is a great bookI have always wished that there was some sort of lab manual for the Cisco Pressbooks that would allow the student to be able to work with real world examples.Now with the release of Practical Studies you have a handy study companion to workwith.The 500 page book is more than just an ad-on reference manual it is a useful studytool for the new 640-607 exam. The authors went to a great deal of time and effortto make sure all exam objectives were covered and the material up to date andtechnically accurate.One thing I was impressed with is that this book fits right into any ICND trainingcourse because not only does it cover the exam it provide information for otherCCNP exams as well. The breakdown examples use actual router code and show youwhat is happening throughout the examples.While this manual is for the intermediate to advanced user the material is tailoredmade for those ready to take the exam but need just a little more help. Onedrawback is that you...Read moreGuide Rating6) CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional Exam NotesToddLammleThis book covers all of the information to pass the four CCNP certification exams. Itprovides detailed analysis of all exam objectives and the CD includes an electronicversion of the book, 4 sample exams, and 200 electronic flashcards.By HERSH BHATT Excellent to help u towards passing the CCNPTrying to attain the CCNP and CCDP certification is my goal for the career. I have beenworking at this for over a year now and found several good books on the subjectmatter. Todd Lammles CCNP Exam Notes is certainly making life easier and thestudying is going great.While this book is not the end all for the four Cisco CCNP exams, the book does breakdown each exam objective and give an overview of what you need to know. This is anexcellent reference book to coincide with the actual study guides. I have also usedthis book in the CCNA classes I teach.Part 1 of the book breaks down routing, from IP addressing to OSPF in a single andmultiple area to EIRGP and BGP and route summarization. Also covered is classless
  6. 6. and classful routing and differences between RIP1 and RIP 2.Part 2 is switching with topics like VLANS, STA, STP, Inter-Vlan routing, multi=layerswitching, multicasting. Part 3 covers the remote access exam with topics like WANcomponents, connection types, what connection works in what situation,authentication with PAP and CHAP as well as ISDN and DDR.Other topics covers in this section include Frame Relay, PVC and SVC, setting up DLCI,X.25 , NAT and PAT. Finally Part 4 Support; with IOS troubleshooting commands,troubleshooting areas like TCP/IP, AppleTalk, Serial links, ISDN, IPX and switches.The cd-rom included has 4 practice tests, 1 for each exam and over 200 flash cardswhich can be used on a pc or with a palm device as well as e-version of the book.Over all the price is small compared to the amount of information included. ToddLammle is certainly proving why more people turn to his books than any others outthere today.Guide Rating4)Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Flash Card Practice KitEric Rivard"This unique kit offers more than 350 CCNA test prep questions in physical, PC, orhandheld formats as well as a 500-question test bank that tests a candidatesprofiency. Designed for anyone looking to get an extra edge on the Cisco CertificationExams, these cards are a great supplement to the basic CCNA cirriculum."-Barnes&Noble EditorsBy M. Dawson (SF, CA United States) Good but BROKENA good tool to help in the questions it asks.The test engine is broken however. It has multiple choice buttons where you clearlyneed to select more than one answer, yet can only choose one. Some questions aretotally wrong, so verify each wrong answer you get from the test engine before youcount it or commit it to memory for the CCNA.It is good in helping you understand the type of questions you will encounter, fromCLI, to move boxes around, to type out the answers. (Spelling does count and I havebeen told it does on the CCNA as well.) The fact that if you type "router" and it wants"routers" is just wrong and messed up. Many questions have been missed because Ityped "Spanning-tree" and it wanted "Spanning-tree protocol". Note it will not takeSTP either. IMHO: A serious flaw in Ciscos testing and this flash card kit. One note Irecommend. Hand Write all your flash cards. Dont rely on the print outs. You willhave better retention.For the money, it is worth a buy. It is helpful in orienting you to the new 607 test
  7. 7. format. If nothing else, it forces you to double check your wrong answers. Just dontcount on it to be totally accurate and dont let its flawed low test scores discourageyou.Guide Rating5) Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Certification GuideWendell Odom"Odom has designed the book to offer two learning pathways: one for readers "whoneed a thorough background before their final study time"; the other for readerswho are "reviewing and filling in the missing parts of their CCNA knowledge. Wellorganized, easy to understand, and respectful of your time, CCNA Exam CertificationGuide, Third Edition is worthy of the Cisco logo it bears." -Barnes&Noble EditorsBy "bcurry7895" (Chicago, IL USA)Not for starter in Cisco, wrong answers on CD testquestionsAs mentioned by some other readers that this book is not for beginners. The authortake the start from directly the cisco operating system instead of first building theground for a new commer to understand the networks, its topologies and someother terms. Some of the chapters are explained very well like OSI Data Link LayerFunctions, LANs Bridges and Switches, Spanning Trees, VLANs and Trunking. Mostof the time author goes in so much details that at least at a CCNA level you dontneed it.Another big issue is the test questions on the CD. There are many questions withwrong answers. For example correct answers shows for one of the questions is"line-vty 0 4". Infact there is no command in Cisco IOS with the dash in betweenLine and vty. The correct answer line vty 0 4 also listed in the options for the samequestions but when you click on the button to show the right answers it will selectthe wrong one and score you on the same.There are issues with the drag and drop items. You drop the items correctly, you sawthem that they are correct by clicking the button to see the result, yet when youcomplete the test the result shows that you never selected the answer rather youskipped the question. The test engine has certain issues that will not give the studentthe right score. There are spelling mistakes on the question. Another question thatasks that how many bits in node section of the IPX has all the options listed for AppleTalk protocol. None of the options for this questions can bsseleceted for IPX. Theseare only the few I mentioned and I am sure that there are many more.The reader who said that he teahces the classes for Cisco and the CD is excellent hasto review it before writing any comments and misleading the new reader.If you need to pass the exam you need to get two books. This book and Sybex bookwritten by Todd lammle for CCNA. Read the material that you think you can digestfrom it and read the rest from another book.
  8. 8. Guide Rating |More Notes: Best Path for Getting Your CCNA Certification Core Topics Covered on the CCNA Exam