Facebook hashtags


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What are hashtags?
How can consumers use them?
What are the implications for brands?

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Facebook hashtags

  1. 1. Confidential © iris 2012#FacebookHashtagsiris POVJune 2013
  2. 2. Confidential © iris 2012Contents…What are they?How can consumers use them?Implications for brands
  3. 3. Confidential © iris 2012What are #Hashtags?#Hashtags aren’t newBorn in Twitter in 2007, hashtags are commonly used on Instagram,Tumblr, Pinterest and Vine. Users create hashtags to tag or categorizetheir content. Hashtags are discoverable, allowing users to find newcontent and brands/people to follow by searching relevant hashtagssuch as #tips, #recipes or television shows.So what is new?On June 12th, Facebook announced that it will begin to roll out clickablehashtags on its platform, allowing people to see and discover what otherfolks and brand pages are saying about events or topics that include ahashtag.
  4. 4. Confidential © iris 2012How can people use Hashtags onFacebook?Users can now: Search for specific hashtags/topics from their search bar. Forexample, #laundrytips, #coupons, etc.—Users can search forhashtags in Graph Search Click on hashtags that originate on other services, such asInstagram Create clickable hashtags within their statuses
  5. 5. Confidential © iris 2012Implications for BrandsImmediate:• Brands can listen to what consumers are organically saying about certain topicsand strategically insert brand messages into conversations when appropriate– Consideration: This is dependent on users’ privacy settings as only publicupdates are searchable• Consider what/if hashtags make sense based on how brands’ target audiencecurrently uses hashtags– Consideration: Is their target active on Twitter/Instagram and already familiarwith them?• Hashtags from other platforms such as Instagram, that a user has synced withFacebook, will be discoverable and clickable on Facebook– Consideration: It’s now more important than ever to monitor relevantconversations about and related to the brand, as conversations can be morediscoverable. Additionally, there is added importance to create presences onsocial channels outside of Facebook, like Instagram, to encourage positiveconversation and content creation.• Include topic-relevant hashtags as an organic tactic to become discoverable bypeople interested in the category and build fans. Additionally, by using hashtags, abrand post could garner more reach based on Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm.
  6. 6. Confidential © iris 2012Implications for BrandsLong term:• Brands should consider creating hashtag strategies, that can be branded, forholistic campaigns across multiple platforms/media channels or post series.Integrating a hashtag strategy for campaigns promotes participation—itencourages people to incorporate the hashtag into their conversations and contentcreation, which will increase buzz and scale.• Examples of hashtag strategies include:– Create a specific hashtag for events (e.g. #KitchenAidCookOff). Promote thehashtag leading up to the event in social platforms, encourage folks to takepictures at the event with the hashtag on Instagram or Facebook, and sharefan’s content during or after the event.– Host contests that invite people to create content—image, videos,messages—with a selected hashtag. Content can be pulled into a feed that ispulling in mentions with the selected hashtag.– Invite fans to participate in livestreams or real time events by encouragingthem to ask questions, commenting or giving feedback on Facebook (orother social platforms) by including the select hashtag. Monitor theseresponses and respond, or integrate into the livestream experience, in realtime.
  7. 7. Confidential © iris 2012Final Notes & Outstanding DetailsHow Could Hashtags Effect Facebook’s Edgerank?• Edgerank is already in effect when determining which hashtag statuses arebeing displayed when clicking on a hashtag as the posts are not simply inchronological order. As Facebook’s Edgerank historically has favored brandsand people using new Facebook functionalities, we can assume that postsusing hashtags will receive slightly increased Reach than posts withouthashtags.Outstanding Details• Insights: Facebook announced that there will be Insights for hashtags, butdetails beyond this have not yet been revealed.• Media: Facebook has not (yet!) announced how hashtags will be rolled intotheir media offerings. We can assume there will be advertising opportunities totarget users who have used relevant hashtags, as well as opportunities tohighlight brand’s posts at the top of the clicked hashtag stream.
  8. 8. Confidential © iris 2012Thanks!For any questions, please contact:Emily CananEmily.canan@iris-worldwide.comAmy Brownamy.brown@iris-worldwide.comEsty Gormanesty.gorman@iris-worldwide.com