куксова, чаплин


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куксова, чаплин

  1. 1. Presentation on "Charlie Chaplin " Pupil 6.4 c lass Kuksova A nn a
  2. 2. "Charlie Chaplin "
  3. 3. Beografiya <ul><li>April 16, 1889, at eight o'clock in the evening, in London Street East Lane, near Uoltvorta, was born a boy - Charles Spencer Chaplin. His parents - LilyHurley and Charles Chaplin - were actors and met when played together in a melodrama. They were in love, but during the tour, Lily met with an elderly lord and ran with him to Africa. There was born Sydney, the elder brother Charlie. Soon, Lily returned to England, resumed an affair with Charles, and soon they were married. Three years later they had a Charlie. </li></ul><ul><li>As he later recalled in his early childhood he was unaware of the existence of the father and did not remember the time when he lived with his family. The fact that Charles drank a lot, because of which, according to Lily, and they parted a year after the birth of a son. </li></ul><ul><li>Charlie's mother appeared in roles in the theater soubrettes Variety and well earned. She and her two sons lived in a two-bedroom apartment on West Square, Lembete. Charlie told me that my mother liked to fuss up their Sundays with his brother and led to walks. &quot;We walked sedately on Kennington Road, and we were bursting with pride and arrogance,&quot; - he recalled. </li></ul>
  4. 4. B eografiya <ul><li>But when Charlie was five, disaster struck - Lily lost her voice. Increasingly, he broke off during the singing and shifted to a whisper. Less and less she got engagements, and then it just stopped inviting. It so happened that last statement Lily was also a little Charlie's first appearance on the stage. On the day his mother lost her voice, the public began to boo her, and she had to go backstage. The Director said that you can try to release the scene of her son (he once saw the boy something to represent your friends). Faced Hall, Charlie kept his head and sang a song popular at that time &quot;Jack Jones&quot;, but did not finish before flying to the scene of the coin. The boy announced that first gathered them and only then will continue to sing. This is even more amused viewers. &quot;I felt right at home on stage, chatted freely with the audience, danced, imitating the famous singers, including her mother, singing her favorite Irish march&quot; - told Charlie. Repeating the refrain, he showed how frustrated her mother's voice - the audience is aroused a storm of delight, and again they started throwing money on stage, and when Lily came to take away Charlie, the audience greeted her with applause. </li></ul>
  5. 5. B eografiya <ul><li>Vote for Lily never returned, although she has long believed that all is not lost. The situation in the meantime all downhill from there. &quot;I thought that we have always lived in this horrific nischite. One of the last year seemed to me an entire life full of hardship and labor. It was a sad, joyless existence,&quot; - later recalled Charlie. Lily zabatyvala tailoring, fulfilling orders acquaintances of his church congregation, and sometimes she managed to get a nurse in the patient. Even in difficult circumstances, she did not despair. Closely monitor their children, in particular, for their speech. She listened to what they say, to correct mistakes and made it clear that they do not have to speak the language of sloppy slums. </li></ul><ul><li>Soon, Lily fell ill and was forced to quit sewing. Saved from starvation only coupons for soup and parcels for the poor. Sydney a little moonlighting, selling newspapers, but it was not a great help. However, nothing is simply this: once during the work, he found a purse. House discovered that he is full of gold, silver and copper coins. A week after Lily finds recovered, and buying new clothes, the family went to rest at sea. Charlie, who saw the sea for the first time, kept the memory of this wonderful day for a lifetime. </li></ul>
  6. 6. B eografiya <ul><li>But the money quickly disappeared, and soon again fell on hard times. All three were to go to Lembetsky workhouse. Although it was shameful to live in a place, the boys initially interpreted this news as the upcoming adventure. But when they entered the gates of the workhouse, they had to part with her mother - she went to the women's section, and Charlie and Sydney - in a child. Only then did they all understood and embraced despair. And though they quickly adapted to the new life, the boys still feel sad. Three weeks later they were transferred to Henuellsky shelter for orphans and poor children. The first few days, Charlie felt abandoned: mother stayed in the house, separated from Sydney (he was sent to the Department of Senior and Charlie - to the kids), and they are now rarely seen. When Sydney was eleven years old, he entered the training ship Exmouth. Just Henuelle boys spent about a year. As recalled Charlie, take care of them well, but it was a sad existence. </li></ul>
  7. 7. B eografiya <ul><li>When Sydney left &quot;Exmouth,&quot; and Charlie - a shelter, they often moved with his mother, and the result again proved to be the workhouse, where the boys were sent to Norvudsky shelter, which, according to Charlie, was even gloomier than Henuellsky. During their stay there came the sad news: Lily lost her mind, and she was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Sydney was crying, and Charlie took possession of despair: &quot;Why did she do it?&quot; Mom, so gay and careless, how could she go mad? &quot;I had a vague feeling that she lost her mind on purpose, not to think about. My heart sank in despair, and I fancied that I saw her in front of you! She looks at me pitifully, and it classifies the wind somewhere in the emptiness, &quot;- he later recalled about the feelings experienced in the day. </li></ul><ul><li>Boys were sent to live with her father, Charlie. Prior to that he had seen him only a couple of times. Charles Chaplin lived in the Kennington Road with a woman named Louise and their young son. The meeting was not very friendly on the part of Louisa. She immediately took a dislike to Sydney due to their first spat, and Charlie then often forced to perform housework. But the father, who returned home that day, very kindly greeted the boys and made a great impression on Charlie. During the dinner, he carefully watched his father and then for many years to imitate it. </li></ul>
  8. 8. B eografiya <ul><li>Louise gave the boys to school in Kennington Road. According to Charlie, it was at least some kind of entertainment. House is waiting for his work and Louise, who often drank. Several times she tried to drive Charlie and Sydney from home. One father because of this row with Louise, and threw her heavy clothes brush. Charlie told me that at the sight of such brutality, he lost his father to respect. </li></ul><ul><li>After some time it became known that Lily had recovered and left the hospital. She took a cheap room and took the boys to themselves. At that time she began to wake up in Charlie's interest in theater and had taught him that he has ability. However, it does not have to play in the school production of &quot;Cinderella&quot;. Charlie envied those who have chosen, and the show seemed to him then it is very sad, and he delivered it only the beauty of girls who played Cinderella, in which Charlie was secretly in love. </li></ul>
  9. 9. B eografiya <ul><li>But two months later came to see him succeed. Once Lily saw in the window of a bookstore funny poem, copied it and brought home. Charlie learned it and read it during the break in the school one friend. He overheard a teacher, who then asked Charlie to speak to the class. The boys rolled with laughter. The next day, Charlie was taken from class to class, after which the glory of his talent spread throughout the school. They are interested in teachers and students. As Charlie said, it is only now tasted glory, although he previously had to act. Since then, he became interested in school, he began to study better. Soon, however, education was interrupted because Charlie left school to enter the ensemble klogdansa &quot;Eight Lancashire lads.&quot; </li></ul>
  10. 10. Photos from Charlie Chaplin