абрамова т.а.с.петербург. рождество


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абрамова т.а.с.петербург. рождество

  1. 2. Christmas tree, Christmas tree What is there under the tree? Presents, candles, coloured lights Always make the children smile.
  2. 4. The 25 th of December, Christmas Tree, greeting cards, presents, Father Christmas, stockings.
  3. 8. <ul><li>We wish you a Merry Christmas </li></ul><ul><li>We wish you a Merry Christmas </li></ul><ul><li>We wish you a Merry Christmas </li></ul><ul><li>And a Happy New Year ! </li></ul>
  4. 10. Mary and Joseph were Christ's parents. They went to Bethlehem. Their way was dangerous and very long. It was getting darker and darker.
  5. 11. They didn't know where to go. A lot of bright stars appeared in the sky. Suddenly Mary saw a cave. “Let's have a sleep in this place,” she said to her husband.
  6. 12. At last they found a place where Mary gave a birth to her child. He was a boy .
  7. 13. A lot of people came to see him. They brought many presents for him.
  8. 14. Many bright stars appeared in the sky when Christ was born. But among them was the biggest and the brightest star that showed the way to his place of birth .
  9. 17. Сhristmas symbols
  10. 18. The origin of Santa Claus begins in the 4 th century with Saint Nicolas. He was a very kind man and he loved children very much. He was their patron. . Santa Claus
  11. 20. Christmas Tree Christmas Tree is another Symbol of Christmas. There Are many legends about it .
  12. 21. A fir tree is the sign of everlasting life because It`s leaves are always green . An evergreen tree shows us God`s everlasting Love .
  13. 22. Christmas Tree in London in Trafalgar Square .
  14. 24. Christmas Wreaths. It is usually hung on the door of a house. Many centuries ago the wreaths were presented as gifts on Christmas.
  15. 25. Christmas Star A bright star appeared in the sky when Jesus was born. The star showed the way to the place of his birth.
  16. 26. Christmas Candles The Bible says that Mary had trouble finding shelter on the night Jesus was born. So on Christmas Eve, some people light candles in the window. They symbolize a welcome to cold people .
  17. 27. Christmas Stockings According to the legend, one kind man had three daughters. His wife died. The daughters wanted to get presents on Christmas but their father didn`t have money. Kind St. Nicolas heard the girl`s plight and at night he threw three gold coins down the chimney where they fell into their stockings the girls had hung by the fireplace to dry.
  18. 28. The 25 th of December is a) Christmas Day b) New Year c) Boxing Day
  19. 29. On Christmas Eve people put their presents under the … a) bed b) table c) New Year Tree
  20. 30. Father Christmas puts his presents … a) under the New Year`s tree b) in bags c) in children`s stockings
  21. 31. Every year there is a big New Year`s tree in … square a) Trafalgar b) Times c) Red
  22. 32. The New Years Tree is a present from people of … to the people of Great Britain. a) Norway b) Russia c) America
  23. 33. For Christmas dinner the English eat … a) Pizza b) hamburgers c) turkey
  24. 34. The day after Christmas is … a) New Year b) Boxing Day c) Mother`s Day