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Ucoz presentation-1 Ucoz presentation-1 Presentation Transcript

  • uCoz Website Builder
  • uCoz is a free website builder that can be easily used by a kid or even by a person without any special technical skills. uCoz website builder
  • At the same time our technology has the wide range of features for advanced users. uCoz website builder
    •  5 years on the Internet market;
    • absolute leader in Eastern Europe;
    • won number of awards, including Mashable;
    •  one million active users;
  • uCoz is an absolute Eastern European leader in the segment of free web hosting. Eastern Europe
    • TOP 10 of the Russian-speaking Internet segment according to the data of such independent rating services as comScore, Google Trends, Alexa*;
    • 40.000 websites in the Ukrainian -speaking Internet segment ;
    • 10.000 websites appeared in a year after the Romanian and Hungarian localizations have been initiated;
    • The number of Belorussian websites grow s on a regular basis ;
    • 100.000 websites in other languages ;
    * total traffic Current position
  • The total traffic of our system is doubling each year and now it is more than 100 million hits per day. Traffic
  • uСoz is a high-loaded system. We have 20000 websites per one regular inexpensive server . High-loaded system
  • Awards
    • Mashable 2009 ;
    • Runet Premium 2009 “Innovation and technology” ;
    • Golden Site 2008 ;
    Web-service received various prizes and awards, including:
  • Strategic investor Partners Partners We cooperate with a great number of companies all over the world.
    • Profitable company;
    • 50+ employees;
    • experienced team with 6 years of continuous development;
    uCoz Team
  • uCoz is a multifunctional system that can be used to resolve various tasks and by various target audience. Our audience
  • Easy management, simplicity in adding content, website security system make uCoz a great solution for business websites. Business websites
  • uCoz is a great platform for blogs. It has a convenient system of comments, entries evaluation and their structuring. There even is a bloggers community among our users: http://ublogs.net/ Blogs
  • At present, more than 20000 e-shops function in the system .
    • The E-shop module has all the modern features for the full-scale E-commerce:
    • export/import of the goods into various formats ;
    • receiving payments automatically ;
    • all kinds of goods – material, digital, codes, services etc. ;
    • the system of discounts ;
  • It is possible to create your own unique web-services, using the JavaScripts, AJAX and system language features on the basis of uCoz platform. For example, highlight and code saving service , o r the video download service . Web-services
  • Easy-to-use forum and the possibility to add images, video easily make uCoz extremely attractive for gamers, clan websites, dedicated to various games. Clan-website for gamers
  • The number of the fan-sites with multiple communities is huge in the system. These websites are dedicated to the beloved series, actors, musical groups etc . Fan-websites
  • The system is perfect for those who have any kinds of hobbies and are ready to discuss them, gather like-minded people . Due to the fact that the system is very simple in use, even those who have been embroidering or collecting stamps for the whole life would be able to create a website with us. Hobbies
  • Our platform includes 21 modules for website building. Each of them can be used both separately and in combination with other modules. Modules E-shop Statistics Awards Tests Tag Board E-mail Forms Web Polls Photo Albums Online games Guestbook Users Page Editor Site News Forum Publisher File Catalog Site Catalog Ad Board Blog FAQ Site search
  • Admin panel In admin panel it looks like this:
  • uCoz has a lot of built-in widgets and the possibility to use third-party ones. Widgets&Gadgets
  • You do not need to be a professional or to know HTML to create a website. You may change the position of website blocks by simply dragging them. To do so you need to enable the “Builder”. You may also edit all the entries in WYSIWYG mode . But if the user is familiar with web-building, he may customize the templates directly. They are all available for editing. Builder&WYSIWYG
    • Advertisement (on users' websites)
    • Premium accounts
    • Additional services : domains, games etc.
    Monetization methods: Monetization
  • User monthly payments may increase the disk space, disable the ad banner, enable additional features etc. Premium accounts
    • We accept various user payment methods, including:
    • - PayPal
    • С redit card
    • American Express
    • Digital Check
    • JCB
    • SMS
    Payment methods
  • There is a lot of documentationof documentation on operating the system, including FAQ, manuals, video lessons. The system textbook, which was published by one of the biggest Russian publishing agencies, has become a best-seller in the sphere of non-fiction literature in the first quarter of 2010 . Documentation
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Community There are more than 1.000.000 active accounts in the system. The users of the system form a friendly community, which is always ready to help its members.
  • Experts Reviews Peter Didenko Chief specialist in strategic development with “SKB Kontur”, ex-counselor, Microsoft expert in internet-projects Lots of people dedicate themselves to developing a bicycle. But it has been invented long time ago. When creating a website one can dedicate himself to learning technical literature. But it is better to do the stuff you are used to. For example, you can carry on with your own business. And spend only several hours on website creation with uCoz. To each its own. lya Shyrokov The president of Odnoklassniki.ru , the founder of the social network Moikrug.ru uCoz is the most updated web-service for website creation in the world. This web-service is free of charge as well. Truth be told, I am not sure why uCoz hasn't conquered the whole world yet. I am looking forward to it in the nearest future.
  • Users Reviews Elliott Mangham, company director of web design studio Creative Collusions Using the uCoz website builder has revolutionised my opportunities to reach like minded people. The commitment to customer service has ensured that my thoughts have been turned into reality. I look forward to continuing the development of my own business based on this foundation. Ruben Wetzels student uCoz web-services - Is the most advanced and creative "FREE"  web-service in the world, I started with uCoz and I will never stop with uCoz, uCoz allows you to create, to share and experience everything you could even imagine in website Creation . That is why I would recommend uCoz to everyone - uCoz is the biggest playground for coders and designers young and old.
  • CEO Evgeny Kurt  [email_address] eugany +7 (495) 662 22 19 Project Manager Irina Cherepanova [email_address] meddych +7 (926) 924 95 17 Contacts