Finding the SEO Balance


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Discussion of the balance in SEO (search engine optimization) and how it applies to your website and your digital marketing strategy.
Presented by Allison Kulage, President of Bare Knuckle Marketing, Inc. at the 2011 Bloggy Conference in Cincinnati.
For more info on our digital marketing packages, custom workshops, or if you'd like to hire Allison to speak at your next conference or event, contact us at or at 513-402-2735.

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Finding the SEO Balance

  1. 1.  Internet, Email, and Wireless Evolved Marketing 80% of traffic is from search engines Google has about 65.5% market share Moving target Good content attracts visitors and links
  2. 2. Google is a great free resource: Google Webmaster Tools Google Places Google Analytics Google AdWords Google Shopping Other Google Apps Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Alerts, Reader, Voice
  3. 3.  Why do you deserve to rank? What makes you better than the competition? What makes you different / unique? What is your specialized knowledge?
  4. 4. A Successful Marketing Plan is a Customized Mix of: Keyword Supporting Content Quality Inbound Links Search Friendly Website Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) Local Search Marketing Social Networking Email Marketing ROI Analysis
  5. 5.  Research  keywords  competition  market Optimization  on-site  social accounts Link Marketing  get noticed  social networking Supporting Media  video on YouTube  social media sites  create external buzz Analysis  review metrics  adjust strategy based on what’s working
  6. 6.  Google Keyword Tool Social Media   listen to market speak “Hints” from Google Find topics to write about Find products/services to review Find related sites to market to/guest blog for
  7. 7.  Competition = Top Ranking Sites Competitor’s Social Media Sites Evaluate Competitor’s Content Google - allintitle: Yahoo! - linkdomain:
  8. 8.  Social Media  compliments  complaints  common problems Befriend a Librarian Survey your market
  9. 9. • Technical• Content• Links
  10. 10. What the search engine sees
  11. 11. Ask your developer / designer: Can I edit titles & meta tags? Custom 404? How do you handle redirects? Sitemap creation? .xml .html Is there a robots.txt file? How do I edit the site? Can my SEO person make changes?
  12. 12. SEO Plugins for Blogs HeadSpace 2 SEO Slugs Sitemap Generator (html) Google XML Sitemaps
  13. 13. Technical Tools / Helpful Sites Google Webmaster Tools Google Guidelines SEO Starter Guide
  14. 14. Build Site Around Themes
  15. 15.  Images Videos News Shopping Books Places Blogs Realtime (currently not available) Discussions Recipes Patents
  16. 16. Link Marketing is Social Networking• Quality not Quantity• Link TO other authority sites• Link TO related sites• Become influential and active in your social networks• Social media links DO help• Get Noticed• Be creative!• Don’t forget the “easy” links
  17. 17. Examples of supporting media Video Images Mobile Blogs Local search engines Coupon and Deal Sites Social media
  18. 18. • Image optimization • Alt attribute (alternative text - required) • Keywords in file name • Text versus image• Video • Keywords in description • Link to your site in description • Google transcribe
  19. 19.  Use your alt tags and name the image with keywords so that it comes up in search and makes it readable for those who cannot view the images, such as the visually impaired who use reading machines.
  20. 20.  Are your site visitors using mobile? Mobile Site vs. Mobile App What platform is best?
  21. 21.  Define Focus and Direction Long Tail WordPress  Plug-ins  Akismet – combat comment spam  HeadSpace2 – SEO  (their site)  (install on your site - preferred)
  22. 22. • Claim your listings• Optimize• Positive reviews do help• Consistent listings build trust
  23. 23. Coupon and Deal Sites • Groupon, CincySavers, Living Social, CoupSmart • Prepare in advance • Know your break even point • Widely shared in social networks
  24. 24.  Remember to add social elements ShareThis Wordpress Plugins Add “Like” button Use your networks to connect Link to social sites in email, print, from site, stickers, banners etc.
  25. 25. Google Analytics Identify Key Performance Indicators Know how to find them  Search traffic  Referrer traffic  Conversions  Keywords  Visitor map Identify Potential Problems  Abandoned shopping cart  Page errors  Errors with forms
  26. 26.  Network Size / Subscribers Active vs. Total Members New vs. Repeat Commentators Quantity / Quality of Comments Conversions o Contacts o Coupon redemption o Leads / Sales Brand mentions
  27. 27.  Don’t focus on proving direct ROI Benefits are often secondary or tertiary Focus on interaction, value of content, not numbers Focus on Branding Measure actions, not just size of network Track your time/costs Social Media is for conversation, not conversion
  28. 28.  Research  keywords  competition  market Optimization  on-site  social accounts Link Marketing  get noticed  social networking Supporting Media  video on YouTube  social media sites  create external buzz Analysis  review metrics  adjust strategy based on what’s working
  29. 29. Allison Kulage(513) Twitter @BareKnuckleMktg
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