The Problems with Customer Support Forums and Alternatives


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Public support forums are hardly a support method your organization can rely on entirely. But what do you do when you can't afford a full scale call center and you are trying to cut customer service expenses? A few suggestions for creative customer support.

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The Problems with Customer Support Forums and Alternatives

  1. 1. What are the Alternatives? by iridize The Problem with Customer Support Forums:
  2. 2. One of the more interesting (and less trivial) customer support methods: public support forums where peers and sometimes company representatives offer problem-solving advice.
  3. 3. Support forums’ main advantage is – the solution is public. Anyone searching for it will find it. Wonderful way to reduce customer support expenses.
  4. 4. But support forums, too, have their downsides.
  5. 5. Support Forum Problems
  6. 6. The main issues with support forums: 1.Peers are not as professional as official company representatives 2.Messaging order may cause confusion 3.Peer answers may not be coherent. 4.Answers may seem outdated and invoke skepticism.
  7. 7. 5. Serviceability (or lack thereof, on part of the peers toward newcomers). 6. Impossible to focus on a single users and drill down to the core of their problem. …and more support forums issues:
  8. 8. Self Service Solutions
  9. 9. Self service tools are a creative alternative to support forums, in that they are just as economic.
  10. 10. Another advantage self service, half-automated support tools bring to the table: educating users to become more savvy in your service, more self- sufficient.
  11. 11. • Walkthroughs and site guides – inexpensive guide services like iridize. • Knowledgebase – invest in quality entries • Videos – cultivate your youtube channel Top self-service support options: i Click here to get what you need.
  12. 12. Accessible Support
  13. 13. Make your support accessible through Google and Bing searches. 1. Build rank by linking to your Knowledge articles from outside your website. 2. Enable a sensible article index + search option in the knowledgebase.
  14. 14. Tip: Get your support staff to frequent public forums and provide answers, often with a link back to the company’s support solution or the customer support contact page.
  15. 15. Support forums are not an optimal standalone solution, but they can certainly complement existing support options. Learn to utilize the public online sphere to your brand’s advantage.
  16. 16. Why Iridize Mobile?We Hope That Was Helpful! Ask us more about ways to reduce your SaaS churn rates and improve conversion.