How to Optimize the New User Onboarding Process


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Cracking the new user onboarding process is every Growth Hacker's Holy Grail. We've managed to formulate a Time/Action matrix for successful onboarding - we also threw in a few hard-earned tips, so enjoy.

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How to Optimize the New User Onboarding Process

  1. 1. How to Optimize the New User Onboarding Process by iridize
  2. 2. The Data Onboarding is a constantly evolving science and art – Smart onboarding corresponds with technological innovations and design trends
  3. 3. Welcome to The Matrix At iridize, we broke it down to 4 main onboarding principles:
  4. 4. Put in words: 1. Time – immediate and ongoing support Balance should be maintained between two parameters: 2. Action – Source: engagement and support
  5. 5. Or, put in other words: immediate action With ongoing customer experience… Balance …and customer engagement with customer support
  6. 6. Bottom Line Let’s translate principles to actions: i
  7. 7. Immediate Engagement: Phone Calls
  8. 8. It’s OK to ask Requesting phone contact info during registration is becoming increasingly common. In fact, it relays a seriousness that goes beyond the uncommitted anonymity of the internet.
  9. 9. Reach Out Make the connection between two people, rather than just another user and application. Image source: Dandy Rank blog
  10. 10. Immediate Support: Navigation Assistance
  11. 11. Grab Attention From the Get-Go Source: You have approximately 2.6 seconds to convince a new user to stay on your webpage.
  12. 12. The Competition is Harsh Your user has been exposed to a dozen new web pages today and a dozen new webapps this week. Brain exploding from onboarding attempts Tired eyes Source:
  13. 13. Don’t Pounce – Glide Your chances therein lie in creating a GOOD navigation experience: Don’t making the user think too much, but relay where to browse next and why .
  14. 14. Ongoing Support: Walkthroughs, videos, livechat i
  15. 15. Commitment Goes both Ways The most important form of “being there” for your users is the ongoing customer support you provide.
  16. 16. Stay Realistic 24-7 call center availability isn’t really an option… …plus, most users today turn to phone support as a last resort. Image source: stockimages @
  17. 17. Stay Relevant Automated support is an excellent onboarding solution. It is more effective…
  18. 18. Automated Support What do we talk about when we talk about “Automated Support”?      Walkthroughs Support videos Tooltips Kowledgebase Intercom
  19. 19. Ongoing Engagement: Lifecycle emails Image source: digitalart @
  20. 20. Lifecycle Emails Lifecycle emails are the best. From the generic “Welcome! email, through the gentle “we haven’t seen you in a week” nudge emails, through to the perfectly timed “you have two days to upgrade from free trial to paid plan” reminder.
  21. 21. Why Hope That Was Helpful! We Iridize Mobile? Read more about onboarding solutions at Or request a demo at
  22. 22. Icons in this presentation made by Freepik from