How to Avoid Employee Workflow Errors

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  • 1. How to Avoid Employee Workflow Errors by iridize
  • 2. The Data Human errors are inevitable – that is what’s human about them.
  • 3. The Data We can’t eliminate errors, but we can try to minimize them by methodically identifying the source of common issues through workflow.
  • 4. It isn’t a linear process… … so we made a flow chart.
  • 5. Balance should be maintained between two parameters: The “How” Source:
  • 6. The training process is important, no matter Balance should how simple, intuitive be straightforward the or maintained between two workflow is. parameters: Source:
  • 7. In an organized onboarding process, the employees can ask questions in a legitimate context.* *Someone who has been doing the work for months or years will hesitate to exhibit ignorance.
  • 8. Keep the option for guidance open, even after the training is over. Site tours and tooltips can pick up where the trainer left off. Hi there, employee! Would you like to run through the tutorial again, this time at your own speed?
  • 9. The “Why”
  • 10. Now, we scrutinize the workflow: 1.What are the workflow stages? 2.# people who interface with the process? 3.How many back and forth-s? 4.What are the ancient precedents? 5.What is the work scope of each stage? 6.Are all these stages really necessary?
  • 11. Remember, you’re only collecting information at this point. Consider sketching a flow chart to help visualize complex relationships and hierarchies. Source:
  • 12. The Structural Bottleneck
  • 13. A structural bottleneck is characterized by some inherent flaw in the process. It should be fairly easy to identify. Img source
  • 14. More clues: an element that slows down the workflow, confuses employees or lays the ground for some overlooking, falling-in-betweenthe-cracks or simply misunderstanding. Source:
  • 15. Rethink the Process
  • 16. It is now time to rethink the workflow:  Is one of the stages unnecessarily long?  Can any stage be made more efficient?  Can you merge any of the stages?
  • 17. Example: Bottleneck: path from Ordering to Billing is too long. Problem: bills aren’t always sent on time. Solution: automate part of the process (e.g.: CRM notifications). Result: Billing will expect and inquire after it, not just react to Sales and Distribution.
  • 18. Delegate Ownership
  • 19. Let your employee own the workflow. S/he should review it, make recommendations for improvement and see them through. S/he will feel more connected to their work, invest more effort in doing a better job. S/he will concentrate more and actively avoid making workflow mistakes.
  • 20. The Human Bottleneck
  • 21. The human bottleneck is obviously more sensitive and requires more delicate handling.
  • 22. How to identify it: measure several employees’ performance of the same task. If only one of them is underperforming – it’s probably a professional challenge, not a structural workflow issue.
  • 23. Devise Support Mechanisms
  • 24. Not everyone is a Time Management Whiz. Your job:  Help contain the challenge  Find tools to deal with it  Manage employee frustration  Decrease workflow errors Top left: Trello, Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, Time Management Ninja, Cold Turkey, Any Do, Pomodoro Technique
  • 25. And finally – let your employees make mistakes. They need to know it’s manageable (if far from welcome). Only people who do, make mistakes. So afford your employees room to make the occasional error, so that they can do and do well – the rest of the time.
  • 26. Why Hope That Was Helpful! We Iridize Mobile? Read more about onboarding solutions at Or request a demo at
  • 27. Icons in this presentation made by Freepik from