A LinkedIn Lesson on SaaS Conversion from Free Trial to Paid Plan


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LinkedIn have recently launched a mini-tutorial for a feature that has been up for months. What is the logic behind that and what can we learn about LinkedIn's cunning plan to convert freemium users?

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A LinkedIn Lesson on SaaS Conversion from Free Trial to Paid Plan

  1. 1. A LinkedIn Lesson on SaaS Conversion from Free Trial to Paid Plan by iridize
  2. 2. iridize.com We’re not fans of the “What Batman can Teach us About Customer Support” genre…
  3. 3. iridize.com …but when a SaaS giant like LinkedIn pulls off an elegant onboarding maneuver like this one, we tend to prick our ears up.
  4. 4. iridize.com LinkedIn recently launched a 3 tooltip-long mini-tutorial, for onboarding users to the relatively new Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature.
  5. 5. iridize.com Notice the “relatively new”. This feature has been around for months.
  6. 6. iridize.com So why now? Why did LinkedIn wait so long to launch the tutorial?
  7. 7. iridize.com We’re glad you asked. The answer is:
  8. 8. iridize.com ..Because the tutorial isn’t really meant to teach users how to use the feature.
  9. 9. iridize.com “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” has been around for a while. It was given a makeover circa February this year and LinkedIn launched a campaign of personalized tooltips to assist with the onboarding.
  10. 10. iridize.com So what is up with this weirdly timed, suspiciously short guide?
  11. 11. iridize.com Our theory: the stats were showing that users aren’t commanding the feature well. Specifically, the analytics aspect of it.
  12. 12. iridize.com Notice how the first tooltip points to the “trends” section of the graph:
  13. 13. iridize.com Let’s continue with the theory: the product team made an estimation – that power users would lead the way into full blown use of this feature.
  14. 14. iridize.com Instead, they found themselves needing to highlight this fantastic new feature more assertively.
  15. 15. iridize.com It happens.
  16. 16. iridize.com Even the best features are sometimes overlooked. Sometimes they just take a while to take off, and perhaps a little nudge and a push.
  17. 17. iridize.com Naturally, LinkedIn seized the opportunity to poke their users about upgrading their accounts. Remember, this is about converting Freemium users to paying ones.
  18. 18. iridize.com
  19. 19. iridize.com It definitely helps to have 300 million users and LinkedIn size revenue to run quality tests with…
  20. 20. iridize.com …but there are more affordable solutions for predictive analytics that can help you tell which features need that nudge and which are doing just fine. Poke us if you want to hear more.
  21. 21. Why Iridize Mobile?We Hope That Was Helpful! Read more about onboarding solutions at blog.iridize.com Or request a demo at contact@iridize.com iridize.com
  22. 22. Icons in this presentation made from Flaticon.com:Freepikby iridize.com