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Feasibility Study for the Restaurant & Hotel Industry by International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group

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Feasibility Study brochure

  1. 1. Hospitality Quality Assessments & AuditsInternational Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting About UsHas helped many Global Hospitality Service Companies Increase Quality of Operations, International Restaurant andGuest Experience and Brand Hospitality Consulting Group isProtection for over 25 years with a team of highly experiencedour Operations Assessment and and knowledgeable restaurant,Brand Audits. retail and hospitality consultant professionals. Our team members are former Chief Executive Officers, Operators, Owners and Vice “Reliable due diligence will most often Presidents of some of the largest hospitality companies determine the success of an investment, or in the world. The core value of business decision” our group has always been to Exceed Expectations and Deliver Results to our clients.Our Feasibility Assessments Contact us today for a free . consultation: 877-259-9196A feasibility study is an invaluable tool in evaluating theprobability of success and risks associated with your restaurantproject. Our team will travel to your location and compare yourconcept’s unique features with your specific site attributes andthen present a financial forecast of your business to you. Typicalwith most feasibility studies we will:International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group All Rights Reserved www.IRHCgroup.com
  2. 2. Feasibility Study – o Conduct site visit to inspect nuances of your location, the local community, and competitive set o Establish the primary, secondary and tertiary trade areas o Analyze the dominant demographic and lifestyle groups in your trade area o Determine the target guest profile and depth of guest profile within the primary trade area o Determine the size of the targeted groups o Review the competitive set of restaurants o Determine over-served and under-served concepts and categories to identify the holes in the market o Establish other popular restaurant concepts in the market for comparison, opportunity. o Evaluate sales performance of local restaurants vs. national averages o Review and identify all possible traffic and location barriers for the current site o Present estimated annualized sales projections for the new restaurant concept based upon our findings o Create a Best Case, Worst Case and Likely Performa based upon your concept, and know variables. o Estimate builds out and preopening expenses based upon your design concept. How do we do it? By analyzing financial data, interviewing key executives, reviewing unit level operations and brand position/customer research, International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group is able to provide you with the critical insight to make confident and accurate investment decisions.Other Services we can offer you are,  Our firm can also help you negotiate the lease and help secure or source out the property location.  We also have partnerships with some of the best architecture firms to help design your concept.  We can develop a detailed business plan based upon your concept designInternational Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group All Rights Reserved www.IRHCgroup.com