Representation issues


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Representation issues

  1. 1. Representation issues:GenderFemale gender is often stereotypically represented in music videos through the use of“sexy” women (appealing to male audiences) as well as powerful women (appealing towomen who aspire to be like the star). Most females in a music video are dressed revealingwearing hardly any clothes and dancing provocatively. When there is a man featured infemales music video the female artist becomes devious and sexual, often dancing with theman and leading him on. For example in Jason Derulo’s music video – It girl. are also typically represented as sexy and powerful, as they are often dressed indesigner clothing connoting that they are wealthy. Again this appeals to the male audiencein a sense of them wanting to be more like the star. It also appeals to females who see themale artists as their ideal partners in life, as they are successful and look like they could careof them. Men more often than likely have control over the women in these videosparticularly in Hip Hop videos. For example in P.I.M.P, 50 cent is shown with lots of bling, anexpensive car and semi naked women throwing themselves at him. are exceptions of course to the above generalisations, particularly in concept drivenvideos. For example in Jamiroquai’s award winning “Virtual Insanity” lead singer Jay Kay isnot portrayed in a provocative manner. He is dressed in very plain clothes and wearing aweird hat, portraying him as a geek or more of an intellectual, appealing more to thisparticular target audience. in regard to females, Adele’s “Someone like you” shows women in a different light.Adele represents the bigger woman, breaking the stereotypical image of women in music
  2. 2. videos as she dresses in plain clothes with simple makeup. This video does not feature anymen and is very simple showing that she is a strong woman and wants people toconcentrate more on her voice rather than what’s going on in the music video around her. is represented in many different ways in music videos because of the differenttypes of music. In RnB or Hip Hop videos there are mostly Caribbean or African girls becausethat kind of music comes from their roots and backgrounds. The men are representedsometimes as “gangster” types whilst the women like to dance routines. For example: Kelis– Milkshake In other types of music like,Dubstep and Baseline, white people are represented as crazy and mental as they jumparound and look like they have been taking drugs by the way that they move to the beats.Disability:Disabled people are not really featured in music videos. It is hard to find a well known musicvideo with a disabled person in unless the song is for charity or a special event. These days’people want to see the latest fashions shining through in music videos so you normally havetypical good looking young people. This is because younger children like to look up to thefamous celebrities and be like them, so they wouldn’t put a disabled person into a musicvideo. The only well known song and music video that features a Blind man is Andrea Bocelli– Time to say goodbye music is inspirational because he writes it all himself, plays the soundtrack on the pianoand sings as well. I think more disabled people with talent should be given a chance to shinethrough a music video.
  3. 3. Age:Age is represented in music videos through the genre involved. For example, in R n B andDubstep you would tend to have younger people aged from 18 – 30 and you would rarelyfind anybody who was older than that unless it was the artist themselves trying to look cooland fit in with the younger people. For example Kylie Minogue is 44 but in her videos shehas men and women who are in their 20’s because she still wants to appeal to the youngergeneration. other music like, Classical and Country, there would mainly be the older generationrepresented as the music is from their era and not recognised very much now apart fromthe odd young person who is really keen to carry on this type of music, for exampleCharlotte Church. Here, people are generally represented as “clean cut” anddependable/mature/part of the establishment. However, such artists may have been rebelsin their youth or still are. Some good examples are Mick Jagger and Ossie Osborne.