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  1. 1. ProposalThe song we have chosen is Beanie Man ft Future Fambo- Rum and Red Bull. Ourtarget audience is mainly Afro Carrabin/ Africans as dancehall is linked to their rootsbut every race ca n listen to it. Our target audience age range 10-25 as it is acatchy song but very contemporary and upbeat so older people might not enjoy it.The message we are trying to convey is the side of effects of drinks. Our productioncompany will be a small independent company as we do not have the budget fora big record label. Our video will be very controversial as it breaks most of the genreconventions of dancehall. Our Unique selling point (USP) is reflecting on theunderline problem of underage age drinking. We are going to undermine society’sviews of being happy from drinking.Marcia’s idea: A group of friend’s are having fun at a club, drinking and dancing.They go to the bar and order glasses of rum and red bull. It starts to have animmediate effect on them as the club seems to be blurred and they all feel differentas if they are having an outer body experience. They eventually black out. Whenthey regain consciousness they realise that they are covered in blood. The song thenends leaving the video in a cliff hanger.Courtney’s idea: A girl is walking through the club by herself, the background is allblurred but there are silhouettes of people dancing. She is nervous and intimidatedas she is by herself. She finally makes her way to her friends and gets involved withthem and starts to get in her element. She finally fits in whilst drinking rum and redbull. The narrative matches the lyrics.Jason’s idea: friends on a standard day out. They’re drinking rum and red bull. Theyare walking down the street and see a park. Whilst they are walking their visiongradually becomes blurred. Weird things happen like they see a lion, they rub theireyes and they realise that’s it’s a squirrel. In the middle the song cuts because one ofthe people drop the rum and red bull and they go to a shop to purchase more, themusic then continues when they take another sip.Irfaat’s idea: A weird man gives these two girls rum and red bull. They go backhome, drink, and smoke and get ready to go out, while they drink this drink they startto hallucinate and everything seems to be weird, they keep seeing this manwherever they go. They end up outside on the streets and weird things arehappening there. During the end of the song they rub their eyes and realise it wasjust a dream/hallucination but then they see the weird man on the tv.