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  1. 1. LightingIn a film, light can be manipulated in many ways to set a mood or atmosphere. I will be discussingthe main issues and advantages of a few light sources.Natural Day LightThis is used in nearly every film as it is the main type is light used. The main advantage of usingnatural day light is that its free. Film companies wouldnt have to pay electric bills for lighting.Another benefit of using natural day light is you can achieve a more realistic feel in your film asopposed to using artificial light. A disadvantage is when you want it to be a sunny scene the weathermight let you down and it might rain. This is one of the main problems as it delays filming and it willstop filming crews from reaching deadlines.Artificial LightThis is done by using anything starting from a light bulb to a glow stick. The main advantage of usingartificial light is that you can do practically anything you want with it. If you wanted to set a scaryand dark scene you would have very dim lights and maybe cast a few shadows. A disadvantage ofusing this type of light is the equipment might set back the company a few thousand pounds.ChiaroscuroThis is a dimmed light effect used to create a dark mood. This is mainly used in thriller films forexample Fight Club. In Fight Club they use chiaroscuro to set a dangerous mood and make thecharacters seem very bad as the picture shows below.Colour also plays a big part in lighting. Different colours have different meanings, therefore it can beused to portray different things. For example if you wanted to make a character look devilish youwould use red lighting for their face so that they look bad. You can also use other colours forexample blue which is purity and natural to show that the person or object is very pure.
  2. 2. ShadowsShadows can be created by placing a person or object in front of a light. This creates a black replicaof the person or object on the surface you want. This is used in thriller films to create tension. Itworks well because its very unexpected most of the time and when it does appear on screen itdoesnt stay for long. The length of time that the shadow spends on screen can determine If theshadow has an effect on the audience or not. If the shadow appears for a few seconds then theaudience will get scared and think whats that? But if the shadow stays for lets say for example 5minutes it loses its effect on the audience and it ends up being pointless.Detjona Borizani