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In-Depth Interviews

  1. 1. In Depth Interviews:Name: Ryan HealyAge: 19What genre of music do you prefer and why?My favourite genre of music is rock as I love all the noise and the loudness involved. I likethe different instruments and sounds used within a rock band such as the guitar and drumsbut also the band tend to shout a lot when performing rather than singing in harmony theylike to create an upbeat vibe. I love the costumes and ideas involved with rock music as younormally get people dressed in funky clothes and lots of makeup. It is a different genre ofmusic all together. I find rock inspirational as I play the drums and have always dreamed ofbeing in a famous rock band.What is your all time favourite music video and why?My favourite music video is Green Day -21 guns. I like this video because it is a verystereotypical video linked to a rock band as it starts of quieter but as it reaches the chorus itreally explodes into the normal loud upbeat jam of a rock song. The guys are dressed inblack and have makeup on. The music video itself is interesting as it is cuts between shots ofthe band and shots of a man and women in a room not communicating. As the chorus issung there are gun shots through the walls aiming at the two people. The action follows themoment the vibrant chorus starts.What captures the audience’s attention most in a music video?I think if a song is good and catchy then however good or bad the music video it wouldn’tmatter. However when you ask me that the first thing that springs to mind is a good storyline and lots of movement and different people. It is boring to watching someone standingstill for the whole time or walking slowly singing a song. (Adele – Someone like you.) I preferdifferent things to concentrate with fast cuts and something to confuse you. That capturesmy attention more.While watching a music video do you prefer a narrative or are you keener onperformance?If I listen to a song with a singer who doesn’t actually have a good voice and cannot performvery well they tend to cover up behind a narrative which makes me concentrate more onthe video and what’s going on rather then what’s being sung. These artists usually hidebehind revealing costumes and wacky narratives to try and cover up their lack of talent.However artists with good vocals (for example Adele) tend to go for performance toshowcase their talent and normally have a simpler video so people can concentrate on thevoice.Thank you.
  2. 2. Name: Michelle ThomasAge: 30What genre of music do you prefer and why?My favourite genre of music is classical as it is very relaxing and calm and I can put it onwhenever I am stressed or feeling emotional and it will clear my mind. As I have children Ifind myself under pressure and stressed out quite a lot so when I get a minute to myself Ilove to listen to this kind of music and feel free from it all.What is your all time favourite music video and why?My all time favourite music video is Andrea Brocelli ft Sarah Brightman – Time to saygoodbye. I love this video so much because it is about performance and showing peoplehow good their voices are. The narrative of the video is really good as well as it matches thelyrics. The song is about a man and women who have to say goodbye to each other and youcan see this happening throughout the video. I love the song so much and I think the videomakes the song even more appealing to people.What captures the audience’s attention most in a music video?I think the narrative of the music video captures the audience the most because if they canunderstand what is going on then it is more appealing rather than being confused and notknowing what is happening like in the video Rihanna – rude boy. I also like music videos thatreach out to the public and are based around real life things such as Adele – Someone likeyou as she is talking about a past relationship and something that people may go throughevery day.While watching a music video do you prefer a narrative or are you keener onperformance?I like both because the when a music video has a narrative it means it’s easier to follow andbased around a simpler idea rather than having something that flashes past your face andyou do not understand. Performance is also key as a music video is more appealing to me ifthe artist has a good voice rather than hiding behind different factors.Thank you.