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In depth interviews
In depth interviews
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In depth interviews


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  • 1. In depth interviewsName: Jay Herrera’sAge:19What is your favourite genre of music?My favourite genre of music is rap. I particularly like rap because I feel I can relate to theartist and the lyrics as what they say is real, unlike the pop music, my favourite type of rap isUK rap like the rap on Chanel aka. I find this inspirational as they are UK rappers and as I ama rapper myself it gives me hope that I can make it.What is your favourite music video and why?My favourite music video is Bashy – catch me if you can. I like this because it has a verycaptivating story line. I was very interested in the video. It begins with an introduction whenthe music is not playing. This sets out the story line. The performers such as Bashy, scorcher,skepta and wretch 32 rap the words as if they are talking to each other but it still explainsthe story line.While watching a music video do you prefer to see performance or narrative?It depends on the song and the artist. If I’m listening to a song with a singer who can’tactually sing a big performance and a big music video plus some crazy/revealing outfits isneeded to cover up the lack of talent e.g. Rihanna but with strong vocals like Adele you canhave a simple video and not need to find entertainment in other criteria’s.What do you think engages the audience most in musicvideos?I think a good story line, good song and fairly interesting music video. Shots like when thesinger is looking directly at the camera makes it look like s/he is singing directly to us. Usingcurrent and relatable things like lovable actors e.g. Rupert Grint in Ed Sheeran- Lego houseor paying homage to films/books, things happening in today’s society e.g. Eminem- justloose it (Michael Jackson paedophilia reference.)Thank you for your time.
  • 2. Name: mica CampbellAge: 23What is your favourite genre of music?I don’t have a favourite genre. I like to listen to different songs when I’m in different moods.I am currently into slow rock songs and slow sings in general as I am going through atroubling time and I feel that the songs and singers know how I’m feeling. I can sense themood during the lyrics and I can relate to them.What is your favourite music video and why?I love Leona Lewis -bleeding love. The video is off 4 different girls viewpoints they are allheartbroken or depressed because of their love lives. It is set in a block of flats where theyare all neighbours. The video interlinks them all together so the same man goes to each ofthe girls. I found this very interesting to watch. There was a cliff-hanger at the end when themusic video was about to end where the girl tried to drown herself in the bath tub but therewas a knock at the door so she got up, this really made it interesting to watch. I can watchthe video 1000 times and still wouldn’t get bored, if I had a choice to turn it off and decidenot to that’s what makes a good video.While watching a music video do you prefer to see performance or narrative?I prefer narrative, watching a performance can become boring and repetitive after a while.Whereas in a narrative there can be really good and interesting story lines.What do you think engages the audience most in music videos?A good message. A message that will tell you and try and help people. Like Jessie j- who youare. She talks about her struggle and how she used to be obsessed with looking perfect butnow she releases that everybody is perfect in their own way and they don’t need to changeanything about them. This is a very strong message which tells little kids around the wordthat everything will be alright in the end. I can relate to this myself as I have had someimage problems in the past.Thank you for your time