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Presentacion idioms describing_people Presentacion idioms describing_people Presentation Transcript

  • Idioms describing people
  • Positive and negative qualities
    • She's as hard as nails . (no sympathy for others)
    • He's rather a cold fish (distant, unfriendly)
    • She has a heart of gold (very kind, generous)
    • He's as good as gold (generous, helpful)
  • Note also
    • He's such an awkward customer (difficult person to deal with)
    • She's a pain in the neck. Nobody likes her (nuisance)
    • He gets on everybody's nerves ( irritates everybody)
  • People's “fast” and “slow” qualities
    • I was a bit slow off the mark; the job had been filled by the time I got the forms.
    • Come on! Hurry up! You're such a slow-coach !
    • He's very quick off the mark; he always gets things before everybody else.
    • You've asked him to marry you! You're a fast worker! You only met him three weeks ago!
  • How people relate to the social norm
    • She's a bit of an odd-ball (very strange)
    • He's really over the top (very exaggerated in behaviour)
    • He's round the bend, if you ask me. (absolutely crazy / mad)
    • My politics are very middle-of-the-road (very normal; no radical ideas)
  • Who's who in the class? Idioms for “people” in the classroom Who's........ … ...the teacher's pet? … of the class? … ...a real know-all? … ...a bit of a big-head? … ...a lazy-bones?
  • Do you know what “as cool as a cucumber” means? Watch the video and you'll find out Click here
  • Over to you
      Try to complete these idioms
    • She does a lot of voluntary work; she has a heart.........
    • Don't expect any sympathy from the boss; she's as hard as …..
    • I'm sure Gerry will help you; he's as good........
    • I was too late to get on that course; I was a bit slow....
    • You won't find him very friendly; he's rather a cold …....
    • Tell him to hurry up! He's such a ….................
  • What do they call.......
    • an irritating person who knows everything?
    • the person who is the teacher's favourite?
    • someone who thinks they are the best and says so?
    • the one who gets the best marks?
    • a person who is very lazy?