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Apple pies
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Apple pies


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Start baking your own apple pie now!

Start baking your own apple pie now!

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  • 1. Bake Some Apple CakesApple cake works out the best in apples incake form. It works beyond the establishedapple pie and demands apples into a moretender dessert or afternoon collation. Theapples, sliced or chopped up, may be mixedinto the batter or used as a topping like anupside down cake. In other cases, the applesare turned into apple sauce and merged intothe batter to make the cake moist and full ofapple savor. Watch online recipes videos now.The basic apple cake formula highlights theremarkable combination of cinnamon and
  • 2. apple. Ground cinnamon adds a subtle hint of spice to the apple cake just as it does to apple pies. To make an apple cake, you would require a baking apple that must bepeeled, cored and then cut.It is tossed with a bit offlour and sugar so that itbonds to the batter whensupplied later.The cake batter is then assembled, startingwith combining the dry ingredients first(flour, sugar, baking powder and salt) beforethe liquid elements are added (eggs, oil,melted savorless butter, orange juice andvanilla extract). Unlike the more delicatechiffon and angel cakes, the apple cake hasthe less soft crumbs and the more flavorfulbatter of a pound cake.To bake the apple cake batter, it must bepoured out in a cake pan or a tube pan (aBundt cake pan would also look attractive
  • 3. when you unmold the cake later) but onlyhalfway. Arrange the apple slices on top ofthis batter before you pour the last leftovercake batter on the slices. Last, finish off withthe last of the apple slice mixture. Cool theapple cake onto a wire rack.Give the apple cake some compaction byadding chopped walnuts into the cake batteror arrange some toasted pecans on theunderside of the cake pan before pouring thebatter. When you serve the apple cake, thenuts on top will look savory and provide acounterpoint texture to the apples.Experiment with other flavors andingredients that would go nicely with yourapple cake. For one, cranberries, caramel,sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, cornmeal andeven ginger will give you stimulating flavorsfor your apple cake. As topping, make acream cheese icing, brown sugar glaze and
  • 4. streusel topping, or a dependable qualityvanilla bean ice cream for your apple cake.