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Inbred trailer
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Inbred trailer description

Inbred trailer description

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  • 1. INBRED (2012) Isaac Reeder
  • 2. OFFICIAL TRAILER• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lvUCAHR a6I
  • 3. TRAILER PLOT• The trailer starts off by showing 4 young offenders on a mini-bus with their workers struggling to find their way due to a broken sat-nav and end up squatting in an abandoned house, later on they look around abandoned trains and discover the locals are v very derranged and weird. They end up trying to murder the kids and teachers throughout the film.
  • 4. FEATURES• Throughout the film there are characters which are portrayed as being disturbed and mad, they could also be being portrayed as zombies. There are people running around with weapons such as axes and chainsaws chasing the kids too. Its set around eerie , abandoned areas which look very uncanny and mysterious. Within the trailer you see the locals torturing a man with a box on his head too, which gives the kids an insight into what they should expect to come.
  • 5. EDITING• Overall there were 82 edits in the 1:41 clip, escalating from start to finish slowly speeding up to create a more intense and scary feeling when watching. The music too speeds up to match the clips and spook the viewer. However it does break the chain of normality where one of the last clips is a 4 second clip showing all of the locals hunting down the children, which doesn’t follow the usual pace of the other clips included. It also shows the film title in red with blood splatters surrounding the word giving the audience a clue that gore will be within.
  • 6. GORE• In the trailer is it Gore-filled throughout the whole clip. They use it to try and scare the viewer as much as possible and to entice the viewers into watching the whole film. For example the effect of splattering blood across the casts face and showing a man missing half his head gives the viewers an idea and an impression of what will happen in the film.
  • 7. CHARACTERS JacobJune Tim Jim ZebSam Gris Dwight Wilf Podge Kate Jeff