IRD Social Media Summit: Opening Remarks, IRD's Digital Journey

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opening remarks by Dr. Arthur B. Keys and Jeff Grieco, IRD

opening remarks by Dr. Arthur B. Keys and Jeff Grieco, IRD

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  • (Dr. Key opens the summit) - Welcome attendees – both those attending in person, and those joining via the live webcast and chat online - Note the pre-read materials that are available online, mention that attendees should have explored these materials in advance of the summit
  • (Dr. Keys)Touch briefly on IRD’s evolution as an organization (particularly its growth in a relatively short period of time)
  • (Dr Keys)Note how much of IRD’s success depends on its people, segue to point out that IRD is entering a new era: one in which it is empowering its people to help tell its story onlineIRD has amazing stories to tellThe purpose of today’s summit is to help give IRD staff the tools to be confident and effective in embracing this opportunity to support IRD’s social media initiativesTurn things over to Jeff Grieco, to present the roadmap for IRD Social Media
  • (Mr. Grieco)(Give some brief background on where we currently are in IRD’s social media journey (right at the beginning))IRD asked Edelman to conduct a Social Media Visibility and Assets Audit; each attendee will find a one-page overview of this – referred to as “IRD’s Digital Footprint” – in their seat (online attendees: there is a link to this document on the summit pageThis initial social media audit helped us pinpoint our current strengths, but also where we have room to grow
  • (Mr. Grieco)- As Dr. Keys mentioned, we hope our efforts will help to give a voice to populations around the world. Whereas this might represent where we are now (click transition) …
  • (Mr. Grieco)THIS is where we would hope to be in a year from now.To get there, we’ll be providing a number of tools and support to our staff here and around the world – some of which we’ll introduce you to today
  • (Mr. Grieco)Each employee’s support and participation will be crucial in IRD achieving its visionToday is merely kicking off the efforts that will empower IRD staff to communicate through social media (more tools and learning opportunities will be rolled out in the coming year) 
  • (Jeff Grieco)Briefly outline what will be covered in the sessions today:Introduction to Social Media – Steve Rubel, EdelmanSocial Media for Social Good –Eric Rardin,Care2IRD’s Social Media Policy – Mike Krempasky, EdelmanHow to Tell Your Story (keynote) – Dr. Mark DrapeauOne last mention to those joining online – you’re encouraged to chime in via the live chat with questions, we’ll do our best to incorporate them into the sessions and get answers (either during the live event or following up after the event)(Turn podium over to first speaker (Steve Rubel) to begin first session)Steve Rubel, SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, is responsible for keeping Edelman and its clients in the vanguard. He studies emerging technologies, global media and online trends and shapes them into actionable insights and marketing communications strategies. Rubel’s writings on emerging technologies and trends have been called must-read material by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNET, PC Magazine and Forrester Research. In addition to his blog, Rubel is followed by more than 40,000 on Twitter, and pens monthly columns for both Advertising Age and


  • 1. IRD’s Social Media Summit
    December 14, 2010
  • 2. 2
  • 4. IRD’s Social Media Roadmap
    Looking good so far,
    but we’ve got room
    to grow
  • 5. 5
    IRD’s Social Media Roadmap
  • 6. 6
    IRD’s Social Media Roadmap
  • 7. IRD’s Roadmap to Success…
    …depends on employee support and participation
  • 8. Today’s Agenda
    Introduction to Social MediaSteve Rubel, SVP, Director of Digital Insights, Edelman Digital
    Social Media for Social GoodEric Rardin, Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2
    IRD’s Social Media PolicyMike Krempasky, EVP, Edelman Digital Public Affairs
    How To Tell Your Story - Key Note AddressDr. Mark Drapeau, Director, Public Sector Social Engagement, Microsoft Corporation