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Travellers Insights Magazine now on iPad. See it/Download from Intunes iTunes.TravellersInsights.com …

Travellers Insights Magazine now on iPad. See it/Download from Intunes iTunes.TravellersInsights.com

http://bit.ly/WorldHeritageOpportunities | World Heritage Tourism is a hot market for travel and tourism companies. This Slideshow is part of a campaign which includes video and magazine publications aimed at representing selected UNESCO World Heritage sites as Heritage Tourism Destinations.

For more on this see our Blog http://bit.ly/WorldHeritageOpportunities
YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc2l3Z6l99E

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  • 1. TravelersInsights…World Heritage
  • 2. Explore the legacy of heritage on people and cultures…
  • 3. Fountain in Former Trafalgar Square, now HeroesSquare The CareenageI n the centre of Bridgetown, Barbados, stands a statue of Lord Nelsonwho preserved the West Indies from being captured by the French. The statue stands as a testimony to British old world heritage.
  • 4. Architecture A unique Architecture… Mutual Building, Bridgetown Barracks of the Barbados Defense Queen’s ParkBridgetown’s architecture, says the UNESCO announcement, consists“of a well-preserved old town built in the 17th,18th and 19th centuries,which testifies to the spread of Great Britain’s Atlantic colonial empire”.
  • 5. HeritageJewish synagogue - oldest in the Western hemisphere African & British Heritage Remains of a slave hut Bridgetown illustrates the interchange of several occupational, religious, ethnic, free and enslaved groups; a meeting of cultures, which created a hybridized Creole culture in the Anglophone Caribbean.
  • 6. Landmarks The Barbados Museum The Museum is housed George Washington House George Washington stayed here in 1751; in the former British Barbados was the only place he visited Military Prison, which was outside of America. built in 1817.
  • 7. AFineLineage Sir Garfield Sobers Leadership and InspirationThe real heritage of Barbados, is its people; the ordinary andextraordinary men and women who made it what it is today. “Bussa” Leader of the slave revolt
  • 8. sun&funSome of the most popular activities are: The Atlantis Submarine,Harrison’s Cave and Island Safari. Dining is excellent; The Cliff,Champers, Tapas and the Fish-pot are favorites in the moreupscale spots. Oistins fish fry, Shakers and Just Grilling are greatvalue.Carlisle Bay
  • 9. sun&fun Horse racing, dressage, and polo is a big part of Barbados Sports Heritage
  • 10. Kites and Windsurfing at Silver Sandssun&fun
  • 11. sun&funCarlisle Bay
  • 12. Barbados World Heritage Resourses: www.barbados.org/worldheriage Heritage Tours: www.barbados.org/worldheriage/tours.htm Heritage Vacations: www.barbados.org/worldheriage/vacations.htm Historic Places (map): www.barbados.org/historic.htm Hotels in and around the historic area:www.barbados.org/worldheriage/accommodation.htm Activities in and around the historic area: www.barbados.org/worldheritage/activities.htm www.Barbados.org whc.unesco.org/en/list/1376 PHOTOGRAPHY Kristine Dear © 2012 Axses © 2012 AUTHOR Ian R. Clayton © 2012