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Bookings St.lucia reservation center and travel planner. Full travel guide - directory of all hotels, apartments, accommodation and activities …

Bookings St.lucia reservation center and travel planner. Full travel guide - directory of all hotels, apartments, accommodation and activities

Presentation by AXSES Partner - Glace Grafix

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  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. WHO WE ARE
    • 3. Who We Are Unique Travel Platform (Services/Technology) made for Caribbean tourism by Caribbean professionals 12 years building technology for Caribbean tourism Providing technology and know-how. A proven record of success in building travel technology for Caribbean destinations and suppliers. Knowledge Engineering ST. LUCIA Application Development - Marketing - Management Marketing Partners for Saint Lucia: GlaceGrafix, LLC and Advanced Intellectual Methods, Inc.
    • 4. Who We Are The Internet is about being Direct! It is the most efficient marketing and distribution medium ever Made for Direct Business Direct Sales | Your Brand | Your Technology | Your Control
    • 5. Who We Are
      • The Most Popular Site of Barbados in the world Linked to by over 50,000 pages on the internet. 
      • Generated 4 million visits per annum
      • Provided effective low cost technology and marketing for all Barbados Operators.
      • Still delivering high profit Direct Bookings via, Internet marketing of each property’s website including Car Rentals and Activities type industries.
      • Provide Global distribution through their strategic partners
    • 7. What is it? Bookings, Reservation, Marketing
      • Established Channels
      • Directory of all accommodation
      • Search Engine
      • Comparison shopping
      • Themes Marketing
      • SEO footprint (Popularity Ranking =4)
      • Members Tools
      • Portal Tools
      • Travel Platform
      • Direct Marketing
      • Brand Control
      • GDS integration
      • E-commerce management
    • 9. Site Usage / Rankings Jan. 1, 2008 – Dec. 31, 2008 Page Views Hits Total(s) 368,682 703,792 Average(s) per month 2,248 4,291 Jan. 1, 2009 – May 19, 2009 Total(s) 166,473 398,029 Average(s) per month 1,752 4,189
    • 10. Site Usage / Rankings
    • 11. WHAT WE OFFER
    • 12. arcRes Bookings-Expert
    • 13. arcRes Bookings-Expert
      • Internet Booking Engine
      • Online Booking Engine for your website - Increase Your Revenue & Profit
      • No Commissions or Transaction fees on your bookings!
      • Effective - Low cost - Easy to use - High conversion (Make sure to turn Lookers into Bookers by using your arcRes marketing systems to your best advantage )
      • Expandable
      • Market specials and packages - Family plans – Groups
      • Your brand and business rules.
    • 14. arcRes Bookings-Expert Set minimum stay requirements, special rates, packages, group rates and loyalty programs to improve your travel marketing and revenue. Make it easy for guest to get holiday quotes , upsell, upgrade and add-on extras while you reduce cost of sales and service. Market complete vacations with activities, add specials in low periods. Improve control of your travel business and inventory accross multile channels. Integrates with your website to manage rates and accommodation content instantly with easy online options. Integrates with Niche Market Channels and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for effective marketing and efficiency.
    • 15. arcRes Ads Specials
    • 16. Specials/Promotions Specials for all: Easy as arcRes. Many St. Lucia operators are already using AXSES arcRes e-commerce engine and marketing suites in some form or the other. arcRes users can build a special in minutes. The special can be a simple advertisement or it can be booked on line. With arcRes e-specials users can get instant quotes. Once created, arcRes specials are displayed on hundreds of international websites including AXSES own network of over 30 Caribbean Sites. And, as always, the business goes direct to St. Lucia operators (no commissions and no transaction fees) resulting in more money in the operator’s pockets.
    • 17. Social Media Distribution
    • 18. Social Media Distribution Google Base | RSS Feeds | Facebook | MySpace YouTube | Twitter | Delicious Specials are syndicated internationally and can be added to anyone's RSS reader of choice. These specials are automatically displayed on any site that subscribes to our feeds. There are hundreds of RSS networks and thousands of site that might subscribe. The specials are also displayed on travelers myGoogle pages and are e-mailed directly to subscribing travelers. It's a massive network that works for everyone who creates an arcRes special. Facebook 157 million users - see page see also St. Lucia group - St. Lucia Gallery - Much more is in the works!
    • 19. Social Media Distribution
    • 20. Get Connected
    • 21. “ Get Connected” St. Lucia
      • AXSES "Get Connected" brings you Direct Sales, Global Distribution * and Marketing technology at substantial savings. Now hotels can hook-up to Global Distribution System (GDS) like Sabre, easily and save!
      • Leading technology/advanced marketing/savings "GET CONNECTED" is the latest in e-commerce management and marketing.
      • Get Connected tools help you to be more effective: Save time, provide better service and better marketing at lower costs!
      • Get Connected is an AXSES marketing initiative built on the arcRes e-commerce platform. Powering: Direct marketing*, interactive maps, video marketing, social media, RSS feeds and distribution.
      • Get Connected brings it all together at a low cost and the highest value!
      • With AXSES "Get Connected" credit program GDS setup is FREE!
      • * Global Distribution may apply to hotels only in many cases. arcRes direct sales, marketing technology and distribution applies to all tourism operators.
    • 22. “ Get Connected” St. Lucia
      • "Get Connected" is the first of many AXSES initiatives in a time of economic uncertainty. This is not a time to be despondent. It's a time to excel!
      • Get Connected To the Global Distribution System (GDS)
      • 600,000 Travel Agents and thousands of portals (Travelocity etc)
      • Get Connected to direct marketing channels
      • Grow your Direct business - commission free
      • Get Connected to leading technology
      • Offer better service and efficiency
      • Get Connected savings
    • 23. Other Products
    • 24. arcRes Marketing Tools (Partial List)
      • Bookable Banner Ads
      • Bookable Maps
      • Video Distribution through
      • Links from Directory Listing
    • 25. COSTS & SAVINGS
    • 26. Costs & Savings How much money can you actually save by using this system? Case Study results for Hotel X that started using the arcRes Bookings-Expert December 2008 to date. Revenue generated from direct bookings off your website only (does not include sales that were converted from users asking for Quotes or showing Interests or any other marketing channel): $118,287.80 USD Revenue that the same sales would have generated using 3 rd Party Booking Engine given 25% off Rack Rates: $88,715.85 USD Cost/Investment in System: $375.00 USD (Includes set up and training of Booking Engine and 1 Ad Special for the year) ROI: $117,912.80 USD ($318,364.56 XCD over a 6 month period)
    • 27. Costs & Savings
      • Product Pricing (Partial price list; prices are in USD; Please note that some tools have pre-requisites in order for them to function.)
      • arcRes Booking-Expert :
        • One Time Set up Fee: $125.00
        • Annual Fee: $125.00
      • arcRes Ad Specials (Based on 1 ad space; discounts are available for purchase of up to 3 ads):
        • One Time Set up Fee: $50.00 (fee waived if bundled with Booking-Expert purchase)
        • Annual Fee: $125.00
        • Upgrade to a Bookable Ad – E-Specials: $50.00 Annually
      • Links from Directory Listings: $250.00 Annually
    • 28. Costs & Savings
      • Bookable Banners:
        • One Time Set up Fee: $75.00
        • Annual Fee: $175.00
      • Bookable Maps:
        • One Time Set up Fee: $75.00
        • Annual Fee: $175.00
      • Bookable Videos:
        • One Time Set up Fee: $75.00
        • Annual Fee: $175.00
      • Social Media Distribution:
        • One Time Set up Fee: $125.00
        • Annual Fee: $75.00
    • 29. Costs & Savings
      • GDS Connectivity
        • One Time Set up Fee: $150.00
        • Custom Pricing
    • 30. DEMOS
    • 31. NEXT STEPS
    • 32. Thank You!