Axses arcRes Rate Plans and Group Maraketing


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Revenue Optimisation. Managing rates for optimal ROI

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Axses arcRes Rate Plans and Group Maraketing

  1. 1. knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform Rate Plans – Groups & Specials
  2. 2. knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform If a traveler perceives the hotel rates to be fair they are more likely to return ( Cornell Study January 2010) The study recommended that Hotels should focus on increasing guest understanding of their pricing practices and make alternative rates visible and available. Fair Rate Perception
  3. 3. Display affinity group rates (AAA, Corporate etc) loyalty rates, Best rate guarantee, website rates, specials Offer a special rate to travelers booking online at your website and on marketing channels knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform
  4. 4. Plans & Promotion for Revenue Management Use Rate Plans and Special Promotions to optimize revenue Rate Plans are long term pricing strategies Combine Plans with special Promotions (short term tactics) to meet any market condition Move inventory, take advantage of special events, price to meet competition, change multiple rates and specials on multiple channels in seconds See also specials also on slideshare knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform
  5. 5. Easy Setup – Click Groups Knowledge engineering Select Group (Permanent) Import from the List or create a new Plan
  6. 6. Knowledge engineering Create Rate Plan as a % discount on rate Enter % discount Describe what users will see Enter any special terms that apply May include a minimum stay etc Special rate for bookings online using our website booking engine
  7. 7. Knowledge engineering Create Rate Plan Rules Set the business rules – which units and which channels are NOT included arcRes will apply Group before Special promotions. If you create a Group for a channel arcRes will only apply Special for that Group See also specials also on slideshare
  8. 8. Multiple rates on your website knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform Multiple Rate Plans display Meet and exceed expectations Automatically apply Best Rate in channels Restrict plans and specials by units, by channel e-special (bookings ) applied automatically Guarantee Best Rates on your site Loyalty Programs
  9. 9. Knowledge engineering Smart Rates Marketing - Multiple Rate Plans & Groups Multiple rates – Travelers selects Specials that apply Displayed next Show travelers the best option are on your own site
  10. 10. *engineering information & process for the knowledge based economy making information malleable, configurable, searchable, accessible and delivered to suite Knowledge engineering Regular rate Special promo Best Rate plan Selected Rate Plan applied with Special Promo
  11. 11. Special rate Plans for different channels knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform
  12. 12. Knowledge engineering Bookable-ads (maps) No arcRes NO rooms, rates, photo gallery, quote or comparison shopping Bookable-Maps and -Ads can have Special Rates and Promos
  13. 13. Knowledge engineering RealHolidays – can use any other channel rate or have its own
  14. 14. Knowledge engineering facebook can have its own rate & special promotions Updates facebook page with latest rate and room descriptions Provides quote and booking functionality Updates wall and many more >>
  15. 15. knowledge engineering T h a n k y o u helping you compete