AXSES arcAds- Advertising Management Software


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AXSES arcads manages advertising and marketing for portals

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AXSES arcAds- Advertising Management Software

  1. 1. arcAds – Advertising Management Marketing the Tourism with a Unique Travel Platform made for Tourism Operators 12 years building technology for tourism suppliers knowledge engineering
  2. 2. Knowledge engineering Advertising Management (managed by arcAds) . Place any type of adv. through all sites and analyze their effectiveness. Advertisers can login and review their own accounts Multiple Ad types
  3. 3. Knowledge engineering arcAds Functions . arcAds manages advertising, tracking and reporting · Manage Access only authorized persons have access to appropriate portions of the system · Manage accounts (clients), including client name, sector definitions, client sector · Manage ad-places including webpage definitions, ad-place definitions, cost per ad-place · Manage ad-types including ad-type definitions · Manage advertisements including allowable advertisement content and storage and maintenance of the advertisement itself · Tracking track of the number of click-thrus generated for each client by ad-place · Reporting click thrus at the client/ad-place/period level with appropriate summaries
  4. 4. Knowledge engineering Advertising report for a resort click thrus at the client/ad-place/period level with appropriate summaries .
  5. 5. Knowledge engineering arcAds – easily create and manage ads . To place an ADV. fill out the online form   arcAds is a comprehensive knowledge system of Ad spots Ad types, size, content and properties. The arcAds admin system tracks, manages and reports on each Ads performance: By cost, by channel, by account type, by place by client , by date and by groups and projects
  6. 6. Knowledge engineering arcAds setup . Develop and implement an Advertising Management System Portal defines ad-places specific areas on the pages of the site where advertising will be offered Portal defines ad-types various ways in which the advertisement will be represented, e.g., banner ads, text ads, list ads. a given ad-place may only accept one ad-type Portal sets advertising rates annual charge per ad-place Portal sells the client advertisement in one or more ad-places in some instances, an ad-place may accommodate several specific advertisements, e.g., list ads, where several clients are advertised in a list that is displayed Bookable-ads Integration This feature allows visitors to the website to have access to a quotation or booking by just clicking on the actual resort or activity advertisement.  
  7. 7. Knowledge engineering Advertise - Search – Shop – Compare – Chat - Buy …. Blur “Each element in the search-shop-buy triumvirate is undergoing a period of intense innovation, making each increasingly significant, yet interdependent. In fact, searching, shopping and buying – once distinct terms describing different behaviors – are blurring at a furious pace”. The perfect Storm - Philip C. Wolf, President and CEO, PhoCusWright Inc. AXSES technology is leading edge!. We have already integrated advertising with all phases of the shopping cycle. This gives you complete . flexibility in revenue and marketing models; including any mix of transaction, commission and subscription. Focus direct sales – facilitating distribution Interactive advertising works! Travelers stay longer and use all options
  8. 8. Knowledge engineering Dynamic Bookable Advertising: TM Bookable-ads rates quotes . shopping Full shopping cart cost and compare **** huge increase in bookability***
  9. 9. arcRes for Bookable-ads Knowledge engineering For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries
  10. 10. Knowledge engineering Increase bookings & service . All users are captured in marketing database Transaction reports contact management mass mail, arcMail help close & manage business Traveler services: myprofile/mypreferences mybarbados/mylinks/ mybookings/myflights/ direct mail newsletters
  11. 11. Knowledge engineering Turn on the light TM Bookable-Ads .
  12. 12. knowledge engineering advanced technology | know-how training & support providing the tools to help suppliers build brands, markets & profits *engineering information & process for the knowledge based economy making information malleable, configurable, searchable, accessible and delivered to suite
  13. 13. knowledge engineering Supplier Tools e-commerce marketing & management direct marketing websites & portals global distribution social networking channel management cost effective advertising/ advertising management hospitality management Intellectual resource & knowledge management *engineering information & process for the knowledge based economy making information malleable, configurable, searchable, accessible and delivered to suite
  14. 14. Knowledge engineering Complete, integrated “TRAVEL PLATFORM” Hotels | Apartments | Villas | B&B | Guest Houses | Condos Timeshare | Cars | Activities | Attractions | Flight modules Integrated Marketing GDS/IDS/CRS Direct Marketing Channels | Caribbean Marketing Network Unique Theme Marketing systems | Channel Management | Affiliate Marketing Direct Mail Database & Mailing System | Search Engine Optimisation Adwords, banner and Links | Ads management (ArcAds) Interactive maps | Blogs | RSS | FaceBook | Cells & PDAs | Wikipedia | Research Quotation Systems, Reservation Systems, e-Commerce Real Time Bookings | Up-Sell | Specials & Packages | Comparison Shopping Dynamic Packaging | Specialised Rate Plans and Groups Management Allotments & Allocations | On-request availability | Blocks | All Payment Options Easy to use, powerful tools Admin systems (media, content) | Customer Relations Management | Multi-Language Reporting |Search Engine | Newsletter Tool | Mail Systems Tool | Portal Tools Content Management | Property Management | Accounting Calendars | Guest Books | Availability Calendars | PhotoGalleries | Virtual Tours | Flash Video | Postcards | e-books | Trip advisor | Links Management | Web Management