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Ideate1 ppt

  1. 1. The Solutions For An Employer Of A Small Urban Business Company Fifty Possibilities
  2. 2. Solutions For The Employer
  3. 3. Problem Statement A smart, pro-active, committed, supportive & hard-working owner of a small urban business needs a way to help new employees adapt quickly & efficiently to their working environment. Because long time to adapt & learn skills weighs on productivity and profits.
  4. 4. The Fifty Possibilities  Introduce the company, its work, work culture in the college / vocational school campus in detail for recruiting purpose.  Bring the college/ vocational school students in the company campus for an in-depth tour.  Update the company website with details about job profiles, workplace & work culture.  Company arranges contests for new employees encouraging them to ''Know-thy-company.''  Making the adaptation process Gamified - an adventure - a challenge for the new employees. The Obvious Solutions
  5. 5. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Senior/ old employees are asked for their feedback for the best possible way to train.  Encourage pro-active approach in new employees.  Audio - visual guidance - tutorials / interactive guidance for employees  Arranging the space in the company work-place that boosts teamwork, creativity and productivity  Each employee's monthly progress displayed in visual format - work performance with suggestions for improvement areas. The Obvious Solutions
  6. 6. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Suggestion box and complaint box (online / offline)  Regular Group activities of the employees outside the office-hours e.g. sports, picnic, get-together, community work etc. for them to bond.  Buddy Programme - New employee adopted by a senior / experienced employee each.  Regular counselling for the new employees relating to work-issues  Using advanced communication technology for trouble-shooting / enhancement of work- performance The Obvious Solutions
  7. 7. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Printing a thorough manual for each and every aspect of work, related to the job profile of the employee and encourage him/ her to by-heart it.  Contest among employees to design the best possible road-map to efficient work-practice.  Contest among employees to design ways to improve work efficiency.  Incentives & privileges for efficient, productive & dedicated employees.  Colleges arrange for students’ internships in the company for a hands-on experience. The Obvious Solutions
  8. 8. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Apprenticeship programs by the company for the final year students  Bonding workshops/ programs for the employees arranged by the company  Arrange mentors for the new employees  College/ school curriculum includes teaching skills to students necessary for such jobs.  Company encourages new employees to practice, practice and more practice to achieve perfection. The Obvious Solutions
  9. 9. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Reward the new employees who readily adapt to their working environment and are efficient.  Ensure to give feedback of customers [satisfied and unsatisfied] to the employees.  Keep scoreboards for the employee performance.  Make the work-place more accessible and facilitating for the employees.  Encourage best practices at the work-place among the employees.  Keep the employees updated and upgraded on the knowledge and skills front through various means. The Obvious Solutions
  10. 10. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Establish trouble-shooting forums within the workplace online/offline.  Monitor the employee progress through audio- visual devices and take actions accordingly.  Design the road-maps to success for the new employees.  Create a 'family atmosphere' within the company so the employees feel at ease.  Create short videos of the work, work culture, aims, goals and fun-moments of the company for the new employees. The Obvious Solutions
  11. 11. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Train the employees to utilize their work time more productively.  Discourage the practices that make the employees inefficient or make them lag behind.  Create a support-structure that enables the employees and their families to live a happier, healthier, fulfilling and secure life.  Create healthy competitions for excellence among your company units / teams / employees.  Allow de-stressing facilities for the employees. The Obvious Solutions
  12. 12. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Making new employees ''DREAM'' their tasks and the necessary practical guidance during their REM sleep.  Robots to give guidance to new employees.  Make the mundane jobs in the company more fun.  Threaten the employees with dire consequences if they are not efficient.  Have floating hi-tech help-devices at the work- place that help the employees in need. The Not-So-Obvious Solutions
  13. 13. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Automized feed-back on each and every task- completion for the employees  Arrange ‘Creativity Galore’ for the employees to generate & brainstorm new ideas regarding work.  Medicate the employees to increase their efficiency & productivity.  Convince the customers to sponsor the specialized trainings for the employees  Get the government aid or private aid for improving the work efficiency & performance of employees. The Not-So-Obvious Solutions
  14. 14. The Fifty Possibilities contd..  Steal the competent employees from the competitors.  Fine your employees for negligence or incompetence.  Make your employees feel pride & belongingness towards their work.  Establish an atmosphere of easy camerederie within the work-space.  Share company profits with the employees. The Not-So-Obvious Solutions
  15. 15. The IDEA SELECTION Encourage pro-active approach in new employees. When each new employee is self-motivated, pro- active and ready to adapt, it promotes a healthy, competitive, efficient and productive atmosphere in the company. 1. The Most Practical Solution
  16. 16. The IDEA SELECTION Arrange mentors for the new employees Each new employee gets his or her own personal mentor who guides and coaches them step-by-step outside the office hours, so that the employees feel at ease within the work-space and are able to adapt quickly and efficiently to their work- environment. 2. The Most Disruptive Solution
  17. 17. The IDEA SELECTION 3. The Most Favorite Solution Have floating hi-tech help-devices at the work-place that help the employees in need. These auto-sensory, hi-tech devices pick up the distress/agitation signals given out by the employees, monitor their work progress, pick out their vulnerable work areas and coach or guide them accordingly. These devices are also connected to the main database of the company. They keep track of the employee, feed data to it and indicate problem areas with suggestions for improvement.
  18. 18. Iravati Kulkarni, Design Thinking Action Lab 2013.