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  • 1. SPAIN
  • 2. We are going to speak about Spain because is our country and we think that is the best topic to talk about.And also we are going to speak about the tipical food, the celebrations, the customs, etc…, of the autonomus regions.
  • 3. CELEBRATIONS A celebration is a reunion of people for celebrate one event. The celebrations normally has foods and drinks and also has music and dance. The most important celebrations are: San Fermines.This celebration is of Pamplona and it durate 9 days.It starts the 6 of July and finish the14 of July. Fallas.This celebration is of Valencia and it durate 5 days.It start the 15 of March and finish the 19 of March.
  • 4. An other important celebration is the feria of April. This celebration is celebrate in Sevilla and it start 1 or 2 weeks after Semana Santa. The Pilar.This celebration it durate like San Fermines and it start the 9 of October and finish the 17 of October. One of the most important celebration in Madrid is San Isidro and it durate 5 days. And the last one that I´m going to say is the carnaval.Carnaval is celebrate in Cadiz and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • 5. I am going to speak about the typical food of Spain. The popular types of food in the autonomous regios are: In Galicia:the galician octopus In Asturias: the Asturian Fabada that is composed for beans, pork sausage,black pudding and pork fat. In Valencia: the paella that is composed for: rice, squid, prawn, sepia and coloring THE GASTRONOMY
  • 6. In Andalucía: the salmorejo that is make up for: eggs, tomato, ham and oil. In La Rioja: the potatoes a la Riojana that is composed for: potatoes, sausage, 2 onions and green pepper In Aragón: are the migas and the jam of Teruel. And the last one that I am going to say is the plate tipic of Canarias.The plate tipic is: the fried bananas.
  • 7. THE CULTURE The spanish culture has its roots in the influence that the different people had left in it turn in the peninsula years ago.Also the history, the mountain relief and the seas that round it had contribulled in the formation of the actual culture.The singularity of it regions had gave rise to some cultural manifestations along of it geography.Those manifestations had reflected in all the : the art, the tradicions, the literature, the lenguages, the music, the gastronomy, etc...The spanish is the principal lenguage of Spain, but it had many others: the catalán, the valenciano, the gallego, and the euskera.
  • 8. THE TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS The principal spanish tradition is the siesta that is losing of custom, especially in towns.The normal ritm of the day in Spain is divided in two periods, morning and afternoon, with a pause of two or three hours during the lunch.A walk at the end of the afternoon is the most extend custom in a lot of places.The entretaiment is characterized because it take place in the night, also in the highest hours of the early morning.The nocturnal life starts late.Many clubs, also in cities relativement little, open at mignight and don’t close until the daybreak.