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  1. 1. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?There are several ways in which our media product uses/develops and challengedforms and conventions of official media products. Our structure and format followsthe customary forms and conventions of music videos by having a storyline which isalso related to the limited lyrics in our video. Our product mainly follows forms andconventions of real media products. The music piece we chose to do was DJChuckie- Move it to the drum. Our genre of music is tech-mix; this is an extremelypopular genre within the age group aimed at. Our product mainly follows forms andconventions of real media products; we have intentionally done this because it wouldappeal to our target audience which are teenagers and young adults. Our musicvideo is mainly performance based, which also associates with the lyrics of the songand exhibits a positive, humorous feeling through the actions of the characters. Ourperformance is based upon a young guy who dreams about being a DJ and to dancewith a lot of pretty girls, however in reality he is just a cleaner in the club in which heworks at. This consequently supports the forms and conventions of music videos inthe present day, for example many music videos are all about dancing and set in aclub, which verifies that we have maintained this aspect to the mass audience.However we have also challenged forms and conventions of music videos as there isno reference to voyeurism, which you would see in many of the music videos in thepresent day.In my opinion, our use of camera follows the forms and conventions which is merelydue to the fact that our research shows that specific shots are most effective in thesekind of music videos, for example many close ups are important so we get a clearperspective of the main characters facial expressions, weather his shocked, happy ordisappointed with the encounters he has with the girls in his dream. Also long shotsare imperative in our music video because it shows a whole situation and to get abetter understanding of the different situations taking place. Long shot of dance floor & close up of facial expression Editing is the most vital part in a
  2. 2. music video, where everything comes together in a very effective way. It makes amusic video flow smoothly, without any editing taking place the music video would bevery rough cut. The editing follows the traditional style of cuts between the beats onthe music, which typical ‘techno- mix’ genre music videos also do. The visualsaccolade the video. However, when the beat drops in the beginning half of the song,faster transitions took place which compliments and impacts the energetic feel.Mise en scene is tremendously significant in music videos, especially in techno-mixmusic videos; this is because it represents feelings, which are generally positive inthese videos. Our music video followed forms and conventions when referring to themise en scène; this is because it’s set in a club scene, with flashing strobe lights anda lot of dance involved. With many music videos, it is common that big budgets willbe given to stars that are in the top of the charts, nevertheless we have still managedto get an ideal location that they would have to pay a lot of money for. For example,by building a network of contacts, we had admittance to film in a club called‘Mansion’ (which we did not have to pay for) in Essex. In terms of intertextuality, ouruse of forms and conventions from music videos show that we have been influencedfrom other similar genres and music videos. For example, our use of a music videothat is very performance driven has been influenced by techno mix dance musicvideos such as ‘Ayo-hyper crush’; it’s very common for them to be performancebased and full of people dancing, having fun. 2. How effective is the combination of your media product and ancillary texts?The song we chose was “Move it to the drum”. From the name of the song, we knewthat our product would have to involve a colourful dance theme throughout theproduct. Our Digipack, CD cover & advert consisted of a bright multi colouredbackground. We were influenced by other music video advert which has the samegenre as ours; it influenced our group because we wanted to think of somethingoriginal as we decided not to make our digipak cover too simplistic, which as theresearch suggested, normally are. We then contrasted other Digipack covers such asDizzee Rascals and David Guetta. We found a frequent convention which the CDcovers consisted of having the main artist on the front cover.Our digipak cover, inside leaflet, advert and music video all go well together, as thereis a continual theme throughout; we developed characteristics from the video into thedigipak. For example, the concept of bright lights that were in themusic video was followed by the use of bright colours as thebackgrounds of our ancillary texts. Both the music video anddigipak should compliment each other; there is a continuation ofthe mood from what the music video gives to what the digipakgives. It’s important for them both to compliment each other asthey have to link in, because if a viewer wanted to buy thedigipak after watching our music video, they would beanticipating that the digipak ties in with what they have seen. Multi-coloured background-continual theme throughout
  3. 3. My ancillary text encloses and presents full attention to themain artist, with the main guy being the centre of attention;which makes him easily identifiable. The digipak cover consistsof the four main characters, however the artist is slightlyenlarged, which helps to recognize the main person, this isdifferent to the advert as it’s only got the main guy on it; I haverelated all three of the ancillary texts together. Within my finalproductions, I have mentioned a major record label; ‘Sony BMGmusic entertainment’, this would help in order for attracting alarger audience as it is such a big well known label. Having thelogo on the ancillary texts shows that the artists must be reallygood; this is because they are signed to such a well knownestablished company.I think my ancillary texts help greatly to promote my music video; the public caneasily identify the artist and genre of the music video due to the conventions that Ihave used within my CD Case and Advert. As it is easily recognisable it will help thetargeted audience be attracted to my products which will inevitably lead to more CDsbeing sold and even more profit coming in; after the promotion of the main product itwill help become more successful around the world which will make the targetedaudience become greater. Our digipak follows several established forms andconventions, for example, the image of the main character/artist, name of the song,and a track listing.With regards to the magazine advert, we tried to achieve branding by keeping aconsistent theme. The magazine advert and digipak both use the same font typewhich is on all the ancillary texts, it makes it stand out and eye-catching for viewers.It also gives a sense to what is expected in the video. The viewers should be able torecognise that the two ancillary texts come from the same music video as we felt itwas important to create a sense of permanence, continuity and immovability. 3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our initial target audience were male and female aged 12-24. When looking at targetaudience research, from the results received, it is obvious that people enjoy musicvideos that portray emotion and is relatable to them and which portrays the song in asuitable way that matches the beat and emotions of the song. The results from theinterview tell us that both the music and lyrics are very important to the success of asong. In our music video the lyrics of the song are limited, there is one phrase sungat various stages of the song to which adds as a constant reminder to the audience.The phrase is “Ah damn girl, I like the way you move it to the drum”, since this phraseis replayed a number of times it makes it easier for the audience to remember. Alsothe phrase links to the name of the song, also creating an easy way for the personlistening to the song to get excess easily through downloading sites such as ‘iTunes’,which makes it easier to gain views and sale. This helps the profit margins and helpsthe song travel higher in music charts.
  4. 4. The lyrics of the song make the audience think of girls dancing sexually, the word“Ah” itself acts as a sexual motif to make the song more likeable with the malegender.From our audience feedback, the majority of people thoroughly enjoyed our musicvideo and thought that it all fitted together really well. They got the concepts reallyclear in the video, and the felt that the black and white helped to show anunderstanding of our music video. Our aim when creating our music video was that itshould be entertaining, funny and enjoyable to watch, all 5 people interviewedcommented on the way they really enjoyed the video. They also all said that theancillary products all resemble and link to the video. When asked to grade my musicvideo the majority gave me a seven or above, showing that my music video consistsof the main conventions that are generally used in techno-mix music videos.Negative feedback was mainly that the text colour/font used in the music video didnot compliment the video, other than that, there was overall positive commentsthroughout. 4) How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?Most of our planning and research was accomplished by getting information fromsearch engines and the internet. Search engines such as www.google.com providedus with many images and videos to help us with our research. Alsowww.youtube.com was used to help us with our similar textual analysis, as weselected which videos we wanted to analyse. I also used www.facebook.com, thiswas to get the audience feedback results after they viewed our music video. Tocomplete our music video successfully I had to research several other music videosof the same genre. This helped me with the development of my own ideas.Researching music videos was the most significant in getting my own ideas as itgave me a clear vision of the types of things I could include and it also showed whatelements make it enjoyable to watch. Also using primary research which wasconducting questionnaires was very useful as it showed what most people wouldwant to see in a music video and what they expect. The difficulties I hadencountered whilst conducting my research was putting all the individual thoughts inthe group all together and fitting it into the final proposal. The planning was all veryuseful when we got to the production phase. For the edifice of our music video, weused the Canon XM2 camcorder. To make sure our recording was clear; we had toset up a few controls. By using manual focus, it enabled us to capture very clearshots from a distance.One of the main digital technologies that I have used for the process of my projectwas ‘Blogger’ itself. ‘Blogger’ enabled me to store my work efficiently and it was easyto access. ‘Blogger’ enabled us to upload our video clips of our final cut. When itcame to blogging I felt that I was very creative as I changed the text formats andinserted images. However, we decided to upload our evaluation via slideshare, whichthen went on to our blog. Another digital technology which I have used are the searchengines on the internet; websites such as ‘Wikipedia’ to find out about the artists.With these I was able to research the music video genre.
  5. 5. I used these search engines for my research as well asmy evaluation as I have been linking these websites tothe different films mentioned throughout my evaluation.We used Apples’ Final cut pro to upload our footage.The upload to final cut pro was quick and easy. Onceour footage was on it we were able to sort out our clips,deciding which clips we were going to use. After we haddone this we were then able to cut and edit our clipsusing the cutting tool which was fairly easy to use. Finalcut pro also enabled us to add filters, transitions, visualeffects, sound effects and text on to our music video. Whilst taking our footage we used camera XM2 camcorders. This enabled us to take footage efficiently and we were able to capture the shots we wanted. However one problem we did find with these camcorders was that the sound that we captured on them was not very clear. However I was able to zoom in and out of a shot smoothly using the zoom tool. Ialso used a scanner to upload storyboards that we had done on paper. This was fastand efficient and meant we were able to include our storyboards within our blog. Allof the software I have mentioned above was used through a Mac computer. TheMacs enabled us to use the software’s, whereas if we had been using a PC wewouldn’t have been able to use them. I was also able to upload footage and photosonto the Mac computers quick and efficiently as well as storing our work in ourindividual folders.Most of the technology techniques used were learnt during AS. Whilst importing all ofour clips onto Final Cut Pro, in which we used the log and capture feature. One of thenew techniques we learnt was adding visual effects and transitions into our video. Asfor the construction of our digipak and magazine adverts, we captured still imagesfrom Final Cut Pro whilst we were editing, and used them in our ancillary texts. Ouradvert, inside leaflet, front and back cover were all designed on Adobe Photoshop,we knew how to use it because we were taught the basic from tutorials given inlesson.