Organize digital dms 9 6-11


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Organize digital dms 9 6-11

  1. 1. Organize Digital …Transforming Organizations Digital Marketing Alive Course Fall 2011 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2011
  2. 2. Digital…Rules are ChangingTraditional Advertising was Digital Marketing is nowPushing message to client Pulling client to the messageOne way message Interactive conversationBusiness generated content User generated contentInterrupt client- direct immediate action Engage, build relationshipAttention economy Attraction economyHard to measure results Real time metricsCoveting information Sharing informationCharging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, productOrganized in silos – PR, advertising, DM Integrated Media Marketingcompany lists values Practice what you preach
  3. 3. Transforming the OrganizationThe digital revolution:• changes the way we listen, communicate and develop relationships• creates new formats for learning and education• transforms the organizational ecosystem• redefines marketing, management/leadership, organizational and innovation, HR and soon finance (triple bottom line)
  4. 4. Working Smarter Fieldbook, Jay Cross et al• “Those who follow the old ways will die. This isn’t just a bend in the road or some sort of bounce in a cyclical trend. This is a total phase change.…• We are going from throwing off the yoke of the industrial age, when you had one class of people telling another class of people what to do, into a network age, where if you don’t empower the people of your organization, the people are going to leave…• I am not giving up on managing, organizing, and controlling. But it is going to be more of a shared responsibility. And it is going to be shared with workers and this group of people we don’t have a name for—the people who used to be on the payroll: outsourced, or consultants, or some other thing.• And customers are going to be involved. A company that doesn’t involve its customers in its product planning is missing the boat. …• we’ll take ideas from wherever they come. Everyone is involved, including the customers. We are transparent.”
  5. 5. New Relationships (transparency) Create culture and transformation
  6. 6. Integrated Social Business Ecosystem
  7. 7. New Transformers• Marketing – Consumer input to branding, content development – User input to product innovation and testing• Management – Internal uses of digital media to collaborate and transfer knowledge (Twitter, Wikis) – Social networks connect employees, solve problems, respond quickly to market• HR – Organizational Development – Social media attracts talent• Finance – Social ROI and social metrics expanding evaluation – Triple bottom line (profits, people, planet)
  8. 8. New Roles
  9. 9. What are the Key Concepts* Driving Organizational Change?• Sense of urgency for information from peers• Identify core values that will carry you through transformation• Leaders exemplify the culture of sharing and openness• Encourage risk taking; reward risks taken• Begin with small steps; build confidence• Institutionalize systems• Be patient to guide and absorb the change* Charlene Li, Open Leadership