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Case study: Flexible eCommerce Platform for Virgin Atlantic


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Case study: Flexible eCommerce Platform for Virgin Atlantic

Case study: Flexible eCommerce Platform for Virgin Atlantic

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. A Successful OnlinePresence Takes FlightFlexible eCommerce PlatformBusiness ChallengeMaximum Results with Minimal EffortVirgin Atlantic is one of the UK’s leading airline carriers,operating long haul routes to destinations such as NorthAmerica, the Caribbean and the Far East. It has one of themost frequently visited airline websites in the world andworks hard to ease the process for online customersmaking reservations and seeking quick responses to theirtravel demands.The company sought to attain a reliable e-commerceapplication that enables users to make online bookings andpurchases for a wide range of services, acknowledging thatcreating a dynamic environment for its website was thekey to exceeding customer expectations while remainingcompetitive. Virgin Atlantic also recognised that onlinevisitors must be provided with the suitable tools in order touse the services in such a way as to derive maximumbenefit from a minimum amount of actions, thus improvingoverall customer satisfaction.Solution OverviewEfficient Airline ServicesiQuest delivered a complex solution which employsauthentication and security protocols of online payment,with options for online check-in and online boarding-passsubmission. Due to the large variety of external systeminteractions, the dynamic website content and the constantneed for updates, Tridion was selected as the CMS ofchoice in order to provide the Virgin Atlantic websiteeditors with a handy content management system.The website was integrated with several external systems,providing a variety of different services like flight datacaching, flight reservation, insurance, frequent flyer data,tracking, boarding pass printing and online payment.Virgin Atlantic Airways is a part ofthe Virgin Group and is the secondlargest long-distance British airwaycompany, operating flights to andfrom the largest cities in the world.With a fleet size of over 39aircraft, Virgin Atlantic serves over35 destinations worldwide, coveringremote cities such as LasVegas, Sydney, Hong Kong orShanghai.Company SnapshotFounded in 1984Headquartered in Crawley, UK5.3 million passengers & Transportation | Virgin Atlantic
  • 2. By working closely with the Virgin Atlantic team, we took theimplementation of specific functionalities to further grounds,continuously endeavoring to improve the systemarchitecture, and design in order to build flexibility andsturdiness for future changes.Benefits and ResultsA Robust and Stable E-commerce SolutionThe Virgin Atlantic website relies on a very stable platform,allowing an increased number of users to book, amendbookings or check-in online. The website now provides thevast majority of the services which were previously availableonly through call-centres while preserving Virgin Atlantic ona top market position through a sound online presence.Virgin Atlantic increased profits by turning one-time clientsinto loyal clients, cut distribution costs by increasing onlinetraffic and reduced operational costs by offering an efficientonline purchase service.With a solid and flexible e-commerce platform inplace, Virgin Atlantic demonstrates a well-foundedcommitment to enhance the online experience ofevery customer.I’d like to thank everyoneinvolved in the project. Yourcommitment, additionaleffort and participation todeliver what was required,is proof to our excellentteam work.Lisa A. RogersSenior Project ManagerE-commerce, Marketing SystemsVirgin Atlantic””Logistics & Transportation | Virgin AtlanticAbout iQuestFor more than 15 years, iQuest has been delivering an extensive portfolio of professional services and customised software solutions acrossEurope, MEA and the US. With a successful combination of technical expertise and service excellence, iQuest drives long-term business value forleading companies in Life Sciences, Telecom, Financial Services, Transportation and Energy. Headquartered in Germany, with local teams inSwitzerland, Sweden, Romania and the US, iQuest currently employs more than 500 people.For more information, please visit:© Copyright 2013, iQuest Technologies. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or byany means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission from iQuest. All other product names, service marks,and trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.