Mine Rehabilitation & Closure 2011


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Mine Rehabilitation & Closure 2011

  1. 1. In ksh ctic surVenue: Holiday Inn, Brisbane, QLD W t P e Cl c lu o e e Be Mi or ra oMain Conference: 28 & 29 June 2011 s n de ps s fo s on rWorkshops: 28, 29 & 30 June 2011 4Mine Rehabilitation and Closure2011Featuring Presentations by:• Jackie Sinclair, Environment and Closure Manager, A Strategic Outlook: Progressive Closure Techniques, Stakeholder Engagement and Closure Sustainability • Dr Suman George, Research Fellow, Golden Pride Project Resolute Tanzania Limited Centre for Land Rehabilitation, University of• Timothy Duff, Western Australia Environmental Engineer, • Xuan Nguyen, Cliffs Natural Resources Senior Environmental Officer, WA Department of Mines and Petroleum With an Expert Speaker Line Up: Upgrade your Registration • aye Hargreaves, F NSW Councillor, through Attendance at: Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Workshop A: • listair Lowry, A Community Engagement at Mine Sites Senior Civil Engineer, Golden Pride Project Resolute Tanzania Limited Workshop B: • enior Representative, S Waste Rock Landform Management Plans WA Department of Mines and Petroleum Workshop C: • igel Fisher, N Research Assistant, Ongoing and Effective Closure Planning Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration, Management - A Strategic Framework University of Newcastle from Tanzania • r Chaminda Gallage, D Geotechnical Engineer, Workshop D: Queensland University of Technology Developing Closure Principles • r David Doley, D Research Consultant, Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, University of Queensland Why Attend Mine • skar Kadletz, O QLD Manager Mining Industry Liaison, Rehabilitation & Closure 2011? Department of Employment, - earn about important new legislation relating to mine L Economic Development and Innovation closure criteria • ean Fitzgerald, S - isten to international case studies about rehabilitating L Wildlife Researcher, land using creative solutions and community engagement Koala Venture – University of Queensland and Rio Tinto Coal Australia - Acquire strategies to manage waste rock landforms in order to achieve long term stability and sustainability atOrganised by: Researched & Developed by: Media Partner: mine closure - Network with like-minded industry professionals to help you overcome mine closure and rehabilitation challengesBOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.minerehabilitation.com.au
  2. 2. Who Will Attend Mine Rehabilitation and Closure 2011?Dear Mine Rehabilitation Delegates will be based at mine sitesand Closure Professional, and head offices from across Australia. Job titles in attendance will include: • Environmental SuperintendentsI am proud to present Mining IQ’s 4th Annual Mine Rehabilitation • Environmental Officersand Closure conference 2011 agenda. • Closure Planning Specialists • Community Relations ManagersThis event responds to the changing legislation concerning mine • Environmental Managerssite rehabilitation and the implications it has for mining companies. • Government Regulators and Legislators The conference will also focus on environmental technology and • Environmental Engineersstakeholder engagement programs, demonstrating how mining • Reclamation Scientistscompanies, organisations and governments can exploit these • Environmental and Closure Consultantsissues as opportunities for growth and development.Throughout the conference you will hear case study presentations on: Companies that • New ways of implementing progressive closure plans have previously • Adapting to environmental and legislative changes over the course of a mine’s operations attended Mining • Designing clear and effective closure criteria to help meet industry IQ events include: guidelines and legislative acts • Measuring sustainability of land to help reduce technical risks • Aditya Birla • Alcoa World Alumina Australia associated with unforeseeable problems during the mine reclamation • Ambartovy Minerals and decommissioning stages • Anglo Coal • Establishing engagement with community and indigenous stakeholders • A ustralian Institute of Marine Science at mine site (AIMS) • AXM Environmental • Barrick GoldAll the sessions are delivered by mine closure experts, legislators and • Bemax Resources Limitedengineers tailored to provide you with new and exciting information • BHP Billitonand practical strategies. • BMA Coal • Centennial Coal Company LtdI look forward to meeting you at this innovative and fascinating conference. • Department of Mines and EnergyRegister now to be eligible for the $400 Early Bird discount! Book by • Department of Mines and Petroleum19 April to take advantage of this offer. Simply call 02 9229 1000 or email • EPA QLD • Magellan Metals Pty Ltdregistration@iqpc.com.au or book online at www.minerehabilitation.com. • Minerals Council of Australia • MMGKind regards, P.S. • • Macarthur Coal LTD Newcrest Mining LTD Don’t forge • New Hope Coal Corporation Ltd to boo t • Newmont k bef ore • Northgate Minerals Annabel Murphy 19 Ap ril to • OZ MineralsConference Director save • Paddington Gold Pty Ltd $40– Mine Rehabilitation and Closure 2011 0! • Parks Water & EnvironmentMining IQ • Peabody Energy • Rio Tinto • Sinclair Knight Merz • SRK Consulting (Australasia) Pty Ltd • Sundance Resources“Very informative and valuable” Glen Pryce, Superintendent, Xstrata Copper • • • • Superior Coal Tarong Energy The Tree Tenders Thiess BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.minerehabilitation.com.au
  3. 3. Conference Agenda Day 1 Tuesday 28 June 20118.30 Registration and Refreshments 2.00 Reporting Effectively and Efficiently about the Closure Plan • nvironmental compliance and inspections of mine E9.00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair sites • onsidering cultural heritage issues in the mining C9.10 Opening Keynote: Waste Rock Dump Closure in a process Developing Society • stablishing lasting relationships with your industry E • essons learned over time – rehabilitation success L peers through ongoing engagement but water management failure • ocumenting and managing mine closure progress D • Identifying and addressing root cause of problems – how it can help for future plans • orrective action – retrofit of water management C Oskar Kadletz, QLD Manager Mining Industry Liaison, structures Department of Employment, Economic Development and • ssues arising when planning for retrofit – I Innovation availability of auxiliary equipment, availability of materials and availability of experienced personnel 2.40 Roundtable Discussion: Bond Relinquishment – Is to design and implement in Tanzania it Possible in Today’s Political and Environmental Jackie Sinclair, Environment and Closure Manager, Landscape? Golden Pride Project Resolute Tanzania Limited • ine closure and the relinquishment of bonds M today is less of a technical challenge, and more 9.50 Identifying Target Points of Successfully Rehabilitated Eco- of a management one. One part of this process Systems for the Benefit of Regulators and Mine Owners is the integration of mine closure practices into • etting the original eco-system back – how to G everyday habits in order to decrease the time taken identify if it is possible before commencement of to relinquish bonds. What preparation can be operations integrated every day to help achieve this process? • ase study example -Alcoa bauxite site operation in C • hat are the major challenges faced when liaising W Western Australia, an example of good practice with government in order to prove outcomes are • omparing and contrasting against bench markers C achieved leading up to the relinquishment of and successfully decommissioned sites bonds? Dr. David Doley, Honorary Research Consultant, • ow can a closure team efficiently measure the H Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, site’s environment during operations to ensure they University of Queensland are meeting relinquishment objectives? What are the best tools and strategies applicable?10.30 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity Facilitated by the conference chair11.00 DOUBLE SESSION: Mine Closure Guidelines in Western 3.20 Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity Australia • ddressing changes in reporting when legislation A 3.50 A Case Study on the Development of a Waste Rock changes Landform • trategies to effectively demonstrate to regulators S • apturing closure considerations within the mine C your progress planning process • easuring your criteria against end land-use M • Principles of waste rock land form objectives • Practical solutions when working in remote areas • voiding costly remedial earthworks late in the A Timothy Duff, Environmental Engineer, project lifecycle Cliffs Natural Resources • nderstanding nationally and internationally U industry leading practices 4.30 Closing Comments from the Chair and End of Day One Xuan Nguyen, Senior Environmental Manager and another Senior Representative, 4.50 Workshop A: Community Engagement at Mine Sites WA Department of Mines and Petroleum Facilitator: Faye Hargreaves, NSW Councillor, Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand12.20 Lunch and Networking Opportunity1.20 Panel Discussion: A Study into Environmental Considerations Post Closure “Eye-opening and a valuable networking • tudying progressive rehabilitation strategies of S disturbed areas • pplying new research to improve site remediation A of contaminated areas • anaging the disposal of wastes resulting from the M opportunity” mining activities John Ford, Environmental Officer, Newcrest Mining Joined by key speakers from the dayBOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.minerehabilitation.com.au
  4. 4. Conference Agenda Day 2 Wednesday 29 June 20119.00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair R oundtable discussions ensure peer to peer learning. In this session, each table will be set a closure9.10 The Important of Reconstructing Functional Soils and scenario, and have to work through how they would Specific Management at Mine Closure go about addressing the individual challenges in each • he benefits of reconstructing soil microbial diversity T situation before feeding back to the rest of the audience to ensure sustainability and effective environmental on their decisions and the rationale behind them. monitoring • ining operations can have detrimental effects to M • utrients vs. Microbes – using more sustainable N native flora and fauna – What are the best practices applications in reducing the disruption of habitats and breeding • ealthy soils equal healthy vegetation - explaining H grounds of animals and plants? the best methods of achieving sustainable soil for • oil types – how to effectively manage different soil S long-term success at mine site types and compositions (e.g. acid soils and dispersive Nigel Fisher, Research Assistant, clays) to improve the rehabilitation time period Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration, • ow to measure the sustainability of a mine’s H University of Newcastle environment during operations? Facilitated by the conference chair9.50 Geotechnical Applications of Mine Operations • ustainability of open cut mines – slope, monitoring S 2.40 Best Practices for Developing Correct Closure Criteria and design stability and Managing Environmental Adversities • Sustainability of tailing dams • tudying progressive rehabilitation strategies of S • ehaviour of mine tailings and how to reuse the B disturbed areas material for other construction • pplying new research to improve site remediation A Dr Chaminda Gallage, Geotechnical Engineer, of contaminated areas Queensland University of Technology • anaging the disposal of wastes resulting from the M mining activities10.30 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity Dr Suman George, Research Fellow, Centre for Land Rehabilitation, University of11.00 Developing a Strong and Productive Relationship with the Western Australia Community 3.20 Afternoon tea and networking • nderstanding community expectations to avoid U tokenistic engagement • tilising opportunities to build positive community U 3.50 Panel Discussion: Managing Post-closure Challenges: relationships Knowing when your Site is Safe to Humans and Wildlife, • onsistency in community engagement across all C Non-Polluting and Stable projects • mplementing pollution control measures to monitor I • dentifying and strengthening current community I the effects at closure stages engagement techniques • ecognizing the importance of research and R Faye Hargreaves, NSW Councillor, monitoring in restoring landscapes Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand • dentifying soils, local land use, native vegetation I and wildlife populations and understanding the 11.40 Managing Fauna Throughout the Life of A Mine: A 20-year importance of how they impact upon the outcomes Case Study of Koalas on Coal Mines in Central Queensland of your objectives between The University of Queensland and Rio Tinto Coal Joined by key speakers from the day • mportant lessons for the general management I of fauna on mine site 4.30 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and End of • oala movement and habitat utilisation on K Conference mine sites • Adaptive approaches to vegetation clearance 4.50 Workshop B: Waste Rock Landform Management Plans • Effective habitat rehabilitation strategies – Successfully Managing Acid Rock Drainage Waste • The benefits of community engagement Material In Order To Meet Closure Criteria Sean Fitzgerald, Wildlife Researcher, Facilitator: Timothy Duff, Environmental Engineer, Koala Venture – University of Queensland and Rio Tinto Cliffs Natural Resources Coal Australia12.20 Lunch and Networking Opportunity Visit the Download Centre! www.minerehabilitation.com.au Here you can not only view the full agenda and speaker line up, but you have access to exclusive speaker interviews, podcasts, industry Q&As, relevant articles, whitepapers and much more.1.20 Extended Round Table Discussion: Reducing the Impact on All of the content is current and new content is added to the site regularly. the Environment at Mine Closure – How to Minimise the It’s free and available 24 hours a day! If you would like to contribute to the download centre, please contact Damage at Your Site Siân Jenkins on 02 9229 1000 or sian.jenkins@iqpc.com.auBOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.minerehabilitation.com.au
  5. 5. WorkshopsMid-Conference Workshops Post-Conference Workshops Workshop A: Workshop C: Tuesday 28 June 2011, 4.50pm – 7.50pm Thursday 30 June 2011, 9.00am – 12.00pm Community Engagement Ongoing and Effective Closure Planning Management at Mine Sites – A Strategic Framework from Tanzania, AfricaA serious challenge during and post operations is community engagement This workshop will provide a resource for the mining industry about practicalwhich is often complex and challenging. This interactive workshop will teach steps to create good rehabilitation outcomes. It will demonstrate how ongoingyou about specific methods, strategies and practices to help you and your remediation techniques deployed in Africa ultimately led to faster mine closure company deal with stakeholder engagement at mine closure. and bond relinquishment. Issues covered include: • Introduction to the workshop • Employing effective environmental management systems• Principles of community engagement • reative solutions – using what you’ve got at hand and learning to C• Constructing a community engagement strategy compromise to give you an acceptable outcome• Tools and techniques for community engagement • Using community liaison techniques and strategies • Small group work on project scenarios / case studies Facilitator: Jackie Sinclair, Environment and Closure Manager, Facilitator: Faye Hargreaves, NSW Councillor, Golden Pride Project Resolute Tanzania Limited Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Jackie Sinclair started working in the field of Environmental Management Faye Hargreaves is a community engagement specialist with over in 2001 at a thermal power station in Queensland. After a solid grounding 12 years’ professional experience. She has worked as a consultant gained there in EMS, land and project management she moved into gold to all levels of Government and a variety of markets across the private sector. mining. Jackie has worked for Resolute Mining Limited for 6.5 years as an Environmental Officer in Queensland and then Environment Manager at their Through her energetic work on major projects, often within integrated project operation in Tanzania.teams, Faye delivers client and community outcomes that reflect her passion for people and the environment. She appreciates the value, knowledge The current life of mine in Tanzania sees mining cease in mid-2012, therefore and support that projects can gain from effective engagement with local she has spent considerable energy and resources on effective closure planningcommunities. and sensitisation of public and government to the concepts of mine closure. This has given Jackie the opportunity to personally negotiate the terms of theirFaye is a member and Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) of the Statutory Mine Closure Plan. Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ). She supports the development of improved practice in environmental management, and has During this workshop she will share lessons learned in practical waste rock been an active contributor to the development of the environmental profession dump closure, the realisation of benefits from thorough closure planning andboth in NSW (as Secretary of the NSW Division Committee for nine years) and how open communication with stakeholders and valuing their input is vitalnationally (Faye currently represents NSW on the National Council). Faye is in gaining credibility and buy-in for the closure process. These lessons havecommitted to continuing professional development herself, and frequently applications across all cultures and regulatory frameworks.attends training seminars, including those provided by the EIANZ and theInternational Association for Public Participation (IAP2). 12.00 Lunch and Networking Opportunity Workshop B: Workshop D: Wednesday 29 June 2011, 4.50pm – 7.50pm Thursday 30 June 2011, 1.00pm – 4.00pm Waste Rock Landform Management Plans – Developing Valuable Successfully Managing Acid Rock Drainage Waste Closure Principles Material in Order to Meet Closure CriteriaThis interactive workshop is a demonstration into effective techniques to help In mine environments today there are a number of completion criteria,you and your rehabilitation team deal with mine closure in remote areas. Waste performance standards and regulatory obligations that a mine must fulfilRock Landforms (WRL) is a major liability for any mining operation, especially to ensure the ultimate outcome of land use are achieved. This workshopwhen trying to achieve closure. This workshop will study the key components will provide new information about how to create practical and achievableany WRL must exhibit in order to achieve closure are long term stability and rehabilitation outcomes. Issues covered:sustainability. • How to determine completion variables at mine closure • nderstanding those issues commonly encountered when excavating and U • Introducing new supporting research to help identify closure success transporting materials such as oxidation of sulphidic minerals i.e. acid rock • Why closure criteria can fail drainage (ARD) which can lead to metalliferous drainage (MD)• nderstanding both physically and chemically the materials that will be U Facilitator: Dr Suman George, Research Fellow, stored within and on the outer surfaces of a WRL Centre for Land Rehabilitation, University of Western Australia• Conceptual closure plans for feasibility studies and approvals Dr George is a Research Fellow with the Centre for Land Rehabilitation at the University of Western Australia (UWA), a leading centre that specialises in Facilitator: Timothy Duff, Environmental Engineer, land rehabilitation research, consultancy and education. He has a PhD (UWA/ Cliffs Natural Resources CSIRO) in Soil Science investigating soil phosphorus dynamics associated with Tim Duff graduated from WA School of Mines in 2008 with a degree land use changes in south-western Australia. in Mining Environmental Engineering. Since graduating, Tim has He has been involved with various land rehabilitation projects: Australian worked for Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore at their Koolyanobbing operations. Research Council Linkage project (CLR, University of Western Sydney His current role as Environmental Engineer is improve the environmental and BHP’s Worsley Alumina) investigating novel strategies for optimising performance across the operation in key areas including exploration, fertilizer input coupled with organic residue for sustainable reconstruction of rehabilitation, hydrocarbons and water management. jarrah forest ecosystem, bioremediation studies at Barrow Island, WA (CLR and Chevron) and CO2 geosequestration project with the Gorgon natural gas venture. He is also involved with consultancy work for various mining companies and supervises Honours and Masters students.BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.minerehabilitation.com.au
  6. 6. Register Early & Save! WHeRe holiday Inn Brisbane 159 roma st, Brisbane Qld 4000 To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Tel: 07 3238 2222 fax: 07 3238 2266 www.holidayinnbrisbane.com.au ENQRD WHen? 28 & 29 June 2011 13300.004 Team DiscounTs IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Take advantage of one of these special rates:  Register a team of 3 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive $500 discount  Register a team of 4 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive a free pass for a 5th delegate  Ask about multi-event discounts. Call + 61 2 9229 1000 for more details Please note: Only one discount applies accommoDaTion The lido group are the official booking agent for the Mine Rehabilitiation & Closure 2011 event. The lido group have negotiated event rates at a range of hotels for all attendees of this event. To take advantage of these rates & book direct on the website, please go to www.minerehabilitation.com.au and click on the Venue & Accommodation page. Mine Rehabilitation and Closure DELEGATE 1 [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] 2011 PosITIon A Strategic Outlook: emAIl Progressive Closure Techniques, Stakeholder DELEGATE 2 [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] Engagement and Closure Sustainability PosITIon emAIl (PhoToCoPy ThIs form for AddITIonAl delegATes) QUick and easy Ways to register DELEGATE 3 [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] telePhone +61 2 9229 1000 WeBsite www.minerehabilitation.com.au PosITIon FaX +61 2 9223 2622 mail IQPC, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, emAIl SYDNEY NSW 2000 email registration@iqpc.com.au DELEGATE 4 [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] RegisTeR me for Mine Rehabilitiation & Closure 2011 PosITIonPLus Workshops A B C D emAIl DELEGATE 5 [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] early Bird SAVE Packages *register & pay $400 standard Price before 19th April 2011 PosITIon Conference Only $2999 + GST = $3298.90 $3399 + GST = $3738.90 emAIl Conference + 1 Workshop $3898 + GST = $4287.80 $4298 + GST = $4727.80 orgAnIsATIon Conference + 2 Workshops $4697 + GST = $5166.70 $5097 + GST = $5606.70 Address Conference + 3 Workshops $5396 + GST = $5935.60 $5796 + GST = $6375.60 PosTCode Conference + 4 Workshops $6095 + GST = $6704.50 $6495 + GST = $7144.50* Payment must be received by IQPC prior to 5pm AEST on the cut-off date. TelePhone ( ) fAX ( ) 2 WAYS TO SAVe!# Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99 + GST = $108.90 APPROVING MANAGER [fIrsT nAme] [sUrnAme] per registration. Book early for huge * Please send me set(s) of AUdIo ComPACT dIsCs and PresenTATIons Cd at $878.90 eARLY BIRD savings. ($799 plus gsT) or $603.90 ($549 plus gsT) Presentations Cd only Book as a TeAM, PosITIon * Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events save & benefit as a team. emAIl NOTE: PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM REGISTRATION TO SECURE YOUR PLACE. Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99+GST = $108.90 per registration. Payment prior to the conference is mandatory for attendance. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, a copy of conference presentations via FTP website or workbook and all * CheQUe enClosed for $ (Please make cheques payable to: IQPC) meeting materials. If payment has not been received two weeks before the conference, a credit card hold will be taken and processed. This card will be refunded once alternate payment has been received. PleAse ChArge * American express * Visa * masterCard * diners Club PrIVACy - yoUr ChoICe Any information provided by you in registering for this conference is being collected by IQPC and will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be added to our database and will be used primarily to provide you with further information about IQPC events and services. By supplying your CredIT CArd nUmBer email address and mobile telephone number you are agreeing to IQPC contacting you by these means to provide you further information about IQPC products and services. From time to time IQPC may share information from our database with other professional organisations (including our event sponsors) to promote similar products and services. Please tick the box below if you do NOT want us to pass on your details. To amend your current details, advise of duplicates or to opt out of further mailings, please contact our Database Integrity Maintenance Department, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Alternatively, email database@iqpc.com.au, call 02 9229 1028 or fax 02 9223 2622. AmeX 4 dIgIT Code eXPIry dATe * I do not wish to have my details made available to other organisations IQPC CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy: for deTAIls of IQPC’s nAme of CArd holder [PleAse PrInT] CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy PleAse VIsIT: www.iqpc.com.au © 2011 IQPC ABn 92 071 142 446 All rIghTs reserVed. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a copyright of IQPC. Unauthorised reproduction will be actionable by law.