Dredging Australia 2011


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For more information about this event, please visit http://www.portsdredging.com.au , call +61 2 9229 1000 or email enquire@iqpc.com.au

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Dredging Australia 2011

  1. 1. The ONLY dredging3rd Dredging conference in Australia bringing together all the stakeholders in the Dredging industry.Australia 2011Securing Government Approval, EnsuringSustainability & Outlining Modern Dredging Techniques www.portsdredging.com.auKey Speakers: “Our common goal should be toAinslie de Vos amalgamate the planned AustralianManager External Affairs port developments with the challengesFremantle Ports to protect the vulnerable marineCameron HallDredging Contractor environment.” Jack Kerklaan, Director,Hall Contracting AKUNA DREDGINGSonja MavrickPrincipal Approvals Manager “As a member of the steeringBHP Billiton committee for Fremantle Ports’Steve Elson deepening of the Inner Harbour andPrincipal Environmental OfficerDepartment of Environment channels I am pleased to be amongand Resource Management the presenters at this conferenceMichael De Nicola and to be conducting a workshop.Team Leader Environmental Approvals Dredging projects have many issuesChevron in common and I welcome theJack KerklaanDirector opportunity to share information andAkuna Dredging practical tips on community relations elements, with reference to ourMake the Most of Your Time Out of organisation’s recent experience.”the Office with 2 Interactive Workshops Ainslie de Vos, Manager External Affairs, FREMANTLE PORTSWorkshop A:Conducting an EIA and Writing Main Conference: 26th & 27th July 2011 Workshops: 26th & 27th July 2011and Developing EMP Document Venue: Holiday Inn, BrisbaneWorkshop B: Visit our Download Centre forCommunication and Engagement to Gain Podcasts, White Papersand Maintain Support for Dredging Projects and much more www.portsdredging.com.auExhibitor: Organised by: Researched & Developed by: Media Partner:BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.portsdredging.com.au
  2. 2. The Expert PanelDear Colleague, of Speakers: Trevor CarterOver the past few months I have done extensive Principal Engineer Dredgingresearch with your peers to develop the agenda for Department of TransportIQPC’s 3rd Dredging Australia Conference 2011.This is following on from the hugely succesful Dredging & Main Roads QLDAustralia 2010 conference in Perth and Brisbane. Ainslie de VosMoving forward this year, the focus will be on the Manager External Affairscomplete dredging project cycle, securing government Fremantle Portsapproval, ensuring sustainability and keeping up to datewith the lastest dredging techniques. Michael De NicolaThis is the only event in Australia which brings together Team Leader Environmentalall the stakeholders in the dredging process. You won’t Approvalsfind another event with such a comprehensive, strategic Chevronand up-to-the-minute programme covering all theindustry topics. Cameron Hall Dredging ContractorDredging Australia 2011 in Brisbane is your chance to get Hall Contractinginsight from industry peers on the latest innovations andbest project managment strategies. Adam Smith DirectorNetwork, benchmark and take away key strategies for Great Barrier Reef Marine Parksuccessful dredging project delivery. AuthorityCall (02) 9229 1000, email enquire@iqpc.com.au or Sonja Mavrickvisit www.portsdredging.com.au & secure your placetoday. Principal Approvals Manager BHP BillitonKind Regards Andy Barwise Get $40 discoun 0 Business Development Director tw you boo hen Gardline Geosciences before 1 k Steve Elson 8 May 201 thShivya Dhar Principal Environmental OfficerConference Director 1. Department of Environment andIQPC Australia Resource Management Devinder GrewalWho you will meet at the 3rd General Manager Commercial Esperance Port AuthorityDredging Australia Conference 2011Port Authorities Civil/ Dredging Engineers John GorriePorts Approvals Advisors Senior Environmental OfficerOil & Gas Companies Project ManagersMining Companies Manager Infrastructure Department of Primary Industries,Dredging Contractors and Operations Parks, Water and EnvironmentAsset Owners Harbour MastersEnvironmental Managers Jack Kerklaan DirectorAbout our Sponsor Akuna Dredging YSI Australia provides a direct link to the dependable and quality instruments manufactured by YSI, Sontek and Design Analysis & Stephen Cole Associates.This includes providing proprietary solutions, support and an industry knowledge base that Principal Environmental Plannerbest meets project requirements for selecting the most suitable equipment.YSI provides buoy and fixed profiling systems for monitoring programs in Lakes, Harbours, AureconEstuaries and Coastal applications.YSI systems can be integrated into any 3rd party network for maximum scalability.BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.portsdredging.com.au
  3. 3. Day 1 Tuesday 26 July 20118:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee 2:25 Gladstone Project Update - Planning Overview Stephen Cole9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair Principal Environmental Planner Aurecon Fast- Tracking the Approvals Process Complying with Environmental Regulations Approval Processes to Avoid Project Delays9:10 Managing Community Relationships in the Planning and Implementation phases of Dredging Projects 3:10 Afternoon Tea • aining early insight into potential areas of concern and G opportunities 3:40 Balancing Protection of the Environment and Sustainable • taying in touch with community groups and other interested parties S Development of Ports to help achieve timely outcomes • essons Learned from management of Ports in the Great Barrier L • ddressing misconceptions about environmental impacts and A Reef Marine Park countering anti-dredging campaigning • iscussion about possible future regulatory and policy changes D • he role of a stakeholder reference group and the contribution it can T make in building trust and achieving transparency in communication • aving a good understanding of planning, management processes H and environmental outcomes Ainslie de Vos Manager External Affairs • nderstanding industry and environmental “best practice” and U Fremantle Ports discussion of possible future changes Adam Smith9:55 Address By Aurecon Director Speaker TBC Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority10:40 Morning Tea Networking Opportunity 4.25 End of Day 111:10 Roundtable Discussion: Assessing Each Component of the EIS to have an on Time Approval • Understanding the assessment criteria to ensure on time approval • ighlighting the right information to provide for the highest degree of H approval • utlining the different statements stipulated for Maintenance and O Capital projects to secure project approval Facilitator: Steve Elson Principal Environmental Officer Department of Environment and Resource Management11:55 Understanding the Approvals Process in Queensland for Dredging Projects • roviding an appropriate level of information in dredging application/ P EIS • nderstanding the difference between capital and maintenance U dredging from an approvals perspective • Identifying common approval pitfalls and ways of overcoming them Trevor Carter Workshop A: Conducting an EIA and Principal Engineer Dredging Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD Writing and Developing EMP Document12:40 Lunch and Networking Opportunity 26th July - 5.00pm to 8.00pm1:40 Roundtable Discussion: Outlining Dredging Assessment and An EIS is conducted to examine the various environmental impacts Approvals to Ensure a Smooth Project Acceptance to ensure there is a plan put in place for avoiding negative • nderstanding the dredging methodology used to decrease impacts U submission. The EMP document is a framework for planning to deal on the marine environments and communities with risks associated from the dredging activity and disposing of the • dentifying the common approval pitfalls and ways of avoiding them I spoiled material to fast track the approvals process. to allow an on time approval • ssessing the contents of the EMP document to develop a plan A • nderstanding the importance of communication channels to get a U for a sustainable environment secure community approval • lanning and executing the EMP document to be within budget P • ighlights the crucial elements of a successful project- planning, H and on time experience, communication and technical ability which allows the • onducting an effective EIA to get an effortless environmental C project to be done on time approval Sonja Mavrick Principal Approvals Manager Your Workshop Leader: BHP Billiton John Gorrie, Senior Environmental Officer, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment John is responsible for the environment protection Authority’s Assessment of potential environmental impacts of dredging activities throughout Tasmania. He has a background in sediment toxicology and water quality.BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.portsdredging.com.au
  4. 4. Day 2 Wednesday 27 July 20118:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee in Delivering Dredging Projects on Time and within Budget • utlining the strategy for an environmental approval and O9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair communicating with potential stakeholders to secure project approval • eviewing the types of dredging techniques used to avoid negative R Completing Dredging Projects on Time and Within Budget impact on the environment • escribing the method of disposal used in the project to comply with D9:10 Assessing the Impact of Different Dredging Techniques on the environmental regulations the Environmental Approvals Process and on time Delivery of • nderstanding the turbidity modelling and water sampling U Projects techniques used to monitor the impact of the dredging • inimising the cost of production and time for approvals by M Michael de Nicola, Identifying the precise types of materials being dredged Team Leader Environmental Aprovals • atching appropriate dredging methodologies with environmental M Chevron conditions to ensure project costs stay within budget • hat information dredging contractors need to provide the most W 2.30 Roundtable Discussion: Understanding the Broad Environmental cost efficient solution to a dredging problem Challenges Faced with Dredging to Prevent Negative Impact on the Environment Cameron Hall, Dredging Contractor • ssessing best methods of material relocation to diminish adverse A Hall Contracting effect on the marine life • utlining the different types of technology available for disposal of O9:55 Roundtable Discussion: Assessing the Value of “Early the dredged material Contractor” Involvement in Ensuring the on Time Delivery of • nalysing various environmental consequences of dredging A Dredging Project operations to avoid environmental impact • nderstanding different dredging techniques and their impact on the U • nderstanding the characteristics of a relocation site and U environment to optimise the EIS management of the dredged material to ensure risk of harming the • ailoring each dredging project to suit the locations specific T marine life environmental conditions to optimise project operations and Jack Kerklaan, management Director • ommunicating project approval timeframes to the contractor to C Akuna Dredging ensure availability of equipment and continuity of the project delivery timeframes 3.10 NEW SESSION: • orking with contractors during the approval process to ensure the W Examining the Environmental and Geotechnical Aspects of the on time delivery of the project Seabed to Gain an on Time Approval Facilitator: Steve Elson, Investigation of the seabed is crucial for any dredging project because Principal Environmental Officer you need to consider different environmental impacts and approvals Department of Environment and Resource Management specifications to ensure dredging project is delivered on time. • nalysing geophysical and geotechnical requirements to meet the A10:40 Morning Tea Networking Opportunity current legislation requirements for a smooth approval • nderstanding the environmental impacts on the sea bed due to U various dredging techniques involved to gain a approval on time11.10 Understanding the EIA Requirements to Ensure Acceptance of the Project • ssessing the current investigation techniques to ensure regulatory A compliance and on time approvals • nderstanding different environment aspects of capital and U maintenance dredging Andy Barwise Business Development Director • eveloping a plan for the dredged material to minimise the adverse D Gardline Geosciences impact on the environment • nderstanding types of direct and indirect effects by the project to U 3.50 End of Conference build a strong assessment for a sound approval • ncovering lessons to learn from incorporating effective EIA which U moulds the entire project from implementation to construction and lastly to execution Workshop B: Communication and John Gorrie, Senior Environmental Officer Engagement Strategies to Gain and Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment Maintain Support for Dredging Project11:55 Roundtable Discussion: Delivering Projects Within Budget 27th July - 5.00pm to 8.00pm through a Clearly Defined Scope of Work • valuating any limits and adverse environmental implications before E This workshop will provide practical guidance for managing commencement of the project in a well defined scope of work community relations during the planning and implementation stages • nsuring plans and specifications accurately describe the working E of dredging projects to achieve support and reduce the risk of delays. environment, project impact and timeframes to fast-track approvals • Developing a comprehensive community relations plan • ollaborating with contractors to ensure all environmental C specifications are met during project operation • nsuring early opportunities for community and other stakeholder E • dhering to the scope of work to comply with regulatory A input to identification of issues and opportunities requirements and deliver the project within budget • ffective communication to ensure that the importance of the E Devinder Grewal, project and how it is being undertaken are well understood General Manager Commercial Esperance Port Authority Your Workshop Leader: Ainslie de Vos, Manager External Affairs, Fremantle Ports12:45 Lunch and Networking Opportunity Ainslie has been part of Fremantle Ports for the past 15 years having the role of managing stakeholder issues for the port. She is also the member of Steering Committee for the Inner Harbour1:45 The Role of Assessing Environmental Approvals and Monitoring Deepening Project.BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E registration@iqpc.com.au W www.portsdredging.com.au
  5. 5. Register Early & Save! WHeRe Holiday Inn Brisbane 159 roma St, Brisbane QLD 4000 Tel: 07 3238 2222 fax: 07 3238 2266 www.holidayinnbrisbane.com.au To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. WHen? 26 - 27 July 2011 ENQRD Team DiscounTs IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Take advantage of one of these special rates:  Register a team of 3 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive $500 discount  Register a team of 4 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive a free pass for a 5th delegate  Ask about multi-event discounts. Call + 61 2 9229 1000 for more details Please note: Only one discount applies accommoDaTion The Lido Group are the official booking agent for the Dredging Australia event. The Lido Group have negotiated event rates at a range of hotels for all attendees of this event. To take advantage of these rates & book direct on the website, please go to www.portsdredging.com.au and click on the Venue & Accommodation page. 18795.003 QUick and easy Ways to register telePhone +61 2 9229 1000 FaX +61 2 9223 2622 email registration@iqpc.com.au WeBsite www.portsdredging.com.au mail IQPC, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000  RegisTeR me for Dredging Australia 3rd Dredging PLus Workshops A B (PHOTOCOPY THIS fOrM fOr ADDITIOnAL DELEGATES) DELEGATE 1 [fIrST nAME] [SUrnAME] Australia 2011 Securing Government Approval, Ensuring POSITIOn EMAIL DELEGATE 2 [fIrST nAME] [SUrnAME] Sustainability & Outlining Modern Dredging Techniques POSITIOn EMAIL DELEGATE 3 [fIrST nAME] [SUrnAME] www.portsdredging.com.au POSITIOn early Bird SAVE Packages *register & pay $400 standard Price EMAIL before 18th May 2011 OrGAnISATIOn Conference Only $2999 + GST = $3298.90 $3399 + GST = $3738.90 ADDrESS Conference + 1 Workshop $3898 + GST = $4287.80 $4298 + GST = $4727.80 POSTCODE Conference + 2 Workshops $4697 + GST = $5166.70 $5097 + GST = $5606.70* Payment must be received by IQPC prior to 5pm AEST on the cut-off date. TELEPHOnE ( ) fAX ( ) 2 WAYS TO SAVe!# Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99 + GST = $108.90 APPROVING MANAGER [fIrST nAME] [SUrnAME] per registration. Book early for huge * Please send me set(s) of AUDIO COMPACT DISCS and PrESEnTATIOnS CD at $878.90 eARLY BIRD savings. ($799 plus GST) or $603.90 ($549 plus GST) Presentations CD only Book as a TeAM, POSITIOn * Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events save & benefit as a team. EMAIL NOTE: PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM REGISTRATION TO SECURE YOUR PLACE. Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99+GST = $108.90 per registration. Payment prior to the conference is mandatory for attendance. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, a copy of conference presentations via FTP website or workbook and all * CHEQUE EnCLOSED fOr $ (Please make cheques payable to: IQPC) meeting materials. If payment has not been received two weeks before the conference, a credit card hold will be taken and processed. This card will be refunded once alternate payment has been received. PLEASE CHArGE * American Express * Visa * MasterCard * Diners Club PrIVACY - YOUr CHOICE Any information provided by you in registering for this conference is being collected by IQPC and will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be added to our database and will be used primarily to provide you with further information about IQPC events and services. By supplying your CrEDIT CArD nUMBEr email address and mobile telephone number you are agreeing to IQPC contacting you by these means to provide you further information about IQPC products and services. From time to time IQPC may share information from our database with other professional organisations (including our event sponsors) to promote similar products and services. Please tick the box below if you do NOT want us to pass on your details. To amend your current details, advise of duplicates or to opt out of further mailings, please contact our Database Integrity Maintenance Department, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Alternatively, email database@iqpc.com.au, call 02 9229 1028 or fax 02 9223 2622. AMEX 4 DIGIT CODE EXPIrY DATE * I do not wish to have my details made available to other organisations IQPC CAnCELLATIOn AnD POSTPOnEMEnT POLICY: fOr DETAILS Of IQPC’S nAME Of CArD HOLDEr [PLEASE PrInT] CAnCELLATIOn AnD POSTPOnEMEnT POLICY PLEASE VISIT: www.iqpc.com.au © 2011 IQPC ABn 92 071 142 446 All rIGHTS rESErVED. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a copyright of IQPC. Unauthorised reproduction will be actionable by law.