Bridge construction with sustainable environmental practices


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This presentation at Bridges Asia 2011 outlines the engineering procedures that will incorporate energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection techniques. For more details, visit

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Bridge construction with sustainable environmental practices

  1. 1. Sustainable bridge construction blending with the environment, ecology and landscape Presented by Fang Wen-Chih 1
  2. 2. Outline Preface Engineering and earthquake -Strategies for adjacent to ( stride over) the fault Engineering & Energy saving and carbon reduction - Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) Engineering and environmental protection Engineering and techniques Engineering and landscape aesthetics Engineering and literature art Conclusion
  3. 3. National Freeway network 基隆 台北市 Nangang-Toucheng Section  南港 Taipei-Yilan Freeway 2 3 頭城 Toucheng-Suao Section 1 蘇澳 Taipei-Yilan Freeway Sun Yat-sen Freeway Fengyuan-Wufeng Section 5 Taichung Circular Line of 中港 Freeway 龍井 4 和美 台中 Suao-Hualien SectionTaiwan Strait 快官 霧峰 草屯 6 埔里 花蓮 east highway of Freeway 1 Nantou Section Pacific Ocean Freeway NO.6 Second Freeway 3 Hualien-Taitung Section 台南 east highway of Freeway 8 10 台東 麟洛 太麻里 林邊 楓港 I
  4. 4. Engineering and earthquake –strategies for adjacent to ( stride over) the fault  Passing through the fault with the embankment  Options of bridge  Options of structure system :  Multi-span continuous bridge  Rigid frame bridge  Balanced-cantilever bridge
  5. 5. Strategies for adjacent to ( stride over)the fault LRBSouth Wufeng Viaduct
  6. 6. Strategies for adjacent to ( stride over)the fault Rigid piers and superstructure Pinglin viaduct (close to Shungdong fault)Applying horizontal diaphragmsturn bi-direction structures intorigid frame bridges
  7. 7. Strategies for adjacent to ( stride over)the fault Shueichangliou fault Doushan NO.2 Viaduct (22.45K left shore of Wusi) Passing through the Shueichangliou fault
  8. 8. Engineering & Energy saving and carbonreduction - Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)  Produce 1 ton cement  Emit 0.89 ton CO2  350kg/cm2 concrete  Reduce 222kg cement/m3  420kg/cm2 concrete  Reduce 236kg cement/m3  National Freeway No. 6 reduced CO2 emission of 213,000 tons
  9. 9. Mix Design of SCC Mix Proportion Kg/m3 Material Cement Slag Water Admixture F.A C.A350(W/B=0.372) 253 207 165 5.98 848 864420 (W/B=0.357) 264 216 165 6.24 830 864Development of Compression strength (MPa) Ages (day) 3 5 7 14 28 34 (W/B=0.372) 32 44 51 63 67 41 (W/B=0.357) 34 45 56 67 76
  10. 10. Self-Compacting Concrete(SCC)Conventional concrete needed vibration and tamping SCC was exempted from vibration and tamping SCC owned nice fluidity SCC completed with a good surface .10.
  11. 11. Engineering and environmental protection  Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Bridge Reservoir mud was sintered into Coarse Aggregate(γ=16 kN/m3 ) which substituted for Natural Aggregate. The utilization of waste helped to promote the environmental protection and also reduced the unit weight(γ=19 kN/m3 )of concrete as well as the self-weight of structure.  Steel Trestle + Well Foundation Using Steel Trestle to be the access bridge and the Well Foundation to prevent slope damage and maintain it’s stability.  Ecological pond Engineering construction usually blocks the river and irrigation ditches, by building Ecological pond in the ramps of interchanges can create the wetland environment.
  12. 12. Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Bridge γ= 18~20 kN/m3 PC hollow slab beam .12.
  13. 13. Access road of Steel Trestle Constructing the Steel Trestle with H beam reduced the interference of slope. .13.
  14. 14. Well Foundation
  15. 15. Access road of Steel Trestle .15.
  16. 16. Ecological pond 生態 池 生物 Ecological pond 通道 生態池 Ailan Interchange of National Freeway No.6 .16.
  17. 17. Ecological pond Ailan Interchange of National Freeway No.6
  18. 18. Engineering and techniques Corrugated steel-web composite girder bridge By using corrugated steel plate to replace concrete web, it can reduce 15% self weight. Steel and PC hybrid girder bridge The cross-section of steel and concrete girder should be identical. Pre-casting method To reduce the pollution and construction time, the beams and piers can be constructed by the Pre- casting method.
  19. 19. C707 Corrugated steel-web girder bridgeC708 Corrugated steel-web girder bridge
  20. 20. Steel and PC hybrid girder bridge
  21. 21. Steel and PC hybrid girder bridge
  22. 22. Pre-casting method
  23. 23. Test for pre-casting bridge pier
  24. 24. Pre-cast increment pier + Seismic- isolation bearing 16.25M Seismic- isolation bearing1.5M Solid Pre-casting increment Hollow Pre-casting4@2.5M increment0.6M 1.5M 6.9M
  25. 25. Pre-casting increment pier
  26. 26. Engineering and landscape aesthetics
  27. 27. A bird’s eye view of Jioujiou Peak
  28. 28. Jioujiou Peak Preservation Area
  29. 29. Jioujiou Peak Preservation Area Presenting the mountain view when constructing Presenting the mountain view when completed .29.
  30. 30. Noise BarrierAbutment, placed at thetunnel by Well Foundation,avoided to destroy theturfing as well as theafforestation.
  31. 31. Rib Beam wraped up thedrainage pipe.
  32. 32. Gaoping River BridgeMaintenance vehicle 高屏溪橋
  33. 33. Gaoping River Bridge
  34. 34. Engineering and literature art Bitan BridgeBitan Bridge, located in suburbs of Taipei City, strode over theBitan and MRT Station. This bridge was designed by PC BoxGirder Arched Bridge with 160M span long. Piers inlaid into thecopper engraved dragon heads, providing the spraying of water,throwing the light and creating the other scenery. Dongshan River BridgeDongshan River Bridge, situated in Yilan County of northeastTaiwan, constructing the PC Box Girder Arched Bridge for theinternational raft ship canal with 187M span long. Furthermore,it adopted the exquisite designed skills of the ancientarchitecture and added the computer remote lighting to presentthe graceful night view.
  35. 35. Piers inlaid into the copper engraved dragon heads, providing thespraying of water, throwing the light and creating the other scenery.
  36. 36. Bitan Bridge
  37. 37. Dongshan River Bridge
  38. 38. Restore the ancient shaping of arched gate
  39. 39. Gradual setback ofsurfaces Arched axis with the new moon shape FRP cover plate of bridge drainage
  40. 40. Neipuzai Reservoir Bridge
  41. 41. The three holes of the RCarched bridge owned 24Mlong. Its wall furnished withthe light weight artificialstone inlaid intothe Jiaojhih Pottery dragonheads. During the fall of rain,the dragon heads will bespraying the water.
  42. 42. Sinwei Bridge
  43. 43. Sinwei BridgeButterfly Valley of Moalin Scenic Area, situated inKaohsiung County of south Taiwan, nurtured the beautifulPurple Spot Butterfly. The adjacent Sinwei Bridge, totallength 1,735 M, its 2 spans (55M+90M)symbolized thebridge image “ Purple Spot Butterfly flying dancing in thevalley ”. The steel arch-rib Inclining out 15° representedthe spreading the wings of Purple Spot Butterfly.Furthermore, the pavement of observatory inlaid into theblue LED light, representing the wings stripes of PurpleSpot Butterfly and enhancing the night view.
  44. 44. Sinwei Bridge
  45. 45. ConclusionCivil engineers devote themselves tobe the sculptors of earth, wishing thebridges constructed by the bridgeengineers will be the art of theaesthetics.