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Presentazione pp 5°b 3
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Presentazione pp 5°b 3



Presntazione classe V B Balzani

Presntazione classe V B Balzani



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Presentazione pp 5°b 3 Presentazione pp 5°b 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Let’s introduce us!
    • We’re a multicultural class.
    • 19 students: 11 girls and 8 boys.
  • Matteo
    • Hello my name is Matteo and I’m ten years old.
    • I live in Rome
    • I like playing football and swimming.
    • I don ‘t like dancing and skiing
    • My eyes are brown.
    • I like tomato sauce pasta.
    • I frequent Romolo Balzani primary school
    • Bye, bye
    • Matteo
  • Simone
    • Hello!
    • I’m Simone.
    • I’m eleven years old.
    • I like tennis and riding a horse.
    • I don’t like swimming or playing football.
    • I’ve got black eyes and black hair.
    • I live in Rome.
    • I was born in Italy but my parents come from China.
    • I have two brothers and one is my twin.
    • Bye, bye
    • Simone Zhang
  • Giorgia
    • Hello!
    • My name is Giorgia and I live in Rome, Italy
    • I'm ten years old and I frequent R. Balzan i school, class V B. I like swimming and cycling but I do not like canoeing.
    • I’m very good at riding a bike but I’m hopeless at cooking… I think ice cream and French fries are delicious... I’m very sporty and I ‘m a Rome football team fan.
    • I like films of magic.
    • My favourite book is Geronimo Stilton..
    • Bye for now
    • Giorgia
  • Davide
    • Hello !
    • My name’s Davide,
    • I’m 10
    • I like playing tricks and I like chattering.
    • I have one brother and one sister.
    • My brother’s name’s Luca and my sister’s Chiara.
    • I live in Rome.
    • I frequent Romolo Balzani school 5th B class.
    • I play football and karate.
    • Bye for now.
    • Davide
  • Silvia P.
    • Hello!
    • I’m Silvia P.
    • I’m thin and short.
    • I’ve got long brown hair and green eyes.
    • I like watching TV and above all funny programs.
    • I’m good at skating and dancing.
    • My favourite singer is Shakira and my favourite film is “Henry Potter”.
    • My hobby is drawing.
    • But I want to be a singer.
    • Bye for now.
    • Silavia
  • Mamadou
    • Hello!
    • My name is Mamadou I'm an Italian child born in Rome on January 2001.
    • I really like playing football and basketball with a team of friends.
    • I'm happy at school, where every day I learn new things. I enjoy my funny fellows and my good teachers.
    • I also have a great passion for pasta and I can cook a little bit.
    • I hope to meet you soon and know something about you.
    • Greetings
    • Mamadou 
  • Giada
    • Hello!
    • . My name’s Giada and
    • I ’m 10 years old.
    • . My hair is blonde and my
    • eyes are light blue.
    • I’m from Rome and I attend
    • the 5 th level at Romolo Balzani school.
    • I like dancing and skating, I don’t like playing football.
    • My favourite colour is lilac and my favourite school subject is geography.
    • I want to be a teacher.
    • Bye
    • Giada
  • Umberto
    • Hello!
    • My name's Umberto and I am 10. My hair is red and my eyes are brown I like playing football but I don't like dancing I live in Rome and frequent Romolo Balzani school.
    • I’m very good at playing football but I’m not good at dancing
    • I’ve got one sister and her name’s Luna.
    • My favourite food is chips but I detest peas.
    • Bye bye
    • Umberto
  • Francesca
    • Hello!
    • My name's Francesca.
    • I’m ten years old.
    • My hair and my eyes are brown.
    • I like swimming, skiing and skating.
    • I don’t like football or basketball.
    • I have one sister. Micol.
    • My mum’s name is Solidea and my dad’s Ignazio.
    • Bye!
    • Francesca
  • Daniele
    • Hello.
    • I’ m Daniele
    • I’m 11 years old
    • I was born in 1999, 14 February
    • I have a brother and he is 18 years old.
    • I like playing football and swimming in the pool.
    • I like pizza , chips and coke and I’ m happy when I eat.
    • i live in Rome.
    • I frequent Romolo Balzani school in 5 B class.
    • I play football and Karate.
    • Bye, bye!
    • Daniele
  • Alessio
    • Hello,
    • My name’s Alessio.
    • I’m 10 years old.
    • I’m one 1.42 cm tall.
    • My hair is brown-blond, my eyes are green and blue, I’m thin.
    • I wear glasses.
    • I like playing football and running.
    • I don’t like canoeing and skiing.
    • I have a brother, his name’s Roberto.
    • My mother’s name is Monica, and my father’s name is Eduardo Venanzio.
    • Bye
  • Luca
    • Hello!
    • My name’s Luca-
    • I’m ten years old and I’m 1,38 tall.
    • I’ m from Rome and I was born in 2000, 14 May.
    • My favourite sport is football.
    • I’ve got green eyes and black hair.
    • I’m thin.
    • I love coke and my favourite food is chips and spaghetti.
    • I attend the fifth class at Romolo Balzani school.
    • My mother’s name is Anna and my father’s name’s Fabrizio.
    • I’ve got one sister and she’s 21 years old.
    • I live in Gallicano nel Lazio, a small city near Rome, in a small house.
    • I’ve got two dogs and three cats-
    • Bye, bye
    • Luca.
  • Federica
    • Hello!
    • My name's Federica.
    • I'm ten years old.
    • I was born on December 19.
    • I attend the 5th class at Balzani School...
    • My eyes are brown-green and my hair is blonde.
    • I have one brother and one sister older than me.
    • I'm from Rome.
    • I like playing Nintendo DS.
    • I like rock and jazz-rock music but I don't like hard rock.
    • My favourite school subjects are Maths and Italian.
    • Bye, bye!
    • Federica
  • Silvia T.
    • Hello,
    • my name is Silvia.
    • I am 10 and I live in Rome.
    • I was born in Frascati .
    • I like running and riding a bike. I don’t like riding a horse or jumping.
    • My favourite colour is black and my favourite food is Cantonese rice.
    • Bye, bye.
    • Silvia Tasinato.
  • JULY
    • Hello!
    • My name is July.
    • I am 10.
    • I’ve got brown eyes and black hair.
    • I don’t like football or tennis.
    • I like riding the bike and swimming.
    • I go to Romolo Balzani school. class V B.
    • I’m a student.
    • I come from Indonesia.
    • My favourite subject is English.
    • Bye, bye!
    • YULI
    • Hello!
    • My name’s Pamela.
    • I’m ten.
    • My family comes from ex Yugoslavia.
    • I speak Italian and Romanesh.
    • I like helping my mother in housework.
    • I don’t like going out, I prefer staying at home.
    • I live at Gordiani Camp.
    • Pamela
    • My name’s Simona.
    • I’m 11.
    • I live at Gordiani Camp.
    • I’ve got long black hair and brown eyes.
    • I want to be a beautycian
    • Bye
    • Simona
    • Hello!
    • My name’s Jessica.
    • I’m small and thin .
    • I’ve got long dark brown hair and brown eyes.
    • I’m ten.
    • My family comes from Serbia and my grandma from Romania.
    • Bye!
    • Jessica
    • Hello!
    • My name is Mariana.
    • I am twelve.
    • My eyes are brown
    • I am tall.
    • I have a brother
    • I like playing football.
    • I come from Romania.
    • Bye
    • Mariana Constantin
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