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  • We are in the smb market Wer are high on this because only 15% have a solution based on AIIM and others
  • Our business is anti cyclical, we focus on improving services and being more productive
  • Graphical, easy to understand– and then benefit statements w/references on improve cash flow, improve customer service –do more with less—who doesn’t want to hear those types of benefits...?Reply card

When to talk about docuware When to talk about docuware Presentation Transcript

  • DocuWare DSA Webinar SeriesWhen to talk about DocuWare?DocuWare CorporationMohammed Iqbal, Director, Business Development
  • Your HostWEBINAR:When to talk about DocuWare?Mohammed Iqbal• mohammed.iqbal@docuware.com• 201-394-8542 2
  • DSA Webinar Series1. When to talk about DocuWare?2. Who are the perfect target groups? 3
  • DocuWare Sales Advisor IncentiveYour chance to earn an extra $500!The fine print:• Earn a $500 Visa gift card for EVERY $20,000 (retail) DocuWare sales.• DSA must complete the sales planner • In the notes field, include ADP company name, location and DSA name• For new and expansion DocuWare sales only. • Maintenance and Support contracts do not apply• Promotion ends Friday, December 14th, 2012 4
  • What do you think? 5
  • When to talk about DocuWare Why Next Steps Document Management DocuWare Tools DM Sale Sales Process 6
  • When to talk about DocuWare “Companies spend $25 to $35 billion processing paper - filing, storing and retrieving. Managing those documents over their life cycle push that up to $100 billion a year.” Source: Reuters Study 7
  • Connectivity Then… Now… 8
  • Scrapbooking… Then… Now… 9
  • Reading… Then… Now… 10
  • Music… Then… Now… 11
  • Directories… Then… Now… 12
  • Collaborating… Then… Now… 13
  • Filing… Then… Now… 14
  • 15
  • Benefits of selling DocuWare• Realize increased margins on deals• DocuWare does not publish retail pricing• Consultative sale approach • Command even higher prices• Excellent platform for selling professional services.• Increase customer loyalty • DocuWare provides customer stickiness 16
  • Follow the Money 49% 36% 37% 51% 17
  • When to talk about DocuWare Why Next Steps Document Management DocuWare Tools DM Sale Sales Process 18
  • Hardware Sale vs. DM Sale• Hardware Sale • In a 3 month opportunity cycle, less than 7% of your clients are actively seeking new hardware • You need to make approximately 14 calls to find one opportunity • You will need 56 leads to close one opportunity• DM Sale • Only 15% of all organization have a professional DM solution • 85% do not have an DM solution • 4 out of 5 calls are potential DM opportunities. 19
  • DM OpportunityDocument Management – a business area with a future  Always up to date: efficient, modern processes in the office  Centrally controlled for every company: compliance requirements and disaster management for business documentation Document ManagementOnly 15% of medium-sized companies are benefitingfrom document management 20
  • Opportunity AboundsMany benefits fordocument management  Greater efficiency – Lower costs  Faster payments – Improved cash flow  Faster reaction times – Improved customer service  Compliance requirements met without additional expenseNo company can afford to have a chaotic document management system 21
  • For Your Existing CustomersDocument Management: innovative stimulus for your business• Enhancement • Addition • Optimization for business solutions Document-based hardware of complimentary services  ERP  Digital copiers  Scan  CRM  Scanners  Microfilming  etc.  Storage systems  Outsourcing  etc.  Hosting  Software as a Service 22
  • For New CustomersExpand customer base with document management Growing demand for efficiency-boosting software solutions Document Management is relevant to every company Vertical and horizontal market access Competitive advantage through expansion of existing product and solution offers 23
  • The DocuWare Group Worldwide 10,000+ deployments for 108,000+ happy users in 72 countries (in 16 languages)5 billion+ 24
  • National and International References 25
  • When to talk about DocuWare Why Next Steps Document Management DocuWare Tools DM Sale Sales Process 26
  • Sales Process - ScenariosIf the hardware deal is yours… • Close the deal • Go back in 3 months for a first quarter review and sell solutionsIf you are in a competitive situation… • Change the conversation • Use DM as a differentiatorIf the customer is not ready to discuss hardware • Use DM as an additional offering which can run on top of an existing hardware platform. • DM allows you to get closer with the customer 27
  • Sales Process - Account Management• Once the hardware has been installed and customer trained, setup an account review meeting • Review the hardware installation and training process • If they requested to be trained on scanning use that as a lead-in for document management • Follow the paper and scanned images. • Find out which documents hold the most value. • If there is a more appropriate contact to speak with, try to setup a meeting with the contact.• Bring up document management during your quarterly account reviews. 28
  • Sales Process – Competitive Situation• Take a solution based / business process improvement mindset to prospecting. • Collect vital information on the MFP • Follow the paper trail• Keep competitors out by highlighting all the aspects of the dealership • Managed Print Services • IT/Network Services • Document Management 29
  • Sales Process – Not Ready for new hardwareIf the customer has several years left on a hardware contract…• You need a reason to build a relationship with the client• Sell other services that are not currently under contract • MPS • Document Management• A document management analysis will give you access to all the key people in an organization • Build rapport • Sell the client on a valuable business process that increases their operational efficiencies. 31
  • When to talk about DocuWare Why Next Steps Document Management DocuWare Tools DM Sale Sales Process 32
  • DocuWare Sales Tools 33
  • Structured DocuWare Sales ProcessIntensive sales support for all phases of solution sales  Comprehensive marketing and demo material: Print, Web, Video …  Numerous templates and services  Partner branding possible for many mediaLead AccountGeneration Solution Offer Closing Management 34
  • Number One Question!Where do we sell DocuWare? Trust Sale – leverage existing accounts Speak to DSA’s in your dealership who have been successful as selling DocuWare Use References 35
  • Guidelines for Telephone MarketingScripts for efficient direct telephone marketing: specifically tailored to company directors, heads of accounting, human resources or sales Usage Benefits  Win new prospects  Straightforward planning of telemarketing activities  Successful direct contact without in-depth telemarketing experience Lead Generation Solution Offer Closing 36 Account Management
  • Tools for ProspectingTalk tracks – Pre-qualify 37
  • Start with one department - AccountingIdentify the key contacts in accounting • CFO / ControllerThe accounting workflow process is standard across industries • AP Invoice Approval • Capturing PO’s • Printing invoices and PO’s to DocuWare • Approval process • Integration with Accounting / ERP applications for storage and retrieval. 38
  • Doing More With Less BrochureEye-catching brochure for initial contact that explains clearly and simply the benefits of DocuWare and how it works Usage Benefits  Use for advertising and  Simple and catchy informational purposes introduction to document wherever attention is to be management drawn to DocuWare  Generates interest and  Ideal for making initial curiosity for document contact with potential management customers  Hand out at events etc. Lead Generation Solution Offer Closing 39 Account Management
  • Tools for ProspectingCase Studies – Industry & Department Successes 40
  • Tools for ProspectingSelf Running Demo – Create Understanding 41
  • When to talk about DocuWare Why Next Steps Document Management DocuWare Tools DM Sale Sales Process 42
  • Next StepsOnce you have a qualified prospect -• Setup an appointment for the client presentation with your DocuWare specialist.• Invite your client to the next Lunch and Learn / InfoSeminarOther options -• Invite to webinar• Add to the distribution list for the Evolved Office Newsletter 43
  • DSA Webinar Series1. When to talk about DocuWare?2. Who are the perfect target groups? 44
  • Thank you. 45