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LED Tubes and Smart Fixtures


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Are you wondering what to do now that T12s are no longer in production? Are you contemplating the same old path that got you here - or - are you looking to the future and to the younger generations that have to live with your decisions?

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LED Tubes and Smart Fixtures

  1. 1. LED Tubes & Smart FixturesUSE EXISTING FIXTURES KICK YOUR FLUORESCENT PAIN & COST TO THE CURBRewiring an existing fixture is themost cost effective way toachieve instant energy savings. A Reduce the consumption of energy up to 78%simple look overhead will tell without sacrificing the quality of service.you the story – different colors,blinking lamps, multiple flicks of LED, the time is nowthe switch to get all the lights to IP UtiliNET provides LED conversion solutions for existing AC based T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts.turn on – and it is just going to The Cardinal product line has earned 4 of the top 10 spots on the July 10, 2012 Design Lights Consortium (DLC)get worse as manufacturers stop and stands alone in the tube lights family.making some fluorescent lamps LED Replacement Lampsand ballasts. Cardinal™ Linear Lights are high quality replacements of standard fluorescent tubes (T8 and T12) and provideLIGHTING THAT PAYS YOU electrical savings of 35% to 50%. Installation is easy, these linear lights use the same terminal connections asSee that 4800 T12 lamp example fluorescent tubes, and a universal power supply inside the light eliminates the need for a ballast. Super Highin the lower right corner? The Output surface mount device LEDs are employed to provide 50,000+ hours of lifetime at high-efficacy ofinvestment is recovered in 1.35 >100lms/watt. Exceptional thermal management is achieved with an aluminum core LED PCB thermally bondedyears and results in an estimated to the ribbed aluminum heat sink with a ‘D’ channel extrusion. The outer shell is a robust design with aNet Savings over lifetime of shatterproof polycarbonate lens available in clear, ribbed or frosted. Solid brass, nickel-plated terminal pins aremore than $2.7 Million Dollars. installed in tough polycarbonate end-caps that are fastened with screws to the aluminum core.OPTIONAL WIRELESS LED LAMP SPECIFICATIONSCONTROLSAdvanced non battery powered Length 4 footWireless Controllers for AC Wattage 18 or 22 Wattand/or DC systems. No more Total Lumens 1800 or 2200 Lumens Efficacy 100 Lumens / Wattholes in walls for switches. Now, Voltage 110~277 VAC, (50/60you can paint or wallpaper then Hz)place your switch and remote Power Factor >.09dimmer or choose a location that LED Elements Epistar 3528 SE SHO 288 LEDssuits your unique taste. Color Temp. 4100 K (STD White) 5000 K (NAT White)INTELLIGENT MONITORING 6000 K (Cool White) Based on 4800 T12 Lamps in 1 facilityAvailable packaged and custom Connection Std Bi-Pin (T8 or T12) Payback time (approx.) in years 1.35software for sub metering and Operating Temp -40F to 140F Internal Rate of Return 67%billing monitoring and Lifetime 50,000 hours (LM-80) Net savings over lifetime $2,730,671 Compliance UL1993, 1598, 1598(B),management. 8750, FCC, CE, RoHS Available in; 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 foot Warranty 5 Years lengths with dual or single pin ends6825 Shiloh Road East,STE B-7 Gain payback often in as little as 1.35 years with exponential lifetime payback asAlpharetta, GA 30005 illustrated in the example above. Simply more SustainableP (877) 901-6947www.iputilinet.com info@iputilinet.com