Identifying Your Audience Using Social Media


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Identifying Your Audience Using Social Media

  1. 1. …or Building Personas for SearchMichael King | Global Associate
  2. 2. Search is Too Impersonal Informational Navigational Transactional Ways to ____ Company Name Buy _____ How to _____ Organization name Download ____ What is _____ Domain name Get _____ These classifications don’t make it clear exactly what need the audience is trying to fulfill or who you should be talking toThe standard keyword classifiers are too vague to understand a searcher’s intent
  3. 3. So…Let’s Get PersonalThis is where the magic happensSocial Listening Keyword Push Live / / Need State Mapping / Creative / Copy / Conversion RateDetermination / Information Tech Development Optimization / Keyword Architecture Measurement Research SEO Defines SEO Validates SEO Drives Info Architecture User Experience Measurement Understanding your audience involves defining them and their needs
  4. 4. What Are Personas? Music Moms Happy Raging Rock stars Involved Instructors Typically uninformed gift givers Typically professional musicians at Typically professional musicians looking for information on the Hobbyists various stages of their careers that and thought leaders/content right guitar for their happy Typically students or tend to spend more time creating creators who talk about new hobbyist or raging rockstar. amateur musicians content with their guitars only techniques and have strong These people enter the looking for the latest tips consuming content as new guitar opinions about instruments and conversation when they are and tricks for playing their technology is released. These are brands. These tend to be quite looking to make a purchase. guitar. These tend to be the influencers of the happy active in the acoustic guitar the most active content hobbyist group. conversation. creators in the acoustic guitar conversation.Personas are hypothetical representations of your target audience
  5. 5. What Are Need States? This person probably needs information on Searches for the best acoustic guitar [best acoustic guitar] in order to make a purchasing decision. Need State is “Learning to Buy” Music Moms Typically uninformed gift givers looking for information on the right guitar for their happy hobbyist or raging rockstar. These people enter the conversation when they are Need states help to eliminate keyword looking to make a purchase. ambiguity and write targeted copyNeed States are the user’s motivations behind their search.
  6. 6. How Do We Develop Them? Social Data & Educated Personas & Business Goals Guessing Need States Personas & Need States are typically used and defined by Market Research, Strategy and UX teamsPersonas and need states are the art of educated guessing based on data.
  7. 7. How Do We Know We’re Right? Now more than ever there is enough data to verify or discover new personasMeasuring the performance of the site will prove or disprove your personas
  8. 8. Business Goals? Sell More 3D TVs More Shares in Social Media Occupy the ConversationUse the client’s business goals to drive audience understanding.
  9. 9. Facebook Insights Non-U.S 12% Female 36%Gender Country Male 64% U.S 88% FemaleAge distribution Male If the site is already on the Open Graph can you get this too Does the site have an existing Facebook page? FB Insights has demographic data
  10. 10. Use Quantitative Analysis Tools If it’s a new site check out a competitor’s site in Ad PlannerWho does ComScore, AdPlanner, etc say is the audience for this vertical?
  11. 11. Use Facebook Ad Planner Link: the FB tool to see how many people fall into an audience by interest and demo
  12. 12. Preliminary Social ListeningUse a few broad keywords to see who is talking in Social Media.
  13. 13. Social Listening Tools Social Mention Topsy AmplicateStart your social listening in Topsy, Social Mention, and/or Amplicate
  14. 14. Discussion ListeningSee what people are talking about on blog and discussion forums
  15. 15. Preliminary Keyword Research Apparently this audience wants to know about the best 3d tv without glassesUse a few broad keywords to discover related popular topics.
  16. 16. Use Quora ProTip: Keep track of influencers for link buildingIdentify questions and people in the vertical that are important to the business goals
  17. 17. Use Quora for KWR ProTip: Grab the questions with Scraper, export to CSV then use SEOGadget’s Adwords API plugin for Excel.Put Quora questions into the keyword tool to identify the associated keywords opps
  18. 18. KWR + Soc. Listening is CircularInsights from one fuel research in the other; Iterate to a great list of final keywords
  19. 19. Define Your Audience Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • Male • Male • Male • Male • Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move • Wishes he could live in • Wishes you would stop out his mom’s the movie Avatar invading his online basement privacyBreak your audience into four core groups based on all the data you’ve collected
  20. 20. Define Your Need States 3D Gamers Tech Geeks 3D Film Lovers 3D Curiosities There are more people in this group than the 3D Advocates 3D Advocate group. They are intrigued by 3D These people are participating in very detailed and how it could fit into their home life, but conversation about 3D through the lens of their they haven’t made the decision to purchase.passion. They get satisfaction from demonstrating They can relate to the advocate grouptheir knowledge about 3D and their opinion about through their shared passion points. its use in media. Content Creation Content Consumption Aware Creating Aware Aware Aware Unaware Unaware Unaware Content Looking Owner Ready to Buy Ready to Buy Interested Unsure for 3D ContentBased on your research identify the phases of need in the search process.
  21. 21. Give Your Audience Personality Curious George is a hipster between 18 and 32. He’s a college Curious George on 3D TV educated graphic designer with a lot of 800 time on his hands. He doesn’t like to be 700 the last to find out about things but he 600 doesn’t know if this 3D thing is going to 500 400 stick around long. Curious George liked 300 Avatar but he isn’t crazy about it like some 200 people. Really he’s looking to find out if a 100 3D TV is going to become cool and if so 0 he wants to be down before it becomes Positive Negative cool. Note: Individual results can be both positive & negativeBuild a story for each of your segments helps you understand their needs.
  22. 22. Googlebot: the 5th Persona Googlebot Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 17 • Eunuch • Needs explicit • explanations 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • • Is somewhat visually- Male • Male • Male • Male • impaired Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • • Loves Google+ Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move • Wishes he could live in • Wishes you would stop • Wants to know the out his mom’s the movie Avatar invading his online newest info on 3D TV basement privacy :Beep: Bots need love too, yo.We know Googlebot’s attributes so think of it as an influencer in your audience.
  23. 23. Do Final Keyword Research Local Monthly Target Keyword Searches Page Persona Need State Curious Unaware 3d glasses 18100 Glasses George Interested 2d to 3d conversion 1000 Conversion Tech Geek Aware Owner Curious Unaware 3d tv glasses 1000 Glasses George Interested glasses free Curious 3d 1000 Glasses George Aware Owner real 3d Curious glasses 1000 Glasses George Aware Owner 3d ready 720 3D-Ready All All 3d ready tv 590 3D-Ready All All 3d active glasses 390 Active/Passive Tech Geek Aware Owner active 3d glasses 390 Active/Passive Tech Geek Aware OwnerBased everything you know about your audience find and categorize keywords
  24. 24. Separate Targets from Influencers TARGET INFLUENCERS Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek This group represents people Gamers talk about their 3D This conversation revolves around This group talks about the considering buying a 3D TV gaming experience and the use of 3D in film. They talk about technical details of their AV setup. components and games they 3D in a broad way, and They treat their TV’s like a racecar use. occasionally touch on 3DTV driver treats their car. specifically. Curious George Gamers Film Purists Tech GeekSegmenting your audience helps you determine who will spread your content
  25. 25. Take Action Have you found popular questions? Target them in your information architectureLay out and/or optimize a site structure that reflects what your targets are looking for
  26. 26. Measure to Validate Personas Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard You can also test effectiveness using demographic targeting with Facebook Ads and Paid SearchValidate your hypotheses via data collected in conversions
  27. 27. Use Keyword-Level Demos Search Keyword-LevelFB:Admin Demographics Referrers This requires an opt-in so there must be a value-add to encourage enough people
  28. 28. Use Pzyche is a tool built by @JasonD that gets demo info without opt-in
  29. 29. Use Micro-conversionsIf you can’t get the info from sales or an external source, use micro-conversions
  30. 30. Step 1: Create An AppStep A Step CStep BPlace Your Site on Facebook’s Open Graph:
  31. 31. Step 2: OpenGraph Meta Data <meta property="fb:app_id" content=“[YOUR APP ID]" /> <meta property="fb:admins" content=“[FACEBOOK IDs OF ADMINS]" /> <meta property="og:title" content=“[PAGE TITLE]"/> <meta property="og:url" content=“[PAGE URL]"/> <meta property="og:site_name" content=“[SITE NAME]" /> <meta property="og:description" content=“[SITE DESCRIPTION]" /> <meta property="og:type" content="website" /> <meta property="og:image" content=“[IMAGE URL]" />Install OpenGraph Meta Data on your website template.
  32. 32. Step 3: Install FB Code On Site Step A. <div id="fb-root"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var ref=searchRef(); window.console.log(ref); (function() { var e = document.createElement(script); e.src = document.location.protocol + //; e.async = true; document.getElementById(fb-root).appendChild(e); }()); // Asynchronous Initiation of Facebook API window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ appId : „[ YOUR APP ID HERE], status : true, // check login status cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session xfbml : true, // parse XFBML oauth : true //enables OAuth 2.0 }); fbApiInitialized = true; }; // Runs Keyword Demographics Function once init is finished fbEnsureInit(kwdemos); </script>Step B: <fb:login-button scope="user_birthday,user_location">Login with Facebook</fb:login-button> Install the code for the Facebook Button & Connection into your site
  33. 33. Step 4: Install SessVars.js Get the code: <script type="text/javascript" src=“"></script> This file is a helper function to track a variable throughout a user’s visit.
  34. 34. Step 5: Install KLD Code Get the code: <script type="text/javascript" src=“"></script> Include the kwdemos.js file in the header of the site.
  35. 35. Step 6: Congratulate Yourself That wasn’t so hard was it?Take a look in your custom variables in Google Analytics, you’re up and running!
  36. 36. ProTip: Just Track the PersonaCheck for key attributes of the persona with an if statement if (demos.age >= „18‟ && demos.age <= „40‟ && demos.gender=“male” && demos.state == “New York”) { _gaq.push([„_setCustomVar‟,‟1‟,‟Persona‟,‟Curi ous George‟,1]); } Push just the name rather than all of the data points Work with a developer on this Identify the key criteria and just push the name of the persona to GA for ease.
  37. 37. :Beep Boop BOOM:
  38. 38. Measuring PeopleUsing personas helps you identify insights in terms of people rather than abstracts
  39. 39. Measuring Link Building Efforts ReferralTwitter User Persona Status Traffic oxytree Curious George Engaged N/A MikeEv4ns Tech Geek No Response N/A RodolfoValiense Film Purist Closed 40483 LG_Thailand Tech Geek Closed 1491 TT_PangPang Tech Geek Closed 10785 Visual_Post Tech Geek Closed 20237 versianni Gamer Closed 40171 Looks like links from dinamofilmes Tech Geek Closed 22011 Gamers are easiest to get and drive the most Mitsubishi3D Gamer Closed 23908 traffic! iCronos4 Tech Geek Closed 24960 BigStage Gamer Closed 9808 XanPhillips Gamer Closed 30569 Amazon_Lover Gamer Closed 22814Segmenting your audience will better help scale outreach and measure success
  40. 40. Dynamic TargetingWhat Normal Users See What Curious George Sees Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard (Dramatization)Using this data you can build a site that reflects the persona when they arrive
  41. 41. Keyword Ownership OWNER Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • Male • Male • Male • Male • Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move • Wishes he could live in • Wishes you would stop out his mom’s the movie Avatar invading his online basement privacy• 5000 Searches Monthly • 600 Searches Monthly • 1000 Searches Monthly • 100 Searches Monthly• Conversion Rate 5% • Conversion Rate 2% • Conversion Rate 0.5% • Conversion Rate 0.2%Take a look in your custom variables in Google Analytics, you’re up and running!
  42. 42. Keyword Arbitrage Initial Keyword Conversion Persona Keyword Subsequent Conversion Keyword Rate Revenue Keyword Rate Revenue Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 Sneakers 40% $50 Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 Windbreakers 60% $100 Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 T-Shirts 20% $20 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Sneakers 32% $50 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Windbreakers 5% $100 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 T-shirts 80% $20 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Sneakers 50% $50 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Windbreakers 40% $100 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 T-shirts 75% $20Including audience in measurement helps to determine where to spend money
  43. 43. Predicting Audience Action Curious George60% of these users thatbuy sneakers from thekeyword “sneakers” comeback and purchasewindbreakers Take a look in your custom variables in Google Analytics, you’re up and running!
  44. 44. We are now cleared for take off. Questions?
  45. 45. Michael King | Global Associate See me speak @ SMX West (2/28 – 3/1/2012) LinkLove London (3/30/2012) @ipullrank