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Holistic SEO

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Holistic SEO

  1. 1. THE HOLISTIC SEO PROCESSLet’s grow up, stop being the Kanye Westof digital marketing and legitimize SEOMICHAEL KINGDIRECTOR OF INBOUND MARKETING @ipullrank
  2. 2. DOWNLOAD THIS DECK:http://iacq.co/holistic-seo @ipullrank
  3. 3. SEO = KANYE WEST SEO is the Kanye West of the Digital Marketing Mix@ipullrank
  4. 4. THE CALCULUS OF MARKETING Search Engine Optimization is seen as esoteric and we as SEOs often use the fact that no one truly understands what we do to be prima donnas and exclude more than we include @ipullrank
  5. 5. THE TYPICAL SEO PROCESS SEO is treated as an initiative that exists in a vacuum asking for change without justification across the rest of the digital touchpoints. This process is simply not enough. @ipullrank
  6. 6. IT DOESN’T FIT INTO THE BRAND RELATIONSHIP MODEL SEO typically ignores the other moving parts of a brand’s internal and external relationships within the market @ipullrank
  8. 8. STANDARD SEO KICKOFF QUESTIONS What analytics package do you use? Are there any other domains or sites that you own? What SEO efforts have been done in the past? List your top 3 competitors. Do you have social media accounts? What keywords are you looking to rank for? The biggest problem with this is we often take these inputs at face value. That is to say, very often the brands that the client believes they are competing with offline are not the sites they are competing with for keyword coverage in the SERPs. @ipullrank
  9. 9. STOP PHONING IT IN! Becoming an expert in the niche that you are optimizing for is an extremely underrated step in the SEO process. @ipullrank
  11. 11. STANDARD CLASSIFICATION IS TOO IMPERSONALInformational Navigational TransactionalWays to ____ Company Name Buy _____How to _____ Organization Download ____ nameWhat is _____ Domain name Get _____ Search is about needs and the standard keyword classifier are not enough to understand a searcher’s intent. @ipullrank
  12. 12. KEYWORD RESEARCH BEFORE AUDIENCE? The problem is you go here and look for stuff to optimize for before you even think of who you are talking to or what you are talking about! @ipullrank
  13. 13. THE QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING What is the purpose of your site? What are you trying to get users to do once they arrive? Who is your target audience? @ipullrank
  14. 14. RANKING IS NOT A BUSINESS GOAL Being #1 is great, but if it doesn’t drive qualified traffic that converts for the business objectives, you haven’t done anything. @ipullrank
  18. 18. KANYE JUSTWANTS TO BE #1 @ipullrank
  20. 20. SEO CHASES THE ALGORITHMSearch is about fulfilling a need for aperson. Search Quality is aboutbetter fulfilling the needs of people. @ipullrank
  21. 21. …IN OTHER WORDSSearch needs to be less aboutWHAT and more about WHO andWHY? @ipullrank
  22. 22. Perhaps you have heard of the Knowledge graph?@ipullrank
  23. 23. COMBINE SEARCH AND SOCIAL Social Search Media @ipullrank
  24. 24. …TO GET THE HOLISTIC SEO APPROACH Optimization Opportunity Discovery Content Strategy Measurement & Development Social Strategy Technical & Development Implementation @ipullrank
  25. 25. OPPORTUNITY DISCOVERY Identifying the who, what, when, where, why of SEO campaigns@ipullrank
  26. 26. BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Sell More 3D TVs More Shares in Social Media Occupy the Conversation Use the client’s business goals to drive audience understanding, keyword selection and every aspect of the campaign @ipullrank
  27. 27. MARKET RESEARCH Learn the vertical inside out before you choose a keyword or write a line of copy. @ipullrank
  28. 28. AUDIENCE RESEARCH - PERSONASMusic Moms Happy Raging Rock stars Involved InstructorsTypically uninformed gift givers Typically professional musicians at Typically professional musicians andlooking for information on the Hobbyists various stages of their careers that thought leaders/content creators who talkright guitar for their happy Typically students or tend to spend more time creating about new techniques and have stronghobbyist or raging rockstar. amateur musicians content with their guitars only opinions about instruments and brands.These people enter the looking for the latest tips consuming content as new guitar These tend to be quite active in theconversation when they are and tricks for playing their technology is released. These are acoustic guitar conversation.looking to make a purchase. guitar. These tend to be the influencers of the happy the most active content hobbyist group. creators in the acoustic guitar conversation. Personas are hypothetical representations of your target audience. Build them as mental models of who you are communicating with. Check out: http://www.seomoz.org/webinars/understanding-your-audience-using-social- media @ipullrank
  29. 29. THE CUSTOMER DECISION JOURNEY Where a user is in the customer decisions journey is called their “need state.” Need states can be explicitly spelled out per keyword and should be as part of the keyword portfolio. Need states can also be custom. @ipullrank
  30. 30. AUDIENCE RESEARCH – NEED STATES This person probably needs information on Searches for the best acoustic guitar [best acoustic guitar] in order to make a purchasing decision. Need State is “Learning to Buy” orMusic Moms “Consider” in theTypically uninformed gift giverslooking for information on the Consumer Decisionright guitar for their happyhobbyist or raging rockstar. JourneyThese people enter theconversation when they arelooking to make a purchase. Need States are the user’s motivations behind their search which help eliminate keyword ambiguity and improves targeted copy. http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/mapping-keyword-usage-to-the-consumer-purchase-process @ipullrank
  31. 31. HOW DO WE DEVELOP THEM?Social Data Educated Personas &Business Goals Guessing Need StatesMarket Research Personas and need states are the art of educated guessing based on data. These are often defined by Strategy and UX teams @ipullrank
  32. 32. YAHOO CLUES Get demographic data at the keyword level straight from Yahoo. http://clues.yahoo.com/ (h/t @keyrelevance) @ipullrank
  33. 33. QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS Who does ComScore, AdPlanner, etc say is the audience for this vertical? If it’s a new site check out a competitor’s site in Ad Planner @ipullrank
  34. 34. FACEBOOK AD CREATOR Use the FB tool to see how many people fall into an audience by interest and demo. This tool is the Adwords Keyword Tool of Personas http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/ @ipullrank
  35. 35. SOCIAL LISTENING Start your social listening in Topsy, Social Mention, and/or Amplicate to see who is talking in social media. Paid enterprise tools such as Radian6, ScoutLabs, also available. @ipullrank
  36. 36. ANALYTICS MINING Pull keywords that are performing from analytics @ipullrank
  37. 37. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Know your competitor’s plays across search, social and the general market so you can make an even better gameplan @ipullrank
  38. 38. SEARCHMETRICS ESSENTIALS The quickest way to understand what your competitors are doing as they track performing keywords, traffic, and social for many sites Get it: http://suite.searchmetrics.com/en/essentials @ipullrank
  39. 39. KEYWORD RESEARCH Once you understand your audience and what they are looking for, then finally do keyword research @ipullrank
  40. 40. KEYWORD PORTFOLIO (DELIVERABLE) The Keyword Portfolio is a spreadsheet that outlines keyword opportunities by search volume, current ranking, landing page, need state, and target segment. @ipullrank
  41. 41. SITE AUDIT (DELIVERABLE) The overall site audit does not change aside from the fact that issues need to be discussed with business objectives and audience in mind. @ipullrank
  42. 42. CONTENT AUDIT (DELIVERABLE) Find out what content exists to determine what can be re-purpose, what needs to be fixed up and what needs to be destroyed. @ipullrank
  43. 43. BRAND RELATIONSHIPS Who is your brand down with? Who can they leverage? Who are they connected to? @ipullrank
  44. 44. OFFLINE ASSETS What tools, venues, prizes, etc. are at the brands disposal that you can leverage for this SEO campaign? @ipullrank
  45. 45. MEASUREMENT PLAN (DELIVERABLE) Determine the KPIs for the SEO campaign and outline how they will be measured. @avinash explains how to do this http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/digital-marketing-and-measurement-model/ @ipullrank
  46. 46. CONTENT STRATEGY Content is King so Watch the Throne@ipullrank
  47. 47. CONTENT IS KING? The irony is that so many preach “Content is King,” but they don’t fight for the content. Is Content is truly king you should not take on a client that won’t allow content strategy. @ipullrank
  48. 48. KEYWORD MAPPING (SEO COPY BRIEF) This Document outlines a keyword-relevant information architecture, objective, audience, key performance indicators and best practices for content development and will drive the content ideation process. @ipullrank
  49. 49. CONTENT IDEATION You now know who and why you’re targeting now you must sit down with the stakeholders, content strategists and creative teams to figure out what you will build that aligns with business goals and audience needs @ipullrank
  50. 50. GOFISH I made a tool that uses Twitter for real-time keyword research to help get content ideas that people want now. Get it: http://ipullrank.com/tools/gofish/ @ipullrank
  51. 51. APPLICATION OF GOFISHCombine concepts that peopleare talking about now to create aunique piece of compellingcontent with a built-in audience. Michael Jackson Jackson Trial South Park @ipullrank ?
  52. 52. MICHAEL JACKSON DOCTOR TRIAL SOUTH PARK EDITION Seed the content you create to influential Twitter users identified by GoFish. @ipullrank
  53. 53. FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATIONS TOOL Find out what is the most popular content on a given domain and make a better version. Expand to 1000 pixels to see up to 20 top performers in social. Use it: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/recommendations/ @ipullrank
  54. 54. @SEOGADGET CONTENT STRATEGY TOOL Similar to GoFish this Google Docs tool scrapes various blogs and discussions to get hot ideas Use it: https://seogadget.co.uk/using-google-docs-to-generate-hot-content-strategies/ (@dbseo) @ipullrank
  55. 55. DATA VIZ AS MAXIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT Maximize the digital assets of your data visualization content in order to pull links and social engagement from all the available channels. Check out: http://www.lifeinsurancefinder.com.au/infographics/what-happens-online-when-you-die/ @ipullrank
  56. 56. ANNOTATED WIREFRAMES The wireframes are your opportunity to make sure the site is visually adhering to SEO recommendations and the place for dev and creative teams to make sure they are doing things right @ipullrank
  57. 57. CONTENT STRATEGY IS ITS OWN FIELD We as SEOs do a significant amount of content strategy and I would suggest this book to find out more about its processes and the people involved in order to better speak their language. @ipullrank
  58. 58. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT Checks and Balances for the Development Team@ipullrank
  59. 59. IMPLEMENTATION AUDIT (DELIVERABLE) You’ve already laid the technical framework so once the team promises you that the SEO issues were fixed go through the whole site again and double check then create a simple spreadsheet that outlines the issues and make it clear what was fixed and what was not @ipullrank
  60. 60. SITE MIGRATION Since social and search are converging site migration is more than 301 redirects now. it’s important to maintain your social proof as well. http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2172926/How-to-Maintain-Social-Shares-After-a- Site-Migration @ipullrank
  61. 61. SOCIAL STRATEGY Off Page Optimization Redefined@ipullrank
  62. 62. LINK BUILDING IS A BIG PICTURE INITIATIVE Link building affects and is affected by the outward communication from a brand. Tying it to a big idea or a bigger picture campaign is far more effective than the one to one tactics SEO is known for. @ipullrank
  64. 64. LINK BUILDING GUIDES I wrote two six month plans for link building built on holistic SEO strategy – http://www.iacquire.com/resources/link-building-guides @ipullrank
  65. 65. MAKE NEWS OR MAKE FRIENDS MAKE NEWS MAKE FRIENDS The most effective ways to build links naturally is by making news or making friends. Brands are in a unique position to do so due to their brand equity, leverage that. @ipullrank
  66. 66. SHARE OF VOICE Making the case for link building and SEO in general is best done through a metric that higher ups and traditional advertisers understand – Share of Voice. SoV is the amount of possible opportunity a given brand occupies. @ipullrank
  67. 67. KEYWORD OPP AS FUNCTION OF SoV [ham sandwich] = 33,100 LSV The most traffic you can get in #1 spot is 18.2% (6042.2 visits) If the client gets 500 visits then their SoV is 8.3% for that keyword. [ham sandwich] converts at 10% at $50 value $30,200 - $2500 = $27,700 left on the table Explain the opportunity cost of not going after link building efforts by explaining what share of voice the client has and link building gets them a bigger share of voice and in turn more money. @ipullrank
  68. 68. INTEGRATED LINK STRATEGY Social Media PR Events Contests While link building has always been about casting the widest net, social strategy is about casting the rightest net the widest. Couple these channels and tactics with standard outreach. @ipullrank
  69. 69. PUBLIC RELATIONS – News is better than advertising, so a key part of social strategy is doing things that make news. Align with PR team and let them do a lot of the heavy lifting and outreach to prospects that SEO isn’t able to go after. They can land bigger sites that get scraped regularly so their return is typically one to many. @ipullrank
  70. 70. CONTESTS Rather than performing outreach and directly offering them a free sample or (gasp) money request that they enter a contest wherein their entry is a blog post about the brand’s topic that contains a link. @ipullrank
  71. 71. EVENTS KANYE KNOWS HOW TO THROW A PARTY AND GET PEOPLE LINKING! Throwing a party, conference or trade show is another one-to-many return for link building. Simply host an event and invite influencers in the brand’s audience where the stipulation for attendance is that people must blog about it and link back to you. @ipullrank
  72. 72. SOCIAL MEDIA Use social media conversation to find the influencers in the space with regard to the target audience and business goals. Build social media profiles to be authoritative and engaging to easily get your content shared and also convert sharers into linkers. @ipullrank
  73. 73. MEASUREMENT / OPTIMIZATION@ipullrank
  75. 75. MEASURE THROUGH YOUR AUDIENCE Local Target Monthly Search Target Need Conversion Landing Page Keyword Ranking Searches Page Traffic Persona State Rate Curious Unaware/3d-glasses.html 3d glasses 10 18100 Glasses 671 George Interested 17.63% /2d-3d- 2d to 3d Awareconversion.html conversion 2 1000 Conversion 400 Tech Geek Owner 67.47% /3d-tv- Curious Unaware glasses.html 3d tv glasses 3 1000 Glasses 489 George Interested 58.00% /glasses-free- Curious Aware 3d.html glasses free 3d 1 1000 Glasses 1289 George Owner 35.15% /real-3d- Curious Aware glasses.html real 3d glasses 2 1000 Glasses 852 George Owner 98.37% /3d-ready.html 3d ready 2 720 3D-Ready 607 All All 73.05%/3d-ready-tv.html 3d ready tv 2 590 3D-Ready 276 All All 85.49% Using personas allows you step away from abstracts and identify insights in terms of people and their needs and not care so much about things like [not provided[ @ipullrank
  76. 76. MEASURE TO VALIDATE PERSONAS Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard Validate your hypotheses via data collected in conversions and visits. You can also test effectiveness using demographic targeting with Facebook Ads and Paid Search @ipullrank
  77. 77. USE KEYWORD-LEVEL DEMOGRAPHICS Search Keyword-LevelFB:Admin Demographics Referrers Validate your hypotheses via data collected in conversions and visits. You can also test effectiveness using demographic targeting with Facebook Ads and Paid Search @ipullrank
  79. 79. JUST TRACK THE PERSONACheck for key attributes of the persona with an if statement if (demos.age >= „18‟ && demos.age <= „40‟ && demos.gender=“male” && demos.state == “New York”) { _gaq.push([„_setCustomVar‟,‟1‟,‟Persona‟,‟Curi ous George‟,1]); } Push just the name rather than all of the data points @ipullrank
  80. 80. KEYWORD OWNERSHIP OWNER Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • Male • Male • Male • Male • Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move • Wishes he could live in • Wishes you would stop out his mom’s the movie Avatar invading his online basement privacy• 5000 Searches Monthly • 600 Searches Monthly • 1000 Searches Monthly • 100 Searches Monthly• Conversion Rate 5% • Conversion Rate 2% • Conversion Rate 0.5% • Conversion Rate 0.2% Once a statistically significant dataset is compiled it can be determined which demographic and/or persona is more likely to convert for a given keyword and develop messaging that focuses on that group. @ipullrank
  81. 81. DYNAMIC TARGETINGWhat Normal Users See What Curious George Sees Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard (Dramatization) Using this data you can build a site that reflects the persona when they arrive @ipullrank
  82. 82. KEYWORD ARBITRAGE Initial Conversion Persona Keyword Subsequent Conversion Keyword Keyword Rate Revenue Keyword Rate Revenue Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 Sneakers 40% $50 Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 Windbreakers 60% $100 Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 T-Shirts 20% $20 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Sneakers 32% $50 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Windbreakers 5% $100 Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 T-shirts 80% $20 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Sneakers 50% $50 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Windbreakers 40% $100 T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 T-shirts 75% $20 Tracking keyword demographics also allows the attribution of future purchases to the original keyword and will give way to keyword matrices. @ipullrank
  83. 83. SUBSEQUENT CONVERSION PREDICTIONWe develop personas Users come from Curious George We aggressively target Curious Georgebased on social data search, we collect buys a pair of in other channels for comes back and data sneakers the next buy buys a windbreaker Curious George @ipullrank
  84. 84. THE WINNING FORMULAS Keyword Price per Keyword Earnings Annual Earnings Ratio per initial click Annual Earnings Keyword per initial click Earnings Yield Price per Keyword Based on how often an initial keyword leads to future conversions of subsequent keywords businesses will be able to measure the annual value of a keyword and react accordingly. @ipullrank
  85. 85. OTHER DATA SOURCES LinkedIn Google+ Opt-In Opt-In Professional data [Not Provided] Although Facebook is the most granular and adopted, these other outlets also allow you to get data on your users. LinkedIn Profile Data: https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/profile-fields @ipullrank G+ API People Data: https://developers.google.com/+/api/latest/people
  86. 86. TRACK YOUR RANKINGSRanking Keyword Post: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/gettings-rankings-into-ga-using-custom-variables (@dohertyjf) Code: https://github.com/ipullrank/Google-Analytics-Rankings @ipullrank
  87. 87. WHAT POSITION CONVERTS BEST? Target Keyword Ranking Conversion Rate 3d glasses 1 17.63% 3d glasses 2 67.47% 3d glasses 3 58.00% 3d glasses 4 35.15% 3d glasses 2 98.37% People are oftentimes shopping around and therefore ranking first does not result in a conversion. @ipullrank
  88. 88. DYNAMIC MESSAGING BASED ON RANKINGSPosition #1 messaging Position #2 messaging Historically converting positionThe Time Constraint The Challenge Normal Messaging Change messaging and offer different features like price comparisons based on rankings to help visitors convert. Read: http://www.zazzlemedia.co.uk/blog/dynamic-messaging-based-on-ranking-to-improve-conversion/ @ipullrank
  89. 89. LINK REPORTING Report your link building efforts through your target audience to determine which segment drives the most traffic and what type of prospect to put efforts into moving forward. @ipullrank
  90. 90. WHY DO IT THIS WAY? 6 Reasons Holistic SEO is the future@ipullrank
  91. 91. BRAND BUY-IN SEO has always been an industry that explains itself using empirical data. Starting from the audience, a place that businesses can understand, it is far easier to get buy-in for SEO initiatives. @ipullrank
  92. 92. COMPARE THE TWO STATEMENTS“We want to build links targeting “We’d like to launch a contest targetingwebsites with a PageRank of 3 or Influential Moms with over 5000higher. We’ll reach out to a variety followers on Twitter. To enter they’dof prospects and target anchor write blog posts that link back to ourtext for keyword opportunities properties in order to drive traffic foridentified by our extensive our target Listener Moms that arekeyword research in order to gain using Search to buy more healthyrankings for your brand.” cereal.” Speaking directly to the brand’s audience and business objectives makes it much easier to achieve brand buy-in @ipullrank
  93. 93. STOP CHASING THE ALGORITHM Google’s goal is to give people what they want, build and optimize with people in mind and you’ll always be ahead of the algorithm. That is not to say technical tenets of SEO can be ignored. @ipullrank
  94. 94. A BETTER WEB HEAL THE WEB the consumer is the biggest winner here. Naturally businesses benefit immensely as well, but the more we optimize with people in mind the more likely their needs will be fulfilled and consequently, the more likely we are to get those people to convert. @ipullrank
  95. 95. SCALABILITY Getting on the same page with the other capabilities allows SEO efforts to be scaled considerably for brands large and small. This is how we regularly achieve those otherwise rare instances of synergy between capabilities. @ipullrank
  96. 96. CROSS-CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Taking a holistic approach allows each channel to inform another of why they might be experiencing difficulties and how to optimize. For example we can discover through social what people are actually looking for and validate it through landing page tests to inform product decisions. @ipullrank
  97. 97. (NOT PROVIDED)…SO WHAT? Google is not going to give us our keyword data back. Measure the resonance of content via conversions and track rankings against landing page traffic to understand whether intent is matching your target audience. @ipullrank
  99. 99. MICHAEL KINGDirector of Inbound Marketing www.iacquire.com mike@iacquire.com @iPullRank THANK YOU / Q&A
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