iPublishCentral Corporate Brochure 2011


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iPublishCentral Corporate Brochure 2011

  1. 1. The world’s most powerful Books-on-the-Cloud platformwww.ipublishcentral.com an Impelsys solution
  2. 2. Leaders in Digital Publishing We are the technology partner for many leading publishers, helping them compete, evolve and grow in an increasingly complex marketplace. Through focused technology innovation and deep insight into the publishing process, we help publishers create new online products and revenue streams without significant investments. iPublishCentral is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective, and flexible online content delivery technologies and services to the global publishing industry. By putting our wealth of experience to work with products like ‘ Our mission is to be the leader in iPublishCentral™, publishers learn how to monetize content, build directenabling the global publishing community relationships with readers, and develop the vision and strategy that builds tangible, long-term success.to deliver and market electronic content ’
  3. 3. The iPublishCentral Suite The Admin Console: The Powerhouse for Publishers The iPublishCentral Admin Console is a versatile dashboard that empowers publishers to manage their entire eBookstore business. Be it creating collections, or providing access codes, to even determining pricing modules, the iPublishCentral Admin Console is a powerful tool that makes digital publishing very easy. The Warehouse & Marketing Tools Our innovative technology support has been designed to meet the growing needs of the publishing industry. It has iDAMS for warehousing and distributing online content which is a secure, hosted Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that enables publishers to store, search, retrieve and distribute their digital assets from a single point. iPublish Widget and iPublishViewInside are viral marketing tools that aid marketing of titles across social channels and other online avenues.iPublishCentral — Pioneers in ProvidingElectronic Publishing SolutionsiPublishCentral, is a one-stop digital publishing infrastructure solution thathas been designed to meet the growing needs of the publishing industry. It isconvenient, caters to all sizes of business, can be deployable and adopted,and runs on a business model that requires no significant investments. The End-User Portal: Enabling Experiential ReadingHundreds of publishers have benefited from the advantages of To ensure that the readers get the maximum benefit, iPublishCentral helps theiPublishCentral and more are adopting it everyday. What’s more exciting is publisher create rich, user-friendly branded eBooks portal. With features like smarterthat it comes in flexible business models and versions to suit publishers from search, product and site navigation and eCommerce support, the End-User Portaldifferent segments and different sizes. is the publisher’s best friend. Data & AnalyticsFeatures like asset management, flexible pricing, multiple device/format Rich data analysis and reports from iPublishCentral help you zoom-in on yourdelivery and innovative access plans empower publishers to get ahead of the reader market, understand reader behavior, measure your digital-content perfor-competition. Add to this new exciting features, capability to go live in seven mance and help your editorial team to create better content.days and the freedom of pay-as-you go pricing. The next big challenge for Publishers has not limited itself to managing the books and carts; but has moved into knowing their audience and market well. It is becoming increasingly critical for publishers to be informed of their market and live up to reader’s expectations. iPublishCentral reports understand this challenge and help publishers realize the benefits of real data analytics and metrics. These reports help publishers not only get their books delivered and marketed across major upcoming technology platforms and devices, but also help them with tools to track and monitor their digital content performance.
  4. 4. 1 2 3 The world’s most powerful Sell directly to Deliver content Evaluate your business Books-on-the-Cloud platform consumers & across multiple performance with rich that helps publishers institutions devices data analytics & reports eBook Portal iPublishCentral enables publishers to create a media rich Publisher Marketing Distribute end-user portal/eBookStore within days. Through their Publishers can capitalize on the latest viral marketing tools like Publisher can push assets and title metadata, to eBookStore publishers can offer hundreds of eBooks online, sell widgets and book previews to create multiple storefronts across infomediaries and resellers through automated, content directly to their readers, as well as, get the flexibility to the web and promote titles across various social networks & blogs, scheduled or manual pushes. They are also provided offer different pricing models. thereby spinning a worldwide viral web around their book content. with options for quick alerts for data distribution to infomediaries and resellers.Publisher’s ConsoleOnce registered on iPublishCentral, a publisher has full control over all Deliverdigital publishing activities by means of a full-fledged administratordashboard. This allows the publisher to define and manage all digital assets iPublishCentral helps deliver the online content to end-users onand end-user access in a simple and efficient way, from a single place. various devices like iPhone, iPad, eInk devices, Android devices and Computers. The ‘deliver’ module ensures seamless delivery of content across all reading devices and creates an easily accessible and delightful experience for readers. Business Models iPublishCentral allows publishers to offer flexible Business Models to their readers. They can offer their books on subscription-basis or can even sell them online directly, to end-users and institutional buyers. Feedback iPublishCentral helps publishers track and monitor their reader dynamics and feedback through reports. These feedback reports are a consolidated form of reader data, captured over time for all delivered content.
  5. 5. Book-as-an-App This gives the publisher the power to make select titles available to their read- ers on various reader devices and smartphones. These Apps are supported for iPhone, iPad, eInk devices and Android devices. eBookStore-as-an-App With the eBookStore-as-an-App offering, publishers can now offer a branded bookstore on various reading devices and smartphones. These Apps help publishers transform their collections into branded apps, manageiPublishCentral Mobile Apps announcements at the back end, promote and support DRM enabled con- tent in PDF and ePub formats. It also helps publishers to understand readeriPublishCentral, with its Mobile Apps solutions, enables publishers to create behaviors through reports and in exploring proactive ways to monetize contentand execute a full-fledged, successful mobile strategy. It helps publishers to through these Mobile Apps.convert books into interesting Mobile Apps for iPad, Android devices andsmartphones. Publishers can choose to offer stand-alone apps for singletitles or an entire collection/catalog of eBooks. “Sesame Workshop”®, “Sesame Street”®, and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. © 2010 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. iPublishCentral’s Services Complementing our array of innovative solutions, iPublishCentral’s Services add infinite value to your digital content. Be it our Multimedia Services that enhance your eBooks by adding animation and effects or our Content Conversion services that make conversion a smarter, quicker and more effective process. Our gamut of services is extremely flexible and widespread. Custom Portal Services iPublishCentral offers opportunities for publishers to create rich portals around a book, a series of books or a specific published content. It allows publishers to monetize their content, strengthen their relationships with readers, and establish a profitable digital presence. With our Custom Portal Services, digital content publishers can reduce their infrastructure and human resource expenses, granting them total freedom and control over their digital properties. Portals can also be built around journals and online books. Convert print content into interactive multimedia like 2D animation, 3D animation, interactive internet applications, interactive videos or Multimedia study exercises, mobiles apps and morePublisher Marketing Services Publish electronic samples prior to print, and offers publishersOnce the titles are available in various eBook formats, publishers often face Virtual Sampling a faster, easier and powerful way to provide electronicthe challenge of how to best market their assets. The realizable benefits they samples of their programsforesee are — elevated sales, increased store traffic, reader behavior studyand viral marketing of their eBooks. Transform standard printed books into virtual electronic books, Talking eBooks adding to them a variety of illustrative and audio features such asAt iPublishCentral, we have publishing tools like ViewInside and narration words, and read-along color-coding of wordsiPublish Widget, that help publishers reach out to global audience with theirtitles but also enable them to discover demographics of where their content Deliver content in various formats like XML, PDF, XML/SGML, Contentis viewed. Our specialized Publisher Marketing Services team takes on the Conversion NIMAS, eBooks and image conversionsownership of marketing your titles by creating and sustaining interest, Full online courseware created around a book, LMS cartridges,enhancing product visibility that ultimately facilitate sales conversions. eLearning assessment engines for all major LMS system and instructional designers, image designers, skill sets Enable Direct Sales Support for online content with online publishing tools such as instructor Digital content publishers can direct resource CD/student resource CD, full book on CD, interactive games traffic straight to retailers or their Social Visibility Ancillary Content development, powerpoint presentations, flash & interactive own digital content portal Readers and authors can spread presentations, Q&A, assessment programs, image collection/image Development information about a title on social profile pages bank, interactive image bank with label on/off, quiz banks/question Publisher Marketing bank and audio-video collection Services Smart Reports Know everything about consumer habits with these robust reports
  7. 7. Client VerticalsOver the years, iPublishCentral has evolved as a leading technologysolutions provider in the publishing ecosystem. After all, our reach acrossvarious verticals and publishers has helped us build an unmatched legacyand strengthened our foothold.We have partnered with esteemed publishers from various verticals andhelped them in their digital endeavors.STM (Science Technology Medicine) Associations and SocietiesEducational University Presses Children Trade
  8. 8. iPublishCentral Products Value Proposition Warehouse One-stop solution that addresses all the needs Distribute of publishers Market End-to-end content services for all major publishing Deliver verticals like: STM, Trade, Educational, Children, University Presses, Associations and Societies, Professional and Reference, Religious and Libraries Mobile Apps Publisher Marketing Tools iPublishCentral lets the publishers step-up their digital strategies by presenting to them a brand new way to warehouse, distribute, deliver and market their online iPublishCentral assets — all through one platform ServicesContent Conversion The business-critical info like reader’s feedback, content monitoring, book performance and selling demogaphics Multimedia are readily available to the publishers Talking eBooks iPublishCentral helps publishers reach the right audience through marketing tools like — Virtual Sampling iPublish Widget and ViewInside eLearning With iPublishCentral, your books go Mobile and reach the readers through multiple platforms and devices Ancillary Content Development across the globe
  9. 9. Impelsys is the company to watch over the next few years. Steve Paxhia, Seybold Report iPublishCentral is poised at the right place at the right time because it encourages publishers, big and small, to experiment with web technologies. Marisa Peacock, CMSWire The iPublishCentral platform allows us to meet our readers where they are: online. It has given us a way to move our book content online without the investment of time or money that would be required to build such a platform ourselves. Gita Manaktala, Marketing Director for The MIT Press iPublishCentral also helped us open new markets internationally. Tom Reycraft, President of Benchmark Education CompanyUS INDIAIMPELSYS INC. IMPELSYS INDIA PVT. LTD.55 Broad Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10004. #150, ‘B’ Tower, 8th Floor, Diamond DistrictUSA, Tel: +1 212 239 4138 Airport Road, Bangalore 560 008. IndiaFax: +1 917 591 9536 Tel: +91-80-66167500.UK UAEIMPELSYS INC. IMPELSYS INC.#28, Long Lodge Drive, Walton On Thames Surrey P O Box No. 50084, HFZ-SharjahKT123BY, UK. 44-781-469-9591 United Arab Emirateswww.ipublishcentral.com an Impelsys solution