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Doing Advocacy Better With Social Media | IPS Africa
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Doing Advocacy Better With Social Media | IPS Africa

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By Paula Frey for the CIVICUS World Assembly 2011

By Paula Frey for the CIVICUS World Assembly 2011

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Inter Press Service Doing advocacy better with New Media
    • Inter Press Service (IPS) is a communication
    • institution with a global news agency at its core.
    • IPS in action means …
    • Providing news and content
    • Dissemination and networking
    • Capacity Building
  • 3.
  • 4. Reporting Research
    • In 2009, IPS Africa introduced short-term project “Changing Lives: Making Research Real” to promote the understanding and use of research
    • Allowed us to test various story forms: online, radio, slideshows, video;
    • Sought to engage policymakers in research;
    • Put focus on a subject not usually regarded as newsworthy…
  • 5. Reporting Research
  • 6. New Media
    • Interactive forms of communication that use the Internet, including podcasts, RSS feeds, social networks, text messaging, blogs, wikis, virtual worlds …
  • 7. Why new media?
    • Connect
    • Collaborate
    • Create
    • … used appropriately, build an interactive relationship with stakeholders to drive strategic objectives
  • 8. Who is using new media?
    • Internet access (digital divide)
    • Internet literacy (capacity to use the platform)
  • 9. Who is using new media?
    • Target Audience
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Geographic
      • LSMs
      • Language
  • 10. The Critical Elements
    • Understanding your own target audience
    • Identifying which platforms they use to find their information
    • Understanding what info they want …
    • How they use that information… and,
    • How they interact with that information
  • 11. An overview
    • New platforms allow organisations to contact their users directly
    • New media tools allow for greater sharing, e.g. Flickr, Podcasts
    • The world is smaller but also more complex to navigate
    • The news is global … yet local
  • 12. Defining Your Audiences' Needs
    • People access online information in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons. We there need to ask:
    • What are your primary needs?
    • Tell us how our services help you? When do you turn to us?
  • 13. Defining Your Audiences' Needs
  • 14. Defining Your Audiences' Needs
    • Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to defining your audiences’ needs:
      • Web Accessibility
      • New vs. returning visitors
      • You still have to capture attention
  • 15. Defining Your Audiences' Needs
  • 16. Developing a New Media Plan
    • We know who are audience are…
    • We know what they need…
  • 17. Developing a New Media Plan
    • Who? Who is your target audience? What tools are they using?
    • What? Do you want to listen to your customers, or to talk with them? Support them, energize them or collaborate with them?
    • Why? What do you want to accomplish?
    • How? This might be a podcast, wiki, social networking site, or a blog.
  • 18. Points to remember
    • Create once, reuse often
      • On various platforms
    • Appropriate technology
      • Be guided by your audience not latest app
    • User-centered design
  • 19. Knowing if Your Strategy is Working
    • Define the measurement of success
      • Outcomes versus…
      • Impact
      • … from the outset
    • Build measurement into the programme
      • Ask your audience: Intake forms, newsletters, follow-up questionnaires, in print as well as online. Use new media tools, e.g. Google Analytics
  • 20. Comments, Questions? Thank You