End of Unlimited Data Plans


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Position paper about unlimited data plans

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End of Unlimited Data Plans

  1. 1. position paperEnd of Unlimited mobile data planshow to reduce costs and increase customer satisfactionIn the era of unlimited usage plans, Internet service providers face increasing data traffic caused by bandwidth consump-tion due to video streaming. Network congestion is the result of constantly growing data volume. In fact, the operator’scapital infrastructure costs continue to grow and there is no end in sight.Unlimited Mobile Data Plans tion of unknown network traffic. That burden The trouble is that data demands just keep onare doomed will provide a real challenge in the next few growing and they will continue to do so for the years as demand is expected to grow substan- foreseeable future. In the long term, carriersMost Internet users naturally assume an tially. According to Ericsson there are close to will need to invest more in network manage-unlimited mobile data plan would allow them 1 billion mobile broadband subscriptions right ment and smart policy control and chargingto surf the web and download as much content now and by 2015 there will be 3.8 billion. solutions. They need to find ways to manageas they like. Although there are still some con- their traffic efficiently in order to cater fortracts with unlimited service plans, in reality, demand and keep those plans attractive andthere are caps to these plans and exceeding Smart policy control affordable.the monthly allowance will result in overage The possibilities of handling the mobile datacharges or reduced bandwidth. Even finding an As people purchase more and more smart- explosion are various: new service plans of-unlimited plan can be a challenge nowadays. phones and demand for web pages, music and ferings, end-user agreements and network video continues to rise, carriers are going to buildouts but also options surrounding the on-Most of the mobile industry knows by now that have to find a better long-term solution than going measurement of services like streamingunlimited data plans simply aren’t feasible throttling. Thus it is important for operators to audio, streaming video, web browsing, emailanymore. The growth of smartphones and know more about the traffic in their network and more from the subscriber perspective.the increase in mobile data demand is putting first and decide then how to manage the traf- Whatever path a mobile operator chooses, ita strain on networks. Increasing data traffic fic. Individualized service plans are a solution seems likely that truly unlimited mobile datacaused by bandwidth consumption due to for mobile operators who want to satisfy their plans are a thing of the past.video streaming. Network congestion lets the subscribers’ bandwidth hunger and offer themoperator’s capital infrastructure costs continue consistent quality of experience. Tailoringto grow and there is no end in sight. And: with plans for social media addicts or people whonew applications constantly adding to the traf- like to watch a lot of video content might ap- ▸ olutions for Mobile Service Provider: Sfic mix, operators face a considerable propor- peal to consumers. www.ipoque.com/mobile www.ipoque.com