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LLP Comenius I.P.I.L.I.A.!

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Quiz about italy

  1. 2. a) Grapa b) Perroni c) Limoncello 1: It’s a typical liqueur produced in Southern Italy , made with lemons, alcohol and sugar. Do you know its name?
  2. 3. Bad luck! Try again
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  4. 5. 2: It’s a special sauce made with basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and salt, famous all over the world. People in Genoa are good to prepare this sauce. What is its name? a) Pesto c) Peperonata sauce b) Tomato sauce
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  7. 8. a) Gnochhi b) Pizza c) Risotto 3: The colours of this food remind our national flag. It was born in Naples and the famous one is “Margherita”. We call it with the same name all over the world. What is it?
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  10. 11. a) Marzipan b) Panettone 4: To celebrate a wedding you always give this little sweet made of sugar- coated almond. Do you know its name? c) Confetti
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  13. 14. <ul><li>5: He wrote “La Divina Commedia”. His name is Dante. What is his surname? </li></ul>a) Amati b) Alighieri c) Bruno
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  16. 17. <ul><li>6: What is the name of the chocolate made in Perugia that looks like a closed fist? </li></ul>a) Nutella b) Domori c) Bacio Perugina
  17. 18. Bad luck! Try again
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  19. 20. <ul><li>7: She was the 1986 Nobel Prize for medicine. She’s old and she’s a senator for life in the Italian Senate . Her name is Rita. What is her surname? </li></ul>a) Mario R. Capechhi b) Barbara Blumberg c) Rita Levi Montalcini
  20. 21. Bad luck! Try again
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  22. 23. <ul><li>8: The best musical and classical expression of our nation is the lyrical opera. Do you know the author of “AIDA”? </li></ul>a) Gioacchino Rossini b) Giuseppe Verdi c) Arturo Toscanini
  23. 24. Bad luck! Try again
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  25. 26. a) Paolo Barone b) Giuseppe Mazzini c) Goffredo Mameli 9: Novaro set the words to music and people chose it as national anthem. Who wrote the words of Il Canto degli Italiani ?
  26. 27. Bad luck! Try again
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  28. 29. 10: This kind of food is highly nourishing and Italian people cook it every day. The most famous one is “dried” with tomato sauce. Can you tell us its name? a) Pizza b) Lasagna c) Pasta
  29. 30. Bad luck! Try again
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  31. 32. 11: This typical Mediterranean tree identifies the “Bella Napoli”. Do you know his name ? a) Pine Marittimo b) Black Pine c) Stone Pine
  32. 33. Bad luck! Try again
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  34. 35. 12: Who was the first Caesar of the Roman Empire? a) Caligula b) Iulius c) Claudius
  35. 36. Bad luck! Try again
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  37. 38. 13: This miniature reproduces the Greek temple of Neptune, which is the symbol of the ancient splendour of “Magna Grecia” it’s in an important archaeological site near Salerno. Where is this famous temple? a) Pompei b) Paestum c) Herculaneum
  38. 39. Bad luck! Try again
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  40. 41. a) 5 b) 3 c) 4 14: It’s our national sport. The team is composed by eleven players: one is at the door. Italy is the current World Champions. How many titles the Italian National team won?
  41. 42. Bad luck! Try again
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  43. 44. a) Alfa Romeo b) Fiat c) Ferrari 15: Its symbol is a black prancing stallion . Its colour is red and it’s the most famous race car in the world. What is its name?
  44. 45. Bad luck! Try again
  45. 46. Next question Well done!
  46. 47. a) Amalfi b) Vietri sul Mare c) Florence 16: This manufactured product is famous all over the world and it was born in a little town on the sea, near Salerno. What is the name of this little town?
  47. 48. Bad luck! Try again
  48. 49. Next question Well done!
  49. 50. a) Torino b) Rome c) Naples 17: It was the capital of the Roman Empire and now it is the capital of Italy. What is the name of this city?
  50. 51. Bad luck! Try again
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  52. 53. a) Tower of Venice b) Tower of Milan c) Tower of Pisa 18: As France has the Eiffel tower our country has the leaning tower. What is its name?
  53. 54. Bad luck! Try again
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  55. 56. a) Republic of Venice b) State of the Vatican City c) San Marino 19: It is called a city but it is a state, it is very small but it welcomes a lot of pilgrims. What’s the name of this state which can be found in Italy ?
  56. 57. Bad luck! Try again
  57. 58. Next question Well done!
  58. 59. a) Sicilia b) Campania c) Sardegna 20: In our country there’s Etna, one of the last remaining active Volcanoes in the world. In which region can you find it?
  59. 60. Bad luck! Try again
  60. 61. Next question Well done!
  61. 62. 21: What is the main religion in Italy today? a) Baptist b) Protestant c) Roman Catholicism
  62. 63. Bad luck! Try again
  63. 64. Next question Well done!
  64. 65. a) Vesuvio b) Etna c) Mont Blank 22: It destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in A.D. 79. What is the name of the most famous volcano near Naples?
  65. 66. Bad luck! Try again
  66. 67. Next question Well done!
  67. 68. a) a food manufacturer b) a famous sculptor c) a key player in the unification of Italy 23: Who was Garibaldi?
  68. 69. Bad luck! Try again
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  70. 71. a) Isonzo b) Po c) Ofanto 24:What is the name of the longest river in Italy?
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  73. 74. <ul><li>25: What are Antonio Vivaldi's 4 concerti grossi known as today? </li></ul>a) The Four Seasons b) The Messiah c) La Stravaganza
  74. 75. Bad luck! Try again
  75. 76. The end Well done!