From Shadow to Light - script


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The script of the play From Shadow to Light based on the work of project group LLP Comenius 2011-2013, Project From Shadow to Light / Slovakia, Bulgaria, UK, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Poland

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From Shadow to Light - script

  1. 1. Sequence of scenes and basic scenic remarks to „mise-en scene“ of individual scenes. Scene no. 1 : (a transparent curtain is down, the curtain represents upper part of the music box and the Ringmaster (or the Principal) is sitting in front of it. He´s got colourful clown costume and noticable hat. All the children from the project are sitting behind the curtain, they are a little visible through the transparent curtain, they hold instruments, there are three portable stages (or moving podiums, or rostrum) on the stage at different levels) Lighting: spotlight, not sharp, rather disperse light on the Ringmaster. The spotlight follows him. The Ringmaster: He is sitting on the edge of the proscenium and he´s swinging his legs, he can whistle main melody. He creates the impression that he is little bored...he contemplates for a while, he is looking for something he can play with...he takes out a magic wand from his costume, he starts to think up some etudes – he is rowing, he finds out that it´s raining, he takes out his umbrella, he notices somethig in the distance, he aims, he shoots, he plays a flute. sound : children provide every action of the Ringmaster with their voices, without instruments, the real sound of the instrument comes with the sound of the flute The Ringmaster : he listens to the sound of the flute, he stops playing flute with his fingers, the sound of the flute also stops, he carefully starts to play – the sound comes again, Ringmaster starts to enjoy it, he takes his wand and he starts to play it as accordion. sound : real accordion reacts to the moves of the Ringmaster The Ringmaster: he is delighted with the ability of the wand and he starts to conduct the orchestra sound: sounds only just theme of our song (song from Livia), use rythm instruments. Do you remember colour from this workshop? - BLUE colour The Ringmaster: he likes the whole action, he´s got great idea, he puts on roguish expression, he uses wand as a crank arm and he ring up the curtain with the gyrate movement. Meanwhile, the other children sitting on the stage, silently move to the side with their instruments sound: ringing up of a curtain can be accompanied by the sound of accordion, so that the moving of children is not heard the Ringmaster: he carefully walks in the place, „into the music box“, he looks around, he adapts to the place. Suddenly, something is going on inside of his hat. He takes off his hat and shakes it. sound : rattling
  2. 2. the Ringmaster: he goes up the first portable stage and he rolls out the „eggs of young ones“ from the hat. Children : 7 Slovak children roll from the side to the center of the stage Scene no. 2 : Lighting : place, where are children – eggs, will be illuminated Action : Slovak etude „children rights“ Brief depiction of the action: Young ones are hatched, one of them is weaker, the other ones don´t accept him. The Ringmaster steps in, he takes the weak one and puts it back to the hat, he sits on the portable stage and he takes out imaginary photo album from the hat, 5 family pictures with the theme of puberty and the right of the child for his own opinion comes up, the last picture shows decent harmonic family that come together. The Ringmaster takes out second photo album, which shows tragedy of the family – death of the child – after his death parents split up – Ringmaster again steps in, he remembers having unwanted young one in his hat, he „petrify“ all actors, and he roll out from his hat little one to the second portable stage. Then, by snapping of his fingers he „awakes“ actors. Mother finds out that she´s pregnant, father comes back, they are happy. Ringmaster blows children away from the stage and he puts album in the hat, he is satisfied, he dances shortly with the hat. sound : whole action is slightly provided with sounds of Orph intstruments, when he starts dancing the accordion is heard lighting : 3 spots has to be illuminated with spotlight as needed – portable stage no. 2, no.3 and The Ringmaster, during making „pictures“ by The Ringmaster light-dark is used- as turning pages of the album Scene no. 3 : The Ringmaster: he stops dancing, he takes out his wand and with dictinct wizard gesture he conjures other children. 6 English children stands on the portable stage no. 3, they stand upright, splay-legged, heads down, they are waiting. 3 Bulgarian children + 4 Polish stand on the portable stage no. 2 and create a tree, Bulgarian girl is hidden behind the tree. sound : changing of children is provided with Orph instruments lighting : changing of the children goes on in the shade, English children are illuminated from above in order to create shadows and the tree is illuminated from the front with the bright yellow light Action : Bulgarian etude with the theme – ecology, protection of the environment The Ringmaster : he looks inside the hat and he smiles, he looks on the tree and calls Bulgarian girl
  3. 3. Bulgarian girl : she is scared, she´s looking from behind the tree. The Ringmaster : he takes out baby bird and lets him out...he wants to attract girl sound : warbling of the baby bird Bulgarian girl : she ventures to step out from behid the tree, she goes to the Ringmaster, he offers her the hat, Bulgarian girl is glad and the Ringmaster leaves her alone with the hat. sound : at the changing of the hat accordion is playing familiar motive from the opening melody (just a few tones) The Ringmaster : he goes away, back to the spot where he sat at the very begining of the play Bulgarian girl : she´s dancing with the hat lighting : spotlight follows the girl sound : familiar accordion motive Bulgarian girl : when she´s dancing she suddenly dips her hand into the pocket and takes out another clown costume sign, she´s wondering, she looks Ringmaster´s direction, he smiles and gives her indication that everything is okay, girl looks inside the hat and takes out yellow baloon, she blows it up and plays with it. sound : the play of the girl is provided with the sound of accordion or flute. Bulgarian girl : she´s tired, she is going to lie down under the tree, she uses yellow baloon as a pillow, she falls asleep. sound : slight melody starts to overlap with unpleasant dull sound – Orph intruments Brief depiction of the next action : English children slowly lift their heads and blow up black baloons, they hold baloons in front of them and creates big black cloud as a warning sign, at the same time blooming tree starts to change, it withers, dries, shrivels, eventually its branches and leaves completely sag. Girl wakes up but at first doesn´t notice the change, she is little cold, but she still doesn´t see the cloud, she gets up, looks at the tree, she sees bent branches, she wants to raise them up, they fall again, she sterns uncomprehendingly, suddenly it starts to rain (plactic bags), they stuck in the tree, meanwhile the cloud intensely rumbles, girl tries to pick up all of the bags but there is still more and more...she is unhappy, she sits desperately down under the tree...she puts the hat on, suddenly she notices the cloud and she realize that the cloud is essential problem, that because of that the tree withers – she comes under the cloud and tries to blow away the baloons - they move a little, but then return back, she tries again but it´s still the same – then she remembers yellow baloon, she takes it, fondles it and then throws it strongly to the cloud, the cloud shatters and yellow baloon starts to represent the Sun – the tree suddenly blossoms, girl is happy.
  4. 4. sound : whole action is provided with the sound of Orph instruments, that creates suspense and required sounds. Important is to provide the moment of putting the hat on and slow turning of the girl to the cloud by the distinct sound (e. g. triangle) lighting : when providing cloud with the light the light is more from above and from the side. Regarding the Sun, the light is from the front, distinct, yellow. The light changes the same way with the tree, when withers there is more grey light, blue and cold. When blossoms – deep yellow. Bulgarian girl: comes to a tree and sees a red apple (may be real), picks the apple and wants to bite, then she shakes her head and looks around, she has no one to give him, she is sad, looks again at Ringmaster and indicates him that she needs a friend, girlfriend... The Ringmaster: reaches into his pocked and pulls out a small house, holding it on his palm, looking inside through the open window and smiles, snaps his fingers and on portable stage n. 3 is a change, the balloon (the sun) holder goes to the side and a lamp slides above the space of scene. The Bulgarian children, who were a tree, move a portable stage number 1 on a portable stage no. 3. This creates the illusion of a family table. After this action they go to the side to Orph instruments. Four Romanian children sit down around the table while four English children move from instruments on a portable stage no. 2. They just sit a wait. After all transfers when children get to their place, they remain motionless. Sound: while moving, sound of accordion sounds (melody of circus mood) Lighting: during movement is illuminated only the Ringmaster and Bulgarian girl who stands in the middle of the playing area. The portable stages scene is in shade but later, during the motionless, the light is amplified on the portable stage number 3. Bulgarian girl: still looking with expectations at the First Ringmaster and monitors the space of portable stage no. 3. The Ringmaster: slow gesture opens the first door to the small house. By that he revives the Romanian girl. The rest of the family is still motionless. Sound: while opening the door to the house, it sounds a nice melody (can be a xylophone). Scene no. 4 : Romanian girl: first, she looks around puzzled, then sees the Bulgarian girl as she offers an apple to her, goes down to the space where Bulgarian girl is, takes the apple from her, looks at it, smiles, puts it in her pocket. Bulgarian girl: grabs Romania girl´s hand, spin, laugh, then Bulgarian girl pass a hat and hand it to Romanian girl. When she takes it, leaves the space in reverse. Sound: while they are dancing together, sound of accordion sounds. During hat exchange, flute sounds. It may be theme song from the opening track. Lighting: spotlight follows Romanian girl, mise-en scene on a portable stage no. 3 is in dim light.
  5. 5. Romanian girl: holding hat, carefully after looks at it. Suddenly she finds another costume character (it may pulls out of the sleeve), she pleases, then she press her hat and start dreaming. Action: Romanian etude follow on - the economic crisis and its impact on the family Lighting: strong light illumination on the area where is a portable stage no. 1. The following changing photos, which are just Romanian girl´s imagination, we use darkness and light (a total of three or four images) Sound: while changing photos of Polish girls, some Orph instruments is used (triangle) Romanian girl: is standing and dreaming, while the empty dark space is filling with photos of Polish girls, who are teenagers, who own some branded things( cell phone, notebook, camera, jeans, sneakers, dress…) After this photo action Romanian girl is sad, she looks at her dress, is dissatisfied, the sadness is growing in her, later anger. She pulls out an apple from her pocked, which got from the Bulgarian girl. She angrily throws this apple into the hat and the hat throws to the place, where is a portable stage no.1. She looks at her family and suddenly she gets an idea- ask her parents for a branded thing. After a girl comes into the mise-en scene, the family comes to life. Sound: during the throwing the apple and also the hat, distinctive rattling sound of the Orph instruments sounds A brief description of the following actions: on the beginning is the family idyll. Parents sit at the table and converse with his son. The daughter is sitting and she is fretful. Parents try to find out why she frowns. The girl takes off the jacket and rejects it. The boy is only looking at the parents. The parents indicate that they have no money for designer clothes. The girl is greatly angry, walks away from the room, sits down on the ground before mise-en scene. The parents advise what they will do. Eventually agree that a father leaves the family to earn money. . .He says goodbye to his son and the mother. He goes away (from the portable stage no. 3, leaving the portable stage no. 2, where in the meantime the English children sliced diagonally rotated in the crowd behind the audience. Creating a wall with a door, behind which the father enters with a suitcase and disappears behind the door. Mother cooks and takes care of the kids. But the money sent by the father is still not enough. In a few moments, a mother brings a brand jacket to her daughter and she is very happy and screaming. The same repeats to son, he takes off his jacket and throws it on the ground. Mother picks up his jacket and hides her face in to it. In the evening she calls her husband. They talk long on the phone. In the morning, she leaves with a suitcase too - the scene with the opening of the door is repeated. The son uses the absence of parents and steals the jacket to his sister. Sister finds her brother lying inert at the table and holding the empty cup. From his pocket she removes cigarettes and drugs ... she tries to wake him up, the son responds but he is disoriented. The daughter does not know what to do, she grabs him, shakes him, the son is coughing, vomiting and laying down to sleep. The daughter goes down from mise-en scene of portable stage no. 3 and runs to the hat. She cringes and cries. At first, she does not see the hat, but later it is highlighted in light and she sees it. She pulls it together and snuggles up to it. She removes the apple from it. She realizes she needs parents, removes a phone from the bag and calls her mother, calling them home. Goes back to the "house" (portable stage no. 3) and takes old discarded jacket. Wakes up son, he already feels better. They enter into the
  6. 6. house of his father and his mother, greeted to collectively embrace. The family sits down together at the table. Girl looks for the hat, which is situated just below the portable stage no. 3 and carries him to the center of the playing area. She pulls an apple back to the table and gives it to her father. He breaks it into four (previously can be cut to better rocketed up the charts), and each can have a quarter. They all eat together and are smiling. English children sit again as before on a portable stage no.2. Sound: throughout the action, the important moments are accompanied by Orph instruments+ the background music can be use- radio recording, which in the beginning will provide a family atmosphere of the kitchen, it can be switched off by a mother during the first defiance of her daughter, the moment of throwing the jacket on the ground should be highlighted, either as the moment of opening and closing the doors, finding a brother by a daughter (tense), apple pulling out from a hat…During the parent´s coming and eating the apple can play the background music of radio+ flute melody Lighting: strong light on a portable stage no. 3, during the actions on a portable stage no.2 as well. Spotlight shines on a hat while the Romanian girl is crying. At the final scene - a common eating apples, the light is softens and the Ringmaster is in the strong light. The Ringmaster (or Principal): to the tune of a flute, he closes the first door. Suddenly something starts to tickles him like he has the ants under his jacket. He tries to shake himself out of it but he cannot do it, so he takes off his jacket and shakes it. Sound: the scene of shaking the jacket is sounded, creating of falling something on the ground (dark, cool melody) Lighting: the middle of the stage is candled, before the second and third portable stage Scene no. 5: Action- Italian etude follow on: mutual communication between people A brief description of the action: Romanian children who were sitting at the table as the family, quietly returned to space on the sides of the Orph instruments. To the center of a stage space 2-3 Italian children + 4 children(Turkish? Polish or Slovak) roll out from the side. In the sound effect of something falling on the ground and they establish the position of the primitive animal beings. They move aimlessly, without making contact, the whole output is cold climate and lack of emotion. During the initial movement, from behind in child rolls on a portable stage no. 2- who played a mythological being and stands behind the standing English children, who create some kind of wall. This kid should have a significant coat, which from the beginning of the game is turned back. When he hides behind the English children he swaps it forward. The back is black and the front is strongly colored. One being has a problem and cannot solve this problem by itself (for example, a leg caught in something and cannot move with it, or steps on something and starts to limp…). At first it tries to itself, then looks around on the others. But no one seems interested. Everyone cares about himself... The mythological being curls up into itself and shakes with fear. The Ringmaster reaches for it, the primitive beings makes still, breathes the soul into a mythological being. The gate opens - (it consists of English children) and mythological being slowly waking up with dignity. The Ringmaster pulls mythological being in space and he revives the primitive beings by snapping his finger.
  7. 7. Mythological being looks at a shaking and injured being and gently touched it. It is afraid to touch at the beginning, but then it will find out that it is nice and gives way to him. Other beings dumb monitor the output. The mythological being pulls the other being to itself and turns it toward the injured being. Mutual communication occurs through a careful touch. Other beings are also trying to find somebody to converge...The empty expression in the beginning becomes more human, nicer. Mythological beings is happy and goes back, gate is closed. Sound: action is accompanied by a dark melody of accordion. The melody may be accompanied by xylophones ... During the revelation of mythological beings with a flute theme may be accompanied by the Orph instruments. Lighting: the center of a stage is illuminated with soft cold - green light. at the action of the Ringmaster - illuminated with spotlight, mythological being is illuminated from above - mystic feeling of silhouette is created, once he enters the stage, place will be illuminated with bright yellow light. Then, again spotlight on the Ringmaster. Ringmaster: sits contently in his spot, watching the cuddling creatures, he blows them away to the edge of the stage with a gesture, they take the samll portable stage no. 1 from portable stage no. 3 and transport it onto portable stage no. 2, simultaneously with this tranfer, the Ringmaster takes the little house into his hands again and peeks into the second door, looks startled, shakes his head and opens the door. Meanwhile, two english boys who will be taking the parts of two juvenile delinquents, take out from under portable stage no. 2 two football jerseys, they leave the mise en scéne no.2 area and put them on. Scene no. 6: Action: up next, follows the english etude on the subject: generation gap – youth vs. old age lighting: the area of portable stage no. 2 is lit up, the background is also lit and 2 wooden window frames are descended onto it sound: when opening the small door, we use the same identical sound that we used with the first door, as the mise en scéne of the old people is becoming more visible – we accentuate the idyllic atmosphere and comfort of a flat owned by older people (flute), a cuckoo clock sound can be used Brief explanation of the action: Two children take on the roles of old people, seniors, one of them is sitting on the smaller portable stage no. 1, they are characterised by pleated slippers, a walking cane and glasses, they are sitting quietly, resting, (they can be reading for example) 2 boys run into the centre of the acting space, they play with an imaginary football, they laugh loudly and make up an impression of boyish friskiness. Out of nowhere, they kick the ball into the window, the window shatters, they are petrified for a while, but in a second, they regain their wits and hide behind the rostra in the back. The seniors are startled, shaking and terrified they look around, they come out and look for the ones responsible for the mess, while the boys creep inside through the window and make a right mess, the place looks a real pigsty, while they are having a laugh, they enjoy themselves and when they are done, they climb out of the window. The seniors go back in, they are left speechless by what happened inside and by all the broken things they owned and hopelessly sit on portable stage no. 1. Meanwhile, the
  8. 8. boys leave, they are in the front part of the stage, they come to the hat that is still lying in the same place the romanian girl left it, one of the boys is suddenly interested in the hat, as if captivated by it, the second boy says bye to him and leaves. The first boy is inspecting the hat when suddelny, the action is stopped by the Ringmaster – he snaps his fingers and the boy finds a broken toy car inside the hat – then follows his childhood memory with the broken toy car. On portable stage no. 3 the memory is played out in the form of photographs – three photos that the children can act out (turkish, slovak, polish?) 1st photo: a little boy gets a toy car from his mother, he is overjoyed 2nd photo: the boy is plays with his toy car 3rd photo: an older boy comes and malevolently stomps on the toy car in front of the little boy The boy by the hat get serious and slowly looks back, he sees the sad old couple, he comes back, he apologizes and helps the old man find his slippers, his cane and glasses, we can see he is genuinely sorry. The old man caresses his head and the boy leaves waving a goodbye. The senior couple contently sits on the portable stage. sound: everything is accentuated by simple musical instruments like before, most importantly the „mess-making“ is carefully timed so that it leaves a good impression as young vagabonds going wild, we use unpleasant sound of clashing, thudding, shattering, tearing etc.. the sound of glass breaking is realistic, someone wil break glass somewhere backstage, meanwhile an upbeat melody can be played on an accordion (doesn't have to - just a suggestion), accompanying the intervention of the Ringmaster a "ding" sound of a triangle, and also during the memory part - the photos accompanied by characteristic sounds, when the boy returns - flute or xylophones - a soft melody lighting: the dominant light is illuminating portable stage no. 2, where the story is played out, the centre of the stage, where the boys play is also lit up, when the window breaks - a flash of light focused on the window, when the boy is sitting by the hat - he is lit by a spotlight, during the memory photos - light - dark, at the final action - the return of the boy to the seniors, slow fadeout of the light on portable stage no. 2, growing light on the Ringmaster The Ringmaster : he is content, slowly, he closes the door of the little house, he puts the house down on a dominant spot in the front part of the stage. an English boy: he comes back to the hat, takes it into his hands, clutches it tight and throws it into the air with joy and the hat lands, as if by accident, on the house in the front part of the stage how the action happens: using the so called "black theatre" (a slovak child) - the hat is held by a child in black that slowly spins it and puts it down, covering the house with it sound: the action with the hat accompanied by an accordion tune and a "ding" lighting: using the principles of "black theatre", total darkness, only the hat and the house are lit up. The moment the hat touches the house, a dominant light circle (blue, for example) is being lit up in the centre, in which we already find the polish children have gathered Scene no. 7 : Action : up next, follows the polish etude on the subject: problems of the handicapped - the blind
  9. 9. Brief explanation of the action: In the centre of the circle, which is lit, 3-4 polish children are very carefully moving, creating the illusion of them being blind, inspecting (with their hands) the imaginary wall of the hat inside, creating the atmosphere of anxiety, almost fear, moving carefully, they feel hopeless, they can't find a way out (both literally and figuratively), they are moving in the circle all the time, during the action, two of the children accidentally softly bump their arms, they are now inspecting each other, suspiciously at first, but they gain each other's trust and hold hands and inspect the hat together, they want to break the wall, they cannot do that yet, then they join with another child, and then another and in the end with their strength joint together, they lift up the hat. After they lift it up, the action with the "black theatre" is used again, during the dark, the Slovak child, who is animating the hat, slowly lifts up the hat and rolls it away. The house is uncovered. The polish "blind" children get into the big space, that is starting to fill up with people, everyone (all the children at hand) come onto the stage in their respective actions, they hurry, they create an impression of a "pulsating mob", the polish children are left in the middle and are again trapped, just like in the hat, by the inconsiderate mob that even bumps into them at times, and they all come closer and closer together, they have no other option but to hold on to each other, after which the situation slows down and several figures are separated from the mob: the Slovak unwanted child (Andrejka), the Bulgarian girl, the Romanian girl, the English boy, the Italian creature that had a problem, everyone else is like petrified fast in their place, these children are rotating slowly and then they notice the blind children in the centre of the stage - they come up to them, take them by their hands, the blind slowly inspect them and when they gain their trust, they let go of each other and let themselves be led around inside the pulsating mob, around the stage sound: during the action inside the hat, a dark, soft melody should be heard, that should accompany the whole duration of the action inside the hat (xylophones?), lifting the hat - dominant sound, pulsating mob - dynamic, strong, rough accordion, slowdown - when the action with the blind takes place - flute, later the pulsating mob - gentle accordion with flute. During whole Polish action we will use music theme (from song from Livia's workshop). This music theme will be play in different variations with different Orph instruments separately. But this music theme we will play together on finnaly. lighting: only the circle is lit with blue colour, during the black theatre darkness - after that gradual lighting of the whole stage, the blind in the middle are even more accentuated by light from the front, during the final mob scene the light is slowly fading out into darkness, only the Ringmaster is lit The Ringmaster: he is sitting on the proscenium, holding the hat and smiling, takes the wand out of it, and rolls the curtain down with a handle, the curtain (the top of the music box) is being let down. He puts on the hat and walks away, content. Suddenly, he turns around, takes off his hat, he offers it to the audience, wants to throw it (smiling mischievously), then he changes his mind again and puts the hat down on the ground of the proscenium, as close to the audience as he can - he implies that it is there for them, whoever wants it can have it (as a metaphor for destiny - whoever wants to can change it and take in by its reins themselves), he turns around to the audience, snaps his fingers with a smile and crawls back under the curtain into the "music box" sound: when the curtain is being let down with the handle, the familiar accordion tune is played, with ideas the "ding" sound, with the snap the melody from the beginning that all the
  10. 10. children are playing is played (from the workshop in Slovakia), the song ends with a slower flute solo. The curtain is down, theme playing behind closed curtain but only just 2 or 3 times. After that is the curtain opening and song finished. Song finished louder and culminates. Song finished robustly. lighting: the Ringmaster is lit by a spotlight, later, only the hat is lit and then it all fades into darkness slowly. During playing song is lighting the curtain an after picking up the light is stronger and lights for children. THE END :-)