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2011/2012 eTwinning project Collage Game, students SP171wesola

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  1. 1. My name is Julia.I like collecting figurines of dogs, cats and horses. I have got about one hundredfigurines. I have got seventy five dogs, seventeen cats and eight horses. I have gottwo favourite dogs and one cat. My favourite figurine is similar to my dog Murzyn. Itis black and beige. The second dog is dark brown. The cat is white and grey. It hasgot green eyes. It is laying. I also like my two horses – a mare with a colt. The mareis white with black mane and tail. The colt is brown with white legs.Julia K.My name is Kuba. My hobby is plaing komputer games. Jlike play guitar. When i amboring I play with my cat. Sometimes I go to theplayground.In summer Ioffen jump on trampoline.Kuba B.My name is Weronika. My hobby are animals. Every year Itravel with my parents to visitdifferent cities. I have been interested in animals sinceI was still little. I love animals, so I want to be avet. This is just my hobby.Weronika B.My name is Kasia.I really like listening to music. I gladly listen to pop and Radio Eska.Music will allow to chill, forget the sorrows. Each song with something or someoneto me or they are just some memories.On some songs you can dance, but at other wants to cry or laugh. I also loveswimming. I love to swim breaststroke.In the early spring to mid autumn I often ride my bike. I just like it.Hi,my name is Patrycja Przeździak. I am 12 years old. I live in Warsaw. I live with myparents in a detached house. We live upstairs. Downstairs live: my aunt, uncle,grandmother, grandfather and a cousin.I havent got any brother or sister. But I have got many animals: five parrots, onedog, one rabbit and two fishes. I like playing computer games, riding a bike,rollerblading, painting pictures, decorating my room and going to zoo. I collectstones, dinosaurs, dragons and flowers.I like staying in my room. My room is purple and cream. In my room there is a TV, abed, an armchair, a table and a lamp. In my room there are many plants. I like stayingin the garden with my dog Fiona.I love my house Love, Patrycja
  2. 2. My name is Weronika.I like animals, dancing and school.I live in a block of flats – upstairs. My kitchen is small. It is yellow. My sitting roomis very big. My bedroom is green. In my bedroom there is a window, there are plants,two beds, two desks, four wardrobes, two carpets. This is my and my sister’sVeronica’s bedroom.My family is big. My mum’s name is Agnieszka. She is very beautiful. She is Polish.She has got blue eyes, blonde hair, she is tall and slim. I love her very much.I like dancing and singing songs.I do it every day, because it gives me great joy!I also help my mom in cooking, it is always nice and fun.I like drawing various drawings for mom and dad, because I enjoy it when myparents are happy and thank us.I often play on the computer, sit on social networking sites or on sites where there is alot of games.I like to sit and talk on Skype with a friend, because there is always a lot of laughter!I love to play volleyball with my friends on the field, this sport makes me happy!And the last things I like doing is playing with my twin sister at home and outside,there is always someone who laughs and tells jokes!I love what I do and nothing will change it...Hi,I am Chris. I am from Poland and I’m 12 years old.I’ve got grey eyes and brown hair.I am tall.I live in a single floor house.My house is brown and beige. There is my sister’s room, my mother’s room,my room, bathroom, toilet, living room, 2 wardrobes, kitchen and a hall. Therooms are big and bright.My garden is big but I don’t have a lot of plants.I have two cats, a dog and fishes. My dog is big and white. Both cats aresmall and black.My mother is tall. She has short brown hair. My sister has long, brown hair.She has green eyes. She studies at Warsaw University.I like football very much. Every weekend I play with my friends. I like playingcomputer games. My favourite games is Counter Strike 1.6 and Battlefield 3.Do you like computer games or playing football? What games do you like?What is your favourite football club?Love from Chris.
  3. 3. I am Karol. I am eleven years old .My family is big . In my family is Mum, Dad, I and my Brother. Everybody in myfamily has got blue eyes. My mum is tall and slim she has got dark blonde hair. Mydad is also tall he has got short dark hair. My brother is very tall. He has got mediumlength hair.I live in a detached house in a housing estate. In my house there is a living-room,hall, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, dining-room, garden and four bedrooms. I have agarden and in this garden there is a big tree. My bedroom is big and green. There aretwo wardrobes, a desk, a lamp, a sofa, a plant, a TV, an armchair, and a colourfulcarpet. I like sitting on my carpet and playing computer. My sofa is orange. And Ihave a big balcony.I like spending time on my balcony. My hobby is football. I like it very much. I aminterested in car racing. I love sports and listening to music. I hate a spinach. I lovemy dog. My dog is a PEKINGESE. It is red and small. My dog is lovely.My name is Raphael Szmigiel and I am 11 years old. My hair is brown and I have gotgreen eyes. Im in the fifth grade. I am very friendly and I have many friends. I likemusic and mathematics.I live in a house in Wesoła, with my mum, dad and brother.My family is very nice and hardworking. My mother is 33 years old and works at abank. My mom is very pretty. She is thin, with long and straight blond hair. She istall, is 170 cm tall. Her eyes are blue. My mom is very nice and always helps me. Mydad is 39 years old and he is a director. He often takes me and my younger brother tothe pool. My brother is 6 years old. Sometimes he bothers me, but I love it.My house is close to the center, near the railway station. There are five bedrooms andtwo bathrooms in the house. Downstairs, there is a large entrance hall, living room,pantry, dining room, bathroom, and a kitchen. All bedrooms are located upstairs. Themaster bedroom belongs to my parents. On the top floor is the attic. We store all thethings there that you do not need. From the living room there is a door to the terraceand garden. In the summer I like to spend time in the garden. In the winter Im in myroom.My hobby is music. I learn how to play the piano in a music school. Soon I am goingto start learning to play the accordion. My favorite band is Enej. I like to listen tothem. In the future I would like to start a band.Raphael Szmigiel
  4. 4. SUBJECT: My hobby, likes and dislikesMy name is Suzan. Im eleven years old. Im tall in comparison to other kids of myage. I have long brown curly hair and I have big dark brown eyes. Im crazy aboutsinging but I want to be a lawyer. I love riding a horse and I like learning new things.I hate brussels and blood sausage. I dont like seafood. My hobby is singing andriding a horse, dancing and acrobatics. I cant rollerblade but I can skate very good. Ican do many other things too .SUBJECT: My FamilyMy family is small. There are eight people in my family. My mum is small butshe has a very, very big heart. My mum’s name is Dorota. She has got long brownhair and big brown eyes. My mum is divorced. My sister’s name is Natalia. My sisteris short. She has got short brown, curly hair and hazel eyes. She is beautiful. She istwenty years old. My grandmother’s name is Maryla and she is seventy-five yearsold. She has short straight grey hair and brown eyes, she is high.SUBJECT: My animalsI got seven animals /pets?/ at home. I have three cats, one dog two rats and onehamster. My dog’s name is Nika. Nika is black. She is a cane corso breed and she isa very, very big dog. My dog has got brown eyes. Her tail and ears were cut off, itwas really not humane. My first cat’s name is Zosia. She is all white, she is a turkishangora, she has large, sometimes brown, sometimes green eyes and she is very small.My second cat’s name is Maniek. He is large and he has got a huge dark green eyes.My third cat’s name is Rudy. He is a red, huge, very obese and he has got green eyeslike Maniek. My two rats are very cute. My older rat’s name is Stefan, it has big blackeyes and his color is light brown. Stefan is the father of Danuta, my second rat.Danuta is black with white tie. My hamster’s name is Mokasyn. It is white with agrey stripe on the back and it has got black eyes.SUBJECT: My roomI dont have my own room, but it is being redecorated. I have a big sitting room onlyfor my mum, sister and me. My sitting room is beige and this is my favourite room.There is a very big terrace, big TV, big bed, big carpet, table and there are plants, twosofas, a lamp and pictures. I love listening to music from the radio in the kitchen. Idont have any posters and I have a very big mirror.Hello, My name is Karolina.My familyMy family is small. I have mom, dad and grandparents . My mom’s name isKaty . She is tall and plumpy . She has medium length and dark hair.Her eyes are brown and big. My dad’s name is Charles . He has short brownhair. His eyes is blue. My grandmother’s name is Ann. She is plumpy and tall .She usually has short hair, her eyes are blue. My grandfather’s name is Jan.He is tall and plumpy, too. He has short grey hair . His eyes are blue . In myfamily there is also a hamster and dog . Hamster’s name is Rozalian. It iswhite simply mixed gray. It is sweet , but it can a bite. The dog’s name is
  5. 5. Kayah . Its spots are interesting patterns. Its white and black . It is old,twelve years old although his spirit is fresh.My room & My favourite roomI live in a detached house. My flat is upstairs . Behind my flat there is a flat ofmy grandparents.I have two beadrooms the 1st is my parens and 2nd ismine . I have a small bathroom , I have small kitchen with a sittingroom anddiningroom . I have very big garden.My favourite room in my flat is my small bedroom . It is colour white . Thereis a big bed , wardrobe,cupbord and TV . I have a desk . On the desk there isa lamp and cage with my hamster .Under the desk I have a bin .There is aradio . I like listening to miusic . I dont have any doors , but I have a windowoverlooking the terrace of my grandparents . I love sitting on the terrace .My HOBBY .My hobby is drawing and painting. When I am bored I just take up a penciland a piece of paper and I start to draw . I like singing, too but I am shy.
  6. 6. My name is Sandra. I am 12 years old. My father’s name is Ireneusz. My mother’sname is Dorota. I have a cat and a dog. My cat’s name is Tofik. My dog’s name isReks. I live in a detached house. In my house there are: my room, bedroom,bathroom, dining-room, garage, hall, and a kennel.My room is green and pink. There is a bed, a lamp, a shelf, a table and a carpet. Thecarpet is white and silver, the lamp is green. I live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Ilove computer games, rollerblading, popcorn and pizza. I like KFC and food,Phineash and Ferband drawing. I love cats.My name is