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I page telecom corp profile


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  • 1. IPage Telecom, SingaporeAbout Us /Corporate InformationIPage Telecom is a Singapore licensed Tier 1 wholesale Voice Service Provider. We offers InternationalVoice Termination Services Through our Points of Presence in Singapore, Delaware-USA and Canada weare directly interconnected with all major voice and data carriers in North and South America.IPage Telecom has many years of VoIP deployment in wholesale and retail Phone to Phone, PC to Phoneservices. At IPage Telecom, we fully understand your business and we know how important it is for youand your clients to get support when you most need it.IPage Telecom is a leading Voice over IP Solution Provider and System Integrator dedicated to deliveringCustomer Management and Billing Solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators andCorporate companies.We will carry millions of minutes for long distance carriers, mobile carriers, local access carriers, andprepaid service providers over our extensive VoIP network spanning more than 50 countries.IPage Telecom has many years of VoIP deployment in wholesale and retail Phone to Phone, PC to Phoneservices. IPage Telecom has enabled many Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) andentrepreneurs with all the tools to deploy and run different solutions like wholesale, calling cards andtermination among others. IPage Telecom distinguishes from the competition by offering real and fullyintegrated Turnkey Solutions bundled with Cisco and Quintum Hardware, Technical Support and CarrierServices, all in one solution.Systems from IPage Telecom are modular, scalable and flexible giving the customers the opportunity tocustomize solutions for their exact needs and helping them minimize the risks of entering a new unknownmarket by providing you security, technical support and a reliable billing platform.Our portfolio of VoIP and IP Telephony solutions and services is growing and includes: • Hosted Switch IP-IP Billing Solution • CallShop & Hosted CallShop Solution • VoIP Termination Solution • Wholesale Carrier Solution • Carrier Services • Pre-paid & Post-paid Calling Card and Residential Solution • VoIP Solution for Corporate Companies • VoIP Network Integration, Configuration & Migration SolutionIPage Telecoms services allow businesses and individuals around the world substantially reduce theircosts for international calls. At IPage Telecom, we fully understand your business and we know howimportant it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it. IPage Telecom Solutionsbenefits are based on its competitive cost of deployment and maintenance and rapid return of investmentin only few months.IPage Telecom has full comprehension of all VoIP business models allowing our customers to offerspecially customized intelligent billing features and customer management systems tailored to theirbusiness requirements so you they can take the most of the growing VoIP Industry.IPage Telecom employs the most advanced technologies to provide high quality services. A team ofexperienced professionals makes the service provisioning uninterruptible and stable. The equipment isbacked by 24/7 on-site monitoring and reporting, with automatic electricity outage and fire protectionwhich guarantees uninterrupted functioning.
  • 2. IPage Products and ServicesHosted Switch and Billing SolutionIPage Telecom Hosted Switch and billing Solution has been designed to entitle Service Providers with anall in one Management Tool for all their varied IP Telephony Services. IPage Telecom Hosted Switchintegrates Call Routing Services, Client Management and Reporting Platform to provide VoIP and circuitsswitch Origination and Termination Services.IPage Telecom Soft Switch solution incorporates Hosted Switch, Billing server, VoIP hardware and fulltechnical integration of the whole solution. IPage Telecom Hosted Switch & Billing Platform enables you tosuccessfully manage Prepaid/Postpaid Services, Wholesale, Termination, PC to Phone, IP Phones and otherAdaptors and Hosted CallShop all in one Solution. • IPage Telecom Hosted Switch provides the following advantages: • Integration of all VoIP Services all in one Platform • SIP and H323 Compatible • Quintum and Cisco Hardware support • Scalability and Reliability • Allows VoIP Market rapid entry with a minimum investmentKey Features • SIP Proxy Server • H323 AAA • IP2IP AAA • Prepaid / Postpaid Billing • Proxy gatekeeper • NAT Client support • Online Call Status • Built-in Radius, • IVR and Database • Unlimited Tariffs • Proxy Call Signaling Enabled • Full feature Tariff (Surcharge Fee, Resolution, 30 by 6) • Unlimited Carrier Support (Termination Side) • Least Coast Routing Support • Instant H323 and SIP Carrier Support • Unlimited Client Registration • Call Control Features (Maximum Talk Time, Max Ring Time) • Automatic User Generation • User friendly Database Management System • Online Statistics and Reporting • Fraud detection tools • Unlimited Gateway SupportEnhanced Features • IPIVR • Customized Reports and Invoices • Web Based Customer Care • Web Based CDR • Web based Reseller Module • Callback Module (Web, ANI, SMS) • PC2Phone, Module Ecommerce Module including Credit Card Payment support • Platinum Features • Call Forward • Call Waiting • Call Three Way Calling • Multiples Numbers • Voice Mail / Web Mail
  • 3. • Solution Components • IPage Telecom Hosted Switch Billing Platform • Partnership with VoIP Carrier(s)Remote Installation Services and Training to get your business up and running in two to three hassle freebusiness days.Who may take advantage of these solutions?Service Providers looking to Prepaid Calling Cards, Postpaid, Prepaid, Termination and Wholesale Serviceswith one fully integrated Solution.ITSPs with single or Multiple Pops/VoIP Gateways in one or more locationsISPs or Carriers who would like to add additional Operations Services using their existing infrastructure.A to Z TerminationIPage Telecom offers A-Z as well as dedicated routes termination services in an effort to complement ourofferings and provide you with a full Solution (Hardware, Billing and Traffic Termination) for your VoIPBusiness. Therefore, IPage Telecom clients are sure that all the components of their business aremanaged with the professionalism and technical expertise that only IPage Telecom can provide.IPage Telecom has many years of VoIP deployment and maintenance experience and our team is certifiedby the best providers of VoIP hardware, integrated voice, data and networking equipment.At IPage Telecom, we fully understand your business and we know how important it is for you and yourclients to get support when you most need it.IPage Telecom Carrier Benefits: • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing • Superior Network Security • Reliability Backed up platform to guarantee our services • Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware (All Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers, IP phones) and also Net meeting. • Technical Support Plans to provide level of support you need • Web management tools So you can check your balance at all timesOur functional management tool provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they have aclear idea of their traffic and balance of their accounts. If you wish to see an overview of our CarrierManagement Tool, Additionally to the outstanding tools and quality offered, we know how important is foryou to offer competitive services to your clients and this is why we are tirelessly working on providing youwith the most competitive rates in the market.IPAGE TELECOM DID Services WorldwideVoIP Delivered DIDs (U.S. Local Numbers):IPDID Local Number Service delivers unlimited use U.S. phone numbers from world wide. Unlimited useinbound calling means absolutely no per minute charges. No more worries about costly usage basedcharges. Your business can grow without limits!How it works:
  • 4. Through the IPage Telecom Order Portal, signup for DID number of virtual voice paths (concurrent calls)you want your calls to travel across. Finally, provide us your receiving VoIP gateways technicalinformation (e.g. ip address, protocol, codec...)Just set your gateway to receive the calls from our network and when your callers dial the local numbersin your selected cities, we deliver them to your network via VoIP. It’s fast and simple!Some applications for IPDID Local Number Service: • Businesses seeking or servicing a nationwide customer base • Businesses communicating with their remote offices • Calling card providers seeking to increase margin and eliminate toll charges • Application Service Providers (ASPs) that provide: • VoIP telephony applications • Virtual fax services • Interactive voice response (IVR) servicesVoIP Delivered Toll Free (Over 61 Countries):IPage Telecom IP800 Toll Free Service offers VoIP delivered Toll Free Services worldwide. Give yourcustomers the ability to make toll free calls to your business allowing your business to create or expand itsinternational presence quickly and inexpensively.How it works:Simply select the number of virtual voice paths (concurrent calls) you want your calls to travel across.Next, choose the countries for your toll free service and we will provide you toll free numbers in thoseselected countries. Finally, provide us your receiving VoIP gateways technical information (e.g. ipaddress, protocol, codec...).When your callers dial the toll free number from within that country we route them to your network viaVoIP. Simply set your gateway to receive your calls via our switches and youre in business.Some applications for IP800 Toll Free Service:Businesses seeking or servicing international customersBusinesses communicating with their international officesCarriers or Application Service Providers (ASPs) that provide:- Calling card services- debit card applications- IP based phone services- Interactive voice response servicesLet us provide you with a VoIP Gateway:We will supply you with a VoIP gateway which will be used to receive calls from us over the internet.Simply plug your gateway into a broadband connection and you are ready to start receiving toll free calls.Provide your own Gateway: For customers with existing VoIP gateways, IP800 Toll Free Service can routethe calls directly to you. Simply provide us your gateway information and you are ready to go.
  • 5. Wholesale Termination SolutionBecome Wholesale termination ProviderIPage Telecom has many years of VoIP deployment in wholesale and retail Phone to Phone, PC to Phoneservices. At IPage Telecom, we fully understand your business and we know how important it is for youand your clients to get support when you most need it.IPage Telecom provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals around the world to start their ownbusinesses in telecom industry without taking financial, marketing and other risks. IPage TelecomsWholesale Agents dont have to invest heavily in equipment, software and technology, follow lengthyprocesses to sign up with carriers and make deposits with them. All it takes to start a new business is tomake a standard deposit of 1000 USD which will open an account for interconnection and can be used forfuture traffic consumption. Then, our carrier department will set up and activated the agent account within24-48 hours. The Wholesale Agent can start rendering services to his/her customers.Residential & Small business SolutionIPage Tele Turnkey platform offers to create your VoIP Company and implement the business models ofyour choice. IPage Tele makes it easy to set up, manage, and expand your business. No investment isrequired on Soft Switches, Hardware.IPage Tele now offers a free, easy-to-use, SIP soft phone, IP Devices. With IPage Tele you can create PINnumbers to appeal to your specific market. The IPage Tele platform enables you to open accounts forindividual clients. You may create as many client profiles as you wish.You can generate your PINs and can manage your customers through your own domain interface. Yourcustomers will check their call reports on your website.IPage Bizz plan is more of a partnership than working on Commission, both in its back end support andconcepts as well as in the support and the tools that we offer. • Personalized website support and development; IPage Telecom will host a private label website which is fully featured with all the functionality needed for a VoIP seller. • You appear as a fully independent VOIP service provider. • You can set your own rate list to sell to your customers at your own prices and you are fully in control of your business. • You can set your own currencies of pricelists and time zones. • You can have access to a web based control panel which has a complete set of customer management tools. • Manages your clients and their credit limitsThis will provide you with a variety of features that will help you as a Reseller to be more productive andefficient.Call ShopIPage Telecom VoIP call shop solution enables people to make long distance and international phone callsat considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN. It is a lucrative business because of the low initialbusiness-entry investments and the stable increase in potential customer base.IPage Telecom has introduced a new line of low cost, functionality rich CallShop solutions which will allowentrepreneurs quick entry and competitive stay in the rapidly growing VoIP industry. These scalablesolutions have speedy and easy setup processes and minimal investment requirements.
  • 6. Who may take advantage of these solutions?New entrepreneurs who would like to get into the highly promising industry of Voice over IP without heftyinvestment costs and complicated set-up and maintenance processes.Existing Internet Café owners looking to expand their customer base by using their current infrastructureto offer additional services. Traditional PSTN CallShop owners wanting to reduce costs and boost profits bysimply switching or upgrading to VoIP-based systems.Carriers who would like to increase their wholesale traffic and enlist more customers by offering hostedCallShop services.EnterpriseIPage Virtual Office Solution for Corporate OfficesCorporate Offices has multiple office locations around the world. Currently, each office uses its own PBXsystem and interoffice phone calls are routed through the PSTN and charged long distance andinternational rates by carriers. Corporate Offices also employs workers who work on Clint places or ontraveling. Those workers get reimbursed for telecommunication expenses they incur while performing theirduties. The company is currently exploring alternatives to consolidate its telecommunication systems andreduce costs.Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is a new technology for transporting voice calls over the Internet which allows usersto realizing substantial cost savings on long distance and international calls. Besides cost effectiveness,VoIP enabled PBX systems (or IP PBX) offer easy integration with existing telecommunications systemsand are characterized with low operating costs as their upgrade is done through software updates ratherthan more expensive hardware replacement. Additionally, the technology simplifies the communicationinfrastructure (no need for separate voice and data cables) while offering high scalability.IPage Telecom Virtual Office model is used by companies that want to consolidate their communications,reduce costs and achieve more cohesive corporate images. To implement the model, a company has toinstall a single IP PBX system in its headquarters and distribute to employees IP phones or regular phoneswith VoIP adapters. Employees can make intra-office and inter-office phone calls through dialing PBXextensions. Such calls are routed through the Internet and are practically free. Company customers, onthe other side, can dial a single inbound number plus extensions in order to reach the companysemployees. The latter receive the calls on their IP/Regular Phones at any location with Internetconnectivity. IPage Telecom is offering the out source model to Corporate Offices instead of setting up theservers, IP PBX Systems etc, VoIP adopters, Telephones etc and the investment on such hardware andsoftware.Business SolutionVoIP technology today is much more advanced that it used to be few years ago, yet many enterprises findimplementations of IPage Telecom PBX systems quite challenging. As the technology is relatively new, notmany users are familiar with its lingo and system configuration is often the most difficult and timeconsuming part. Additionally, equipment incompatibility issues often lead to extensive deployment delaysand may cause reduction in voice quality. Given the negatives, enterprises that want to implement IPAGETELECOM PBX systems should seriously consider purchasing a turnkey solution rather than trying toassemble one from multiple vendors.As a global service provider in integrated VoIP solutions, IPage Telecom could offer to CORPORATEOFFICES exactly what it needs – a turnkey Virtual Office solution that could be customized to meetcompany specific needs. IPage Telecom’s solution offers accelerated deployment schedule, easy operationand low total cost of ownership (TCO). Besides traditional PBX functionality, the solution offers advancedfeatures like call forwarding, Call waiting, Call transferring.
  • 7. IPage SupportTechnical SupportIPage Telecom understands its customers needs for reliable and flexible technical support resources whichare essential for maintaining their systems and providing continued high quality services to their clients.To fulfill this requirement, IPage Telecom offers its customers a range of technical support options startingfrom pay-per-use to 24/7 contracts.We have allocated a team of qualified engineers to address all technical needs of our customers in a timelymanner as they arise. Our technical support services include but are not limited to the following: • Address all technical and operational issues arising in your networks. • Provide assistance in managing the configuration of your gateways and other hardware. • Address and provide Technical liaison with partner carrier(s) and managing configuration changes to ensure interoperability between carriers and limit your downtime.Our objective in technical support is to ensure that we work with you to manage any difficult technicalissues that your current team may not be able to resolve. The wealth of hardware and software knowledgethat we carry in our NOC has been a cornerstone of our success and the reason why our customers haveexcelled in the market.Remote Installation ServicesAs a provider of VoIP solutions to customers around the world it is essential for IPage Telecom to offerflexible and reliable remote installation services. The expert team at IPage Telecom ensures thespecifications and needs required by your local environment are fulfilled with minimal inconvenience. Atypical Remote Installation package from IPage Telecom includes services ranging from gateway-onlyinstallation to installation, configuration and testing of complete solutions consisting of VoIP hardware,software and carrier services. IPage Telecom will perform complete configuration and diagnostic testing ofall intercommunications between the products involved. Furthermore, the entire system will be monitoredand tested under real traffic load conditions to ensure that our customers receive uninterruptedperformance when their systems are live. In addition, IPage Telecom also offers on-site installationservices and on-going or on-demand only maintenance services.To obtain a complete and detailed list of the services offered, please contact sales at sales@ipagecall.comor fill out an information request form.Training programThe IPage Telecom Knowledge Services team delivers high-quality, interactive education and trainingprograms to our customers and partners.Knowledge Services can help your organization increase the value derived from deploying the services &solutions by: • Reducing the time required to achieve business benefits • Promoting continuous process improvement to accelerate returns on software investments • Increasing acceptance by partners and customers • Improving the reliability and quality of operations and newly-installed software • Start Billing! Training ProgramWho Should AttendNetwork and system engineers responsible for maintenance and deployment of the Soft Switch and Billingsolution. Project managers responsible for implementation of VoIP solutions, Customer service specialists,marketing, pricing and product managers