ISU Annual conference 2010


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Presentation on the NE IA Farm to School project and how Cooperative Extension can support the work.

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  • Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative. ..
    Key messages of the FFI:
    It’s about people working together to create vibrant communities where the healthy choice is the easy choice. The healthy choice means that every day all people in NE Iowa have access to healthy, locally grown foods and abundant opportunities for physical activity and play.
  • Thank you for the invitation to present at the Midwest Value Added Conference. This is an opportunity to share the story of the NE Iowa Food and Farm Coalition. The Northeast Iowa Food & Farm Coalition (NIFF) was the first pilot community selected by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s Regional Food System Working Group (2006).
    We are on the ground floor to improve the policies, practices, and systems that determine how food arrives on our tables and how our communities can expand opportunities for physical activity for all.  We’d like to share with you a little of the background, our vision for NE Iowa and what’s on the horizon to make the vision a reality.
  • ISU Annual conference 2010

    1. 1. Northeast IowaNortheast Iowa Farm to SchoolFarm to School ProjectProject Teresa Wiemerslage Regional Program Coordinator
    2. 2. NE Iowa Food & Farm Coalition Active Living Work Group Regional Youth Work Group Regional School Work Group
    3. 3. Traditional Extension Roles: •Applied Research •Information Provider •Network Organizer •Network Facilitator •Strategic Planning •Grant Writer •Storyteller •Matchmaker Where does ISUE fit?Where does ISUE fit?
    4. 4. Crestwood and Turkey Valley High School students model a lesson about local squash.
    5. 5. FFI has created monthly folios for students that feature local foods and align with the Iowa Core Curriculum.
    6. 6. Led by a high school cross-age teacher, Decorah second grade students compare local and non-local tomatoes.
    7. 7. First, second and third grade teachers from area schools participated in a Farm to School Teacher Workshop in 2010.
    8. 8. Food service employees from 5 districts pose with Chef Monique Hooker. They made ratatouille from fresh local produce that schools can use in their lunch menus.
    9. 9. Area food service employees participated in a SafeFood Training led by ISU Extension.
    10. 10. Turkey Valley Community School students and staff purchased a salad bar in February 2010. The salad bar features produce from their school garden.
    11. 11. Fresh produce featured as part of Home Grown School Week.
    12. 12. Students at Turkey Valley Community Schools plant squash in their school garden with help from David Cavagnaro.
    13. 13. •What is the Change? •What might success look like? •How might we measure the impact? •What Activities will help us activate our Tactic, leading to policy and system change? Outcomes-Based Programming:Outcomes-Based Programming:
    14. 14. School Food Tactic: Grow a Farm-to-School program incorporating healthy local foods into school food programs while teaching people about nutrition and the local food system. Policy Target #1: Schools adopt a local procurement Policy which allows for geographical preference of local food in schools Outcomes-Based Programming:Outcomes-Based Programming:
    15. 15. What is the Change? Increase the number of schools sourcing healthy, locally grown foods. What might success look like? Increased number of lbs. of locally grown healthy food is served to students. How might we measure the impact? % increase of lbs. and/or $ of locally grown healthy food purchased in schools participating in the Farm To School Outcomes-Based Programming:Outcomes-Based Programming:
    16. 16. What Activities will help us activate our Tactic, leading to policy and system change? Research and gather information which answers questions above Meet key players Farm To School program in target schools Outcomes-Based Programming:Outcomes-Based Programming:
    17. 17. School Year: 2008-09 -- $16,765 (13 schools) School Year: 2009-10 -- $28,493
    18. 18. Investing in the future of Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard & Winneshiek Counties